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We make up Wordz

One way we keep each other laughing is by making up words. I’m not sure when this started, but we both every now and then just say something and it kind of sticks, even though it’s not a real word. Internet readers, please tell us we aren’t alone?! Here are a few of the favorites:

1 – (this is a phrase actually) “I ver sleep” – The story behind this: last year when Jeremy would wake up crazy early to go to work at the elementary school, he would occassionaly text me and ask if I was awake yet, how I was doing, if I slept well, ect. Well one morning he texted me and while still lying in bed I meant to text “I’m very sleepy” however I could muster enough energy to text “I ver sleep.” Well now, any time either say the word “very” we shorten it to “ver” and we drop off the last letter or syllable of the next word. Our new favorite is when we get angry with someone we simply state, “I ver ang!”

2 – Specialecialecialist – While we were in PA visiting my family my was telling a story about visiting a doctor and how it wasn’t resolved. Jeremy said, “well you should go see a specialist” My mom said that WAS the specialist! At which point Jeremy replied, “well it looks like you need to find a specialecialecialist!” Yep, true story.

3 – A. Buser – when we joke around with each other and lovingly nudge or poke the other we tell them “you are a buser” (pronounced byou-zer???) as in you are abusing me. Hence, you are a buser. Make sense?

4 – Elbelbelbow –  This is what you say when you are trying to say elbow after you bumped your funny bone. “I hurt my el-bel-belbow” Jeremy laughed at me a ton when it happened and then it just stuck.

If we are with you on your wedding can’t promise that we won’t make up words as we go along but can promise that we will make moment of that day even more memorable.

Here is a shot of Jeremy from when we were in PA a few weeks ago. He secretly wants to be a football star but got confused between a football and a snowball…hmm.


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What an awesome capture! I make up words too so you are not alone!


Love you guys! :) This made me smile! Can’t wait to make up wordz with my honey someday! <3

Tiana Spencer

Love it!

Gabrielle Dailey Bass

Haha! Very Cute!

Jillian Tree

You guys are tooooo cute! We don’t make up too many new words but I do mispronounce words ALL the time, and my hubby thinks its the funniest thing :)

Chris-Elizabeth Robertson

Funny! But I think you forgot the word cuidad pronounced quee-dod!

Kristin Schmucker

How could we forget! That is going in Part 2!

Stella | 3 Month Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that our little Stella Grace is already 3 months old today! Where has time gone? This past weekend we decided to purchase a new camera lens but were torn between two different lenses; so, we rented both of them and took pictures of the world’s cutest baby! Ha. But seriously. I didn’t even have to touch her skin in some of these pictures because the lens was amazing and Stella is just perfect. Let us know which picture is your favorite so it will help us know which lens took that shot.

Happy 3 month birthday Stella. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us! We love you…Mom & Dad.

We are officially uncool by being “those people” that squeak toys at their children to get them to smile for pictures! haha…

Apprently this is Stella’s new favorite thing to do…

Stella’s tongue plus her bunny from Nana…

So the picture on left was like “ready set SHOOT” – I (Jeremy) had my hand on her back and took it off for a split second while Kristin took the shot. We do not recommend doing this at home…haha.

Stella’s first attempt at the “model face” – she’s so cute!

Compliments to Baby Gap for the adorable outfit :)

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They are all really great but I love the last two pictures!

Patty Thompson

Beautiful! I’m a fan of close-ups….Your inspiring me to dust off my camera….Great work!

Erin Broskie Brown

She is a beautiful baby…love the photos they are great!

Johanna Lucas

I love the ones where she is sticking her tongue out! LOL Cracks me up!

Jillian Tree

She is so so so cute! My fave picture is that last & first ones :) and LOVE her coat! <3

Rebekah Slaughter

Stella, can I have your coat?

Kristin Schmucker

I know, right? That coat was the first thing I bought for her when we found out we were having a girl…oh Baby Gap…they make me broke!

Sarah Seaman

Ha ha! I love her little tongue.

Laura & Shawn | Fort Worth Engagement

We had such a great time shooting Laura and Shawn’s engagement session this past weekend. They were so laid back and as you can see they are naturals in front of the camera.

Laura and Shawn met when Shawn noticed the Great Dane with Laura and Laura noticed the cute boy across the room. Shawn and Laura are runners for Team in Training and they are passionate about running to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma . We are so excited to shoot their Fort Worth Wedding this April!

To view even more pictures from Laura & Shawn’s engagement session CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Friday – J & K

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Debi Norton

Nice pictures! What a nice couple :)


Great shots. And, of course, a great couple!

Kristin Bergfield

Your team did such a great job capturing how happy these two are!! :) I love how artisitc and original each photos is, and you can tell Shawn and Laura felt really comfortable during the shoot! These turned out fantastic! :)

Melissa Free

You guys look so Happy :) Love the pictures!!


Absolutely gorgeous!

