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Half Cheese – Half Peperroni

When I was a kid I always remember ording pizza “half cheese, half pepperoni.” I (Jeremy) am a plain kind of guy and always like the cheese, yet there were those in the family that like that little flavor from the pepperoni. Well, Kristin joined that group. Now, we stick a frozen pizza in the oven, we move the pepperoni prior to cooking and voila….half cheese and half pepperoni pizza! Perfection!!! Basically we are a perfect match for each other…

Our favorite lunch would be sandwiches and chips. Kristin gets Cajon Turkey (with light mayo, and dijon mustard on Italian bread) while Jeremy gets Ham (with sun dried tomato dressing on Honey Wheat bread). Sour Cream and Cheddar Chips are a mutual favorite ;) We stick with the baked kind because they are healthier, and taste great…as long as you don’t taste the regular kind…lol

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Yay for cheese!!!! :)

Stella’s Ears are Pierced…

Two short weeks ago our little Stella turned three months old! Can you believe it? While folding the laundry this weekend we came across a newborn size onesie and it looked SOOO small. It is crazy how time flies and even though Stella seems so small to us, she really is growing more and more every day.

To celebrate her three month birthday (because when you’re this young you get a birthday party every month…the only bad part is that the extent of her friends to invite is only mom & dad) we decided to take her to the mall and get her ear’s pierced. We realize some parents prefer to wait til their babies are older, but we didn’t want Stella to remember the pain. She really only cried for about 2 minutes and they haven’t bothered her since.

Of course Daddy had to be the bad guy holding her, and then Mommy came to the rescue to comfort her afterwards…

Can you see the tiny little dot the lady made on her ear with a purple marker?

The finished product: a happy baby at home with cute ears!

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She is the cutest baby!! She looks so happy with her little ears pierced :)


She is just precious, Kristin! We had a girls’ day and our two bigger girls got their ears pierced recently (SO fun) and I think we readjusted the purple dot on my Gracie’s ears about FIVE times until we got it right. Funny how Lily’s were perfect at first mark, but Gracie’s took an age. :) Stella’s sparkly ears are adorable!

Genny Martin Holmes

OK…that is just about the sweetest little ear I have ever seen. She is beautiful!

Beckie Costello

How precious!! :-)

Tanja Kaul

So pretty earrings!

Josh-Danielle Venable

If I ever have a girl, that is my plan. My mom did it for me and I am going to do it for my little one.

Jennifer Egan

I did this for my daughter at just over 3 months old. She cried for maybe 1 minute at most! She’s now almost 3 and barely realizes that she even has earrings in half the time. Plus little babies heal super fast.

Angie Tune


Was searching for my GF’s blog and came across yours. Loved your thoughtful reasoning and description and pictures of having your dd’s ears pierced. I think you were a smart mommy for doing it now when mommy can care for them.

Babies and little girls with pierced ears celebrates their femininity and femaleness.

Our ped gave me some suggestions for moms having their infant dd’s ears pierced as well as for “Tips for moms having their dd’s ears pierced/Care of Newly Pierced Ears.”

If any other moms thinking about it and want to do it now or would like them, write me an e-mail.


Nina Jackson Forrester

Ive thought about this for Isabell

Josh-Danielle Venable

@[176300187:2048:Nina Jackson Forrester] yeah I am so glad my mom did it too. I am such a chicken I don’t think I would have gone to get it done myself!

What’s in our bag? 50mm 1.2L

We are so excited to introduce our newest (probably most favorite) lens yet! We went back and forth debating between the 50mm 1.2L and the 85mm 1.2L. Although this was a super hard decision we have built our business and portfolio using the 50mm 1.4 (and 1.8) and felt that we should upgrade our strengths. There will be tons of photos coming with this beautiful lens as we head into engagement season next week so for now here are just two pics of this gorgeous lens. Oh, and it is our first L series lens with the pretty little red ring on it. So. Cool.

Here is the line-up of the three different 50mm lenses. From left to right: (1) 50mm 1.8 ($99) ; (2) 50mm 1.4 ($379) ; (3) 50mm 1.2L ($1500). We love just looking at the size difference in these lenses. The 50mm 1.8 is the world’s best bargain! We always tell new photographers if you don’t have much money, but the Canon Rebel body only (NOOO kit lens) and the 50mm 1.8. We also love the 50mm 1.4 and it provides gorgeous skin tones, nice depth of field, and is an overall great protrait lens (we also use it on details at weddings). More pics coming soon with the 50 1.2 :)!!!

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Love that lens! I actually like my 85mm f/1.2 better but the 50mm f/1.2 is so much more versatile. You made a great decision!

