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Faith is…

Faith is Deliberate confidence in the character of God, whose ways you may not understand at the time.

Oswald Chambers

Today, lets choose to trust Him. Because, even when we don’t understand, we can know who He is, and we know that HE is good.

He is good and He does good. He has never failed us, and we can trust in His sovereign plan. His character, and everything in Him is good toward His people…we can trust His ways.


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Joy Heim

Opened your blog for the first time and this is exactly what my Sunday school lesson was about today and what God is teaching my heart! Praise the Lord!

skye miller

I have been trying to contact you about a problem I have with a order I received. Your email info@kristenschmucker just keeps bouncing back. Is there a phone # you can be reached at? It’s regarding a Christmas gift I purchased. Thank you..

Journal The Word

I wanted to take the time to write a little bit about how I Journal Scripture and how I use the Be Still Journal as I study Scripture. I am often asked how I study Scripture. I have a blog post that I have written, and I also go into much more detail in How to Study The Bible.

I have been using this basic method, and tweaking it for the past 3 years, and the Be Still Journal is the result of that. The journal helps you break down any passage of Scripture. When reading Scripture, the goal should always be to know God more. We read Scripture to discover His character, and who He is. Who He is changes everything. It changes our hearts and affects the way that we live.


As I have written about before, I study through books of Scripture which helps me to read passages in context and get the story of Scripture. The amount of Scripture that I read each day varries based on the section of Scripture that I am in. Often when reading Old Testament narratives, I will read a chapter or more. In some of the New Testament letters, I may only journal through a verse or two! Years ago, I heard someone use the phrase, “Eat until you are full” when referring to Scripture and it has stuck with me for years. I try to use that principle as I read.

I started using the SOAP method, and I have tweaked it to be the layout that is found in the Be Still Journal.

The first thing I do is write out a verse or two that specifically spoke to me as I read. Writing down verses is a proven way to help memorize and retain information. For me, writing out the Scripture cements it into my mind and helps me to remember and be able to meditate on it throughout the day.


Then I journal the Word. For me, this means that I write down observations from the text. I usually write out what it teaches in paragraph form, but many others also make observations in bullet form. I often journal as if I was telling someone about the passage, or teaching it to them. I may make note of cross references or passages that come to mind as I read. This is a great place to write down the definitions of words that you may not be as familiar with, make notes about the context or historical significance, or what God is teaching us through a particular passage. I often will think about how the passage points to the fallen condition of man, and how God fills that void. I look for the gospel on the pages of His Word. I look for who God is and what we learn about Him on the pages of His Word.


The next section is what I call in the Be Still Journal, the adore section. The reason that we study Scripture is to know God more. I have learned so much about who God is, when I make myself stop after reading Scripture, and ask myself what this passage teaches me about God and His character. In many ways, I look back at what I have just learned and really focus in my heart to see what this passage teaches me about who God is. What aspect of His character do I see. When I started taking the time to ask this question, I was amazed at how every passage teaches something about who God is.

The last section is the apply section. This section ask the questions, how what I have learned about should change me? How can I be more like Him? This section can be used to write specific things in our hearts that we want God to change, or ways we can be more like Him.  I often use this section to write out a prayer. A prayer praising Him for who He is, and asking Him to make me more like Himself.

These are just the basics of how I journal through Scripture. The practice of journaling the Word has been so instrumental in my life. I can’t even begin to explain How studying Scripture with the purpose of knowing Him more has transformed my heart.

I would love to hear more about how you study, and what you have found most helpful in focusing your heart on Him?

The Be Still Journal is available here. 

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Blue BerryCottage

I have saved this to my favorites and I hope to read and re- read it. SSSoooooo Good! I want to begin studying scripture in this manner! Thank you so much for writing this!!!

Hope Decker McCollam

Be still is my theme for the year…like it or not. I may have to get one of these journals

Psalm 119 Lock Screen

The Psalm 119 study along with lots of other fun things releases in the shop on Tuesday! I don’t think I have ever been this excited about a collection. This message of the beauty of God’s Word and of who He is. In anticipation for the launch, Here is a lock screen that you can use to remind yourself of this sweet truth.

Click here or on the image below to get the full size image and then save it to your phone and make it your lock screen!



The study, study bundle, and other resources will be available on Tuesday in the shop.

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Donna New

I love cooking, kitchen scents. Pumpkin would be so nice. Your blog is pretty and I love that you’re studying God’s word, Psalm 119 about God’s sweet word.

Beverly Dillow

I love your blog and look forward to being a follower! I visited through the drawing to win the candle and I’m so glad I checked out your blog! Very inspiring!

Sue Ashlee

Do you have lockscreens Ofton? I am LOVING the ps.119 study. I have to say that I love how you dont give a testimony with each section of scripture. That is one thing instructor with when choosing devotions is that most of them are about the person writing the devotion because they typically want to relate to the scripture but you keep the focus on God Himself and I LOVE THAT! Thank you for that. Please dont misunderstand me, im not saying that sharing your testimony is wrong by any means but do me, I dont want to read about an event in a daily devotion when my goal is to spend time with God and focus on Him.

He Rescued Me

He does not rescue me because he has too. He rescued me because He loves me, and He delights in me. When I am feeling like I am not enough, I can rest in the fact that despite all the times I fail, my Savior has not only rescued me, but He has done it because He truly delights in me. It says nothing of my goodness, because without Him, I have none. But, it says everything of who He is, of His faithful, steadfast, covenant love.


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Jessenia Arce Torres

In love with your blog!!!! its wonderful!!
hi from PR!!!
God bless!!

Wileine Celestin

Tobi Olusola Alex Whitney Tapper

Rafaela Teixeira

This is really great! I’ve actually written a post on my blog on a few lessons I learned during service at my church.!God-is-Good-All-the-Time/cmbz/565352790cf29e70f223c564

If I Raise My Voice

I have been studying in the book of James for the past several days, and these words have been a sweet reminder to me. How often I say things harshly, or without thinking. How easy it is to become frustrated with others.

If I raise my voice, may it be only in praise.

If I clench my fists, may it be only in prayer.


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Cate Nichols

This is perfect!