M Bergfield

Great pics! Awesome use of some Fort Worth scenery!

Diane Hogan

Ahhhhhh, love the bottom photo. My fave. Makes me want to get married.


Great Pics!


Great shots! I love #3!!!

Jennifer Sims

What great pictures. You make a good looking couple and I wish you all the happiness in your bright future.


Great Pics!


Adorable!! You two are so perfect for each other :) xoxo


Love your pics!!

Donna Webber

Love the pictures. It is great to see Laura so happy.
He must be a really great guy to get her to fall in love with him.

Suzy Laine

I like the happy, smiley, kissy ones! Congrats!

Jessica Gugliuzza

Beautiful! I can’t wait got april! You guys look fantastic :)


Amazing pics!!!!

Andee Staley Plucinski


Julie Maunoir


Alison Ince

You look so happy! And I like that teasing kiss picture.

Kerri Diaz

Very nice! Pretty ring. Congrats Julie, you did such a wonderful job with your brood!

Tammy Damore

This girl should always where color, she radiates. Gorgeous pictures. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures of this cute couple.

Julie Maunoir

A beautiful couple and artistic photography.


Beautiful! Love #3. Congrats!

John E. Scott

Fantastic pictures!

Shauna Gutierrez

So cute!

James Cazzaly

Love the pictures. Can’t wait to see you guys married. Miss ya both!


Awesome photos! Love the street shots.

Lori Dobard Brown

Beautiful couple!

Jill MacBeth

The pictures are great. Best wishes!


These pictures are beautiful! Wishing you and Shawn the best!

Macy Murillo Ojeda

Great engagement pics, can’t wait for the wedding in April!

Michelle Coats

Awesome pictures! You two look so happy!!

Amy P


Debra Dunlap

Great photos! I can tell yall are both so happy and in love!!!

Julie Maunoir

As many times as I have looked at them, I still cannot decide which ones to order. There is something beautiful about each one.

Courtney and Kendra | Winter Styled Shoot

These are my gorgeous sisters, Courtney and Kendra. Jeremy and I spent last week in Pennsylvania with my family and we just couldn’t resist a snowy photo shoot. To say that we had fun is an understatement. I love that we got two totally different looks in the same setting. Courtney is wearing the black dress and looked very dark and sultry, and Kendra is wearing white and looking innocent and sweet. I love the photos and my gorgeous models.


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i think my favorite is the one of your sister in white with her eyes closed and she’s laughing – steals my heart

Ah I love these! Especially the snow in the hair ones and I love the way you framed the picture around your sister’s high bun!

Johanna Lucas

You guys could pass as triplets! You are all so beautiful!

Jill Carestia

Love them all, simply gorgeous!

Krista Morgan

Absolutely Gorgeous! Always enjoy looking at your pictures :)

Janice Keefer

lots of love…your sisters are so beautiful…great genes!

Joanne Everly Keefer

Words aren’t enough to tell how beautiful all three of you girls are and if that isn’t enough you are the sweetest and nicest girls I have ever met. Now we have another beauty through Kristin and Jeremy. Thank you Michael and Tammy, good job in every way and thank you Jeremyfor giving us beautiful, adorable Stella Grace. Love to all Nana.

Marcie Tamburelli

These pix are absolutely stunning. You should be proud Tammy…I know you are. xoxo

CreativeLIVE with J* and Zach & Jody

We both love learning anything and everything about photography, especially since we both value education so highly (spending extra years in grad school…haha…). We love when we come across an amazing resource for learning, training, and education. CreativeLIVE is an amazing wealth of information. They host workshops via online streaming (for free!) where we as photographers can tune in and learn from seasoned professionals.

In 2010 we tuned in for the 5-day wedding workshop by Jasmine Star. Jasmine Star gave business advice, answered questions, and they actually photographed a wedding. LIVE! It was so neat to watch a live wedding and learn things that we can implement into our own business. If you weren’t able to watch the workshop live you can still buy the workshop on CreativeLIVE’s website for $149. We bought the series last year and just this past week decided to watch it again for the second time. Although we are only on day one right now it has still been valuable and refreshing. (she also has another business workshop on CreativeLIVE from last year.)

Similarly, Zach & Jody hosted a two-day CreativeLIVE workshop just last month and we were shocked at everything we learned! Although Zach & Jody didn’t photograph a live wedding their business advice, personal stories, and photography tips were more than we expected. Pretty sure at one point (or two) I (Kristin) was crying, haha. It was so refreshing seeing a married couple work together and be so passionately about their job because they wanted the lifestyle together. We actually haven’t bought this workshop yet for $149 online, but we know in a few months we will need the refresher’s course and it will be even better the second time around.

J* just announced she will be hosting yet another CreativeLIVE workshop in a few months specifically answering questions about marketing your photography editorially with the goal to be published in a magazine.

Rose Chapel

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I love creativelive too! What a great resource