I Love that you have THREE 50mm :):)

Cat Neumayr

Love Love Love! :) We had a similar plan as we went from the 50 1.4 to the 50 1.2. Now… we save up for the 85 1.2. Can’t wait to see the new pictures you post with the new lovely 1.2!

Jeremy Schmucker

That’s our plan too! We have 2 engagements and 2 bridals next week, so many pics to come ;)

Anastasia Taylor

I can’t wait to see the new photos over the next couple of weeks!

Lauren Clark

I am in the process of buying my 1st nice camera but I am wanting to get the right thing! I finally decided on the Rebel T2i since I am just starting out… so you do not recommend even getting the lens that comes with it? Still trying to learn everything :) What do you think of the t2i?

Josh-Danielle Venable

I have been wondering what equipment you use. Totally forgot about these blog posts! Thanks for the info. It’s so helpful!

What were we thinking? Parenthood mistakes…

When we started decorating Stella’s nursery we knew we didn’t want to have a diaper genie. We had read online as long as you get a garbage can with a lid that closes automatically it is essentially the same. Besides, a stainless steel garbage can is much more attractive than a white plastic genie. We were so excited when we were a TJ Max last fall and we found this cute little stainless steel garbage can that we just knew would be perfect for disposing of Stella’s little “joy-filled” diapers.

Well we quickly found out that even though Stella is only in size one diapers, it only took one day to fill up her garbage can. They quickly started piling up, we were emptying the can constantly, and we finally realized we made a huge mistake. Bigger can = less emptying…sooo…this past weekend we decided to find a larger can and found the perfect one at Garden Ridge :) It actually is the same one we have in our kitchen, except only half the price!

We are sure there will be many many more lessons learned as life goes on, but this one just makes us smile because we clearly weren’t thinking…

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Jasmine Star + theFIX

So yesterday we headed into downtown Dallas to meet Jasmine Star and attend theFIX. It was a relaxing time to meet other local photographers, hear J* talk, ask questions, and learn how to improve our business. After we left we immidiately got in the car and began talking about  how we can improve our business.  Although most of the information disucessed was information we already knew, it was so refreshing to visit these ideas again.

The one idea we really walked away with was how to maximize our strengths and avoid weaknesses. Jasmine said to make a list of all of your strengths and find ways to impliment them. One way for us is that fact that we love talking with people and making new friends. Our goal on how to impliment this is to do more face-to-face consultations with potential brides. We have had numerous consultations where we walk away feeling like we not only booked a client, but we made a new friend, and that is best feeling in the world!

Although we should strive to make our weaknesses better, if we know what our weaknesses are, than we probably shouldn’t be doing things publicly that are related to them. For example, she said if you are a really bad writer and often times don’t know what to write about, maybe blogging everyday is not the best option for you.


So we told Jasmine that, yep, we are the crazy ones that brought their baby to theFIX. Sorry. lol. We were pretty sure Jasmine wanted see Stella though. However, Stella didn’t make a peep (we even had someone at the end ask us if she was there the whole time because they didn’t hear any babies #bestbabyever) and she’s just to young for us to trust anyone else with her yet :) Soon, Stella’s aunt Courtney will be moving here to DFW and will be able to watch her for us :)

Stella with David Jay! David Jay was Jasmine’s wedding photographer and is now the owner and CEO of Showit. Showit is world’s most amazing website program that allows us to totally customize our website with ease and freedom.This picture may end up in Stella’s baby book! haha…

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Awww, Stella was pretty amazingly quiet and super cute!

Megan Andzulis

Looks like you guys are having a blast! We are dying to meet Stella in June!!

I was excited for my chance at the fix this Thursday but you have made me… what’s past excited? I’m not really sure but that.

Side note: David Jay is such an amazingly talented man… both in his business and photography… I missed that he was going to be apart of this!

Corinna Huff

Looks like quite the day. =)

TOO CUTE! wish I could have gone. I would have held that baby for you!

David Jay was there?! I had no idea. Awesome! So cute that Stella got her picture with Jasmine! You make me wish I would have gone! Thanks for sharing :)

Jasmine Star

It was SO nice meeting you both…and STELLA! Thanks for coming out and being such an encouragement! xxxo

Jeremy Schmucker

It was great meeting you too Jasmine! Thanks for all you do for the industry!

Cat Neumayr

Stella is a little star! I wish J* would make a stop in Houston!

Jeremy Schmucker

lol little Star – pun intended

Your images are wonderful. Keep up the great work =)

Mayra Fiori

How Cool! She is beautiful.Lucky Stella! I hope to run in to you sometime in the near future. I didn’t know about theFIX because I just started my photography journey last week. EEK! but plan to attend the next time. ;)

So cool that you met Jasmine! I would love to meet her. That is so awesome : )