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Melanie & Austin | Plano Engagement Session

Melanie saw Austin at their high school homecoming dance, and she remembers that he had the most amazing cologne, and that he smelled wonderful. She told her friends that she liked him, but Austin was shy. Austin was incredibly smart, so Melanie asked him to tutor her in calculus.

Several years later, they are both graduating From Texas A & M and are getting married this summer. And just in case you were wondering Austin is still wearing that same cologne that caught Melanie’s attention way back in high school.

The two of them are adorable together. Melanie, is gorgeous inside and out and the way Austin looks at her makes it clear to everyone just how much he loves her. We shot their engagement session at the lovely Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX.  They were amazing models and we had so much fun spending the evening with them.

Melanie and Austin, We had such a wonderful time with the two of you at your engagement session.  You are some of the sweetest people we have met, and we are so excited to be a part of your wedding day.


To see more pictures of Melanie and Austin’s gorgeous engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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Corinna Huff

Beautiful. Feel like you almost know them a little, by having viewed such preious moments together.

Bethany Hanusch

love the shot of them laying in the field!

Ashley Tingley

LOVE these!! You are so incredibly talented, and your work shows how comfortable your clients are around you! <3

These are great. What a sweet looking couple.

Laura Yang

Beautiful couple, beautiful scenery — beautiful photography, you two. Nice! And that ring shot is great!

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks Laura!

Lauren Heiler

These pictures are wonderful. Melanie, I am so happy for you. You both are perfect for each other. I wish a lifetime of love and happiness for you both. :)

Julie Lauter Craddock

GREAT Pictures!

OMG these are gorgeous! I absolutely adore these, great work!

Lynell Shooks

Give me a couple in the grass any day – gorgeous set!

Cat Neumayr

Fab Fab Fab!

Jeremy Schmucker

Thanks ;)

Stephanie Grooms

Such a lovely couple and such wonderful photos to treasure! ♥

Shannon Morton

Love these, Kristin. The one of them lying down in the grass really grabbed my eye. Beautiful work!

Our Proposal Story

I (Jeremy) have been thinking for some time now that I really need to document our proposal story because it is so special to us and years from now the details may be lost…hopefully I haven’t lost too many details since it has only about about 3.5 years (wow, already?!) but needless to say it was one of the best days of my life. So…without further ado…here is the story of the day that I propsed to Kristin.


It was late August and Kristin was flying to IL to where I lived so we could drive down to college together in FL. This was our senior year! Wow, we finally made it! I knew I needed to do something special for Kristin’s propsal because at this point we already had our wedding date set and photographed paid for (yes, true story, haha). So how could I surprise her and make sure she didn’t see it coming. Well all summer long I worked two bascially full-time jobs. I worked at a day camp from 7-3 and then waited on tables from 5:30-midnight (or later). This was exhausting, but I had a really big investment coming up, a diamond ring!!!

Since I was working so much that summer I told Kristin I was unexpectedly called into work the day she was to arrive in IL. She was crushed. Devasted. I knew she would be. And in fact, it was a tiny little fib, but don’t worry, I came clean later. It was a necessary sacrifice to the success of the day. I kept telling Kristin “I promise I will make it up to you by the end of the day” mwahaha.

So Kristin was supposed to land arond 6:00 pm where I was going to send her on a tiny scavenger hunt ending at a local park; however, it started raining at 5:30 and she called to tell me she landed 30 mins early! Seriously? What am I to do? I had to plan B!  Well, my parents went to the airport and picked her up (it’s only 5 mins from our house, so they still got there before she got off the plane) and they gave her a rose with a note on it from saying “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here to pick you up. I love you and can’t wait to see you soon.  Love, Jeremy” This was the first piece of the puzzle.

When my parents brought her back to the house she found yet another rose/note giving her further instructions of where to look next. I knew Kristin’s love language was words of affirmation / quality time (she claims the hybrid equivelant is quality conversation), so I had notes attached with each rose. These weren’t notes from me, but rather notes from some of the most important people in her life.

As she went through the house picking up clues of where the next rose and note was she read letters from her best college buddy, her sisters, her mother, her father, her bff from high school, and a conjoined letter from several friends. In total about 40+ people wrote letters to Kristin telling her why she was so important to them and what she meant in their lives. It was humbling for me to read these letters they submitted to me and to realize how amazing my future wife was/is.

I particularly remember rose #9. It was from her father. What Kristin didn’t know was that earlier that year Kristin’s father gave me a key. This key was given to by Kristin to her dad as the ‘key to her heart.’ She gave it to him as a small child and he promised he would keep it safe and only give it away when it was safe and right to do so. I too wrote a note alongside her dad’s and also bought Kristin a small key. I explained since I had the key to her heart, she deserved to have one to mine too.

