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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dearest Kristin,

You are everything I every could have imagined or dreamed of. Actually more. I never truly imaged a love relationship like ours but I’m so glad that God has blessed me with you. These past several years have been the most amazing years of my life and I honestly don’t feel like I “lived” until I met you. Just the simple way you smile at me, or how you kiss me goodbye on my way out the door; it reminds of the way you love me. No matter what.

I hope this Valentine’s Day is the best yet, and next year’s will be even better too.

I love you princess…

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One year ago | Rick and Bethany

It is hard to believe that a year has already passed since this wonderful wedding. Rick and Bethany are such an amazing couple, and their wedding day was such a joy to shoot last year. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple. Here are a few photos of their wedding one year ago.



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I love her almost hidden smirk!

Bethany McDonnell

Aw, thanks for posting this! We love our wedding pictures! In fact, I just order some more big prints to put on the wall of our new house. We have more walls now than in our Pensacola apartment! :)

Writing Down Memories & Taking Pictures

We are currently in PA visiting with family and we have had so much fun looking through Kristin’s baby books, laughing at pictures, and reading about memories. Too often after the excitement wears off the joy and happiness still remains but the details of the beautiful memories are lost. As we read through Kristin’s baby book there were so many details that made the birth story and growth special. We too are trying to keep record of Stella’s growth and important “firsts” that take place (her first smile, her first noise (other than crying), her first time sleeping through the night!!! haha) so we decided to start a separate category on our blog just for Stella!

We also feel that we are so fortunate to be able to take pictures of our Stella all day long and document her story. That is also why we love wedding photography…we feel so honored to be able to document one of the most special days in the life of the bride and groom. We realized after our wedding that it wasn’t just about pictures, but about having the right photographer there who we knew could capture the special moments of our day and provide images that reflected the beauty of our wedding.

To all the parents and all the soon to be married couples….write down you memories and go take some pictures!

Jeremy & Kristin (and Stella)

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how sweet :)


This is so true! I Live off of good memories :) because i just dont want to miss or forget anything special or significant in my life since some things only happen once….. Marrying the love of your life for instance! ;) stella is gonna have the best photo album(s) when she grows up! Haha such a beauty!

A Grateful Husband and Dad

So I know Kristin usually blogs, but I think it’s okay if I (Jeremy) do that once in a while, haha.

The past 10 weeks since the arrival of our precious Stella have been the most amazing weeks of our lives. I never could have imagined that one little girl could bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. From the minute she wakes up til the time she falls asleep, she is so happy and always smiling. Most people don’t believe us when we say that, but it’s true! She really is the happiest baby ever.

Recently, I have been overwhelmed with how “lucky” (we all know it’s more than luck) Stella is to have such an amazing mother like Kristin. I know Stella is too little to realize, but Kristin’s love and devotion toward her is the most genuine and unfailing love a mother could ever give. She soothes her when she’s sad, feeds her when she’s hungry, and holds her when she’s lonely. Yes, sometimes Stella has to fuss or cry for a few seconds to tell us what’s going on, but she is sooo happy once her mommy comes to the rescue.

It has reminded me about God’s love for his children. It is the purest form of love one will ever experience. God’s grace and mercy are showered down upon us everyday and most times we are too “little” to understand it. And although God already knows what we need and desire, He loves when we tell Him so He can provide for us.

I am so grateful that Kristin is such an amazing woman and beautiful mother. She reminds me everyday how to love. And even more importantly I am grateful for my Savior who loved me so much He was willing to die on a cross for me and come to my rescue.

Here are a few instagram pics from the last few weeks:

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Laura Jimenez

The last photo is priceless.

Carrie Chavel Cole

so sweet! :) Kristin IS such a great mother…and I know it makes her smile to hear such sweet words from her husband! :)

Marilyn Schmucker

Absolutely beautiful Jeremy! And Stella is one blessed little girl to have two amazing parents. So love the pictures of her beautiful smile!


j & k, this is more than mere happiness — it is JOY unspeakable, which we all know comes from the Lord. because you both exude this joy all the time, it is no surprise that stella already has it — it’s in her DNA!