At this point Kristin is sobbing (haha) and made her to rose #12, the final rose. Again, it was a letter from me telling her what she meant to me, but that there was really something else I needed to say. Okay, here it comes!!! This whole time I’m hiding in our basement and my parents are texting me what rose she is on. When she gets to #12 I wait about 30 seconds and I come up to surprise her.

I sing to her a really sweet little broadway love song that we grew to enjoy, got down one knee, and asked if she would marry me. She grabbed me by the kneck, hugged me, and said “I love you!” So….is that a yes??? Haha. Of course.

I am so grateful to all the people in Kristin’s life who formed and shaped the woman she is today. So many people, especially her parents, have impacted her life in a way that cannot be expressed. We later went out for dinner…and…well…the rest is history ;)

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Driving Through NYC during Fashion Week

We were in Pennsylvania to see my family a few weeks ago and as we flew into NYC I was sooo excited because it was fashion week! It was late at night when we arrived so I told Jeremy to be sure to grab some pics on the way back to the airport. For those from the wonderful land of NYC you understand the craziness of traffic and how there are approximately 2 million different ways to get to and from the same place.

Well, unfortunately we took a different route back to the airport and we couldn’t capture any pictures of fashion week. However, we did get stuck in MAJOR traffic (took us one hour to go 4 blocks…ugh) in China town (or so we thought it was china town since everything was in Chinese and there were cute chinese people everywhere) and Jeremy took some street pics from the car…

Love the Wicked ad on top of the taxi. Jeremy has seen it three times and I have never seen it :(

Apparently that is what “McDonalds” looks like in Chinese. I’m glad the golden arches are universal ;)

Jeremy did not want to grab this picture. I was in the back seat with Stella and he says “aww that lady on the bike is so cute but we are too close, I feel awkward.” I was like, Jeremy it doesn’t matter, just roll down your window and take a picture…haha…

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haha i totally take pictures of random people too!! ;)

Gina Long

I have only been to NYC once -on my senior trip- but I absolutely loved it! So big and fascinating.

Bianca Leury

Good move on going downtown :)

Grad School + Netflix + Jack Bauer (24)

While we lived in Florida and attended graduate school we watched 24 starring Jack Bauer, AKA Keifer Sutherland,  for the first time. Season 8 was just airing so we bought all of the season’s on DVD and watched furiously. It was so addicting. We would have so much reading to finish for class, but we just couldn’t get away from 24. Every episode is soo gripping.

Fast forward two years…we now have Netflix streaming. (Why didn’t we get this sooner). All 8 seasons of 24 are now on Netflix and we are officially watching each episode again, for the THIRD time! True story. There are so many details that we forgot and so many twists and turns that still keep us glued to the T.V. Although we know what generally lies ahead of each episode it still is very addicting as we now enter season three ;) Our favorite character other than Jack??? CHLOE O’BRIAN! She’s soo funny.

So who are your favorite characters from 24 or what other TV shows do you love?

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Work-flow for Engagement Sessions

We can’t stress enough to other photographers the importance of a good work-flow. We have been victims of a mindless workflow until recently and things seemed to go so much smoother. Sure, before we knew that we had to upload first, cull second, edit third, blog fourth, and so forth, but we were always thinking “what else do we need to do with that session?” or “did we do everything?”

Recently we realized that although this has not been completely disastrous yet, we needed a better plan as we approach our busiest wedding season ever. A simple, easy, and progressive plan. So we created a checklist. We are planning on creating several other checklists for major events throughout the wedding process for each of our brides; but, as for now we have this great checklist for engagement sessions.

This checklist details each step from start to finish. It tells us what we need to do and in what order we need to do it. We can’t forget anything and won’t do anything out of order anymore. Yay! This will be very helpful especially in weeks like this week where we have 5 portrait sessions (one newborn, 2 engagements, and 2 bridals) in a 6 day period. Crazy, yet exciting ;)

So, for all you photogs out there, you can access and view our Engagement Session Work-Flow Checklist HERE. It’s kind of crazy realizing how much work goes into a portrait session…our work-flow for the wedding will be crazy!!!




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Thanks for sharing your workflow. I am always looking to see if there is a better way to do life!

Shelby Johnson

oooh! Thank you! :D

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog in the web sphere! ;)Just wanted to let you know that the link is not working and I was wondering if you still had the workflow available?! It would be of great help! Thank you :)