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Laura & Shawn | Fort Worth Wedding Photography

Laura and Shawn met on an October evening when Laura with a gorgeous Great Dane in tow noticed the handsome guy across the room. Shawn was a sucker for a gorgeous girl and a lovely dog, and the rest is history.  These two are passionate about life and they both love to run. They run for Team in Training to help raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Laura and Shawn’s wedding day was gorgeous. The weatherman predicted rain for their day all week long, but on the morning of their wedding the skies cleared to reveal a gorgeous day. These two are so relaxed and their wedding was a perfect reflection of the two of them. I hung out with Laura and the girls and we all laughed and listened to Ray Lamontagne while Laura prepped for the wedding, and Jeremy hung out with Shawn and the boys while they relaxed and toasted to Shawn and Laura.

Laura and Shawn chose to do a first look and it made the day even more relaxing since we were able to get photos of the two of them as well as photos of their wonderful families before the ceremony began. It was a gorgeous and heartfelt ceremony officiated by their friend Sean, which was filled with family and friends including awesome music on the ukelele by their friend John. After the ceremony the party started. Sweet and hysterically funny toasts which even included a super hero backpack, and then a night full of laughter and dancing made for an unforgettable evening.

Laura and Shawn, Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day, and allowing us to document your love. We had so much fun with the two of you as well as your family and friends. The two of you know how to throw an awesome party. We can’t wait to hear where life takes you.  – J & K


To see more images from Laura & Shawn’s wedding CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW.

Photography: Jeremy & Kristin

Dress: David’s Bridal

Cake: Hot Chocolates

Catering: The Ritzz Catering

Florist: Kristen Camareno –

DJ: Complete Music

Hair & Makeup: Alexandria with Ms. Painted Lady

Venue: Texas and Pacific Lofts – Waiting Room

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GORGEOUS guys:)!


Love the 1st ring shot! Oh my goodness–so pretty!


All great but my favorite is of Laura at the window looking down at her bouquet. Breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you Jeremy & Kristin.


Love the pictures Laura! Congratulations to you both!!


Such a gorgeous wedding… beautiful dress, flowers and people. Congrats!

Becky Burke

These pictures are amazing! Laura you look absolutely gorgeous! Love the flowers!

Christy Stacy

What a beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding!! The pics are gorgeous!! Congratulations Laura and Shawn!!


Great pictures, and the bride was gorgeous! Looks like fairy tale weeding! Congratulations and happy married life!

Mac Rodgers

Very nice highlight photos. Making gorgeous people, places and things (and a beautiful event) look even better.

Misty Hackrott

The pictures are wonderful! Everything was perfect and beautiful!

So beautiful! Kristin and Jeremy, you guys did an amazing job. Can’t wait to see the rest!


Shout out to our fantastic caterer, The Ritzz Catering, Joanne worked extensively with us to make sure our day was just the way we imagined. And it was!


It was a great wedding. I like the non traditional style. The pictures are awesome. Shawn’s favorite is my favorite also.


Beautiful photos, beautiful bride!

Renee Maziol

I love the picture of Laura and Shawn gazing int each other’s eyes. Love is undeniable.Laura is so beautiful and a wonderful reflection of their special day.

Kristen Camareno

Congratulations Laura and Shawn! These pictures are amazing! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with both of you. I wish you the utmost happiness in your married life.

James Cazzaly

Great picture perfect moments. Congratulations again you two. You both look amazing.


Thank you Jeremy & Kristin for capturing in photographs Laura & Shawn’s love for each other. Their eyes tell their story. You did an exceptional job.

John M

Congratulations, Laura and Shawn.
It looked like a great celebration. I love to see that one of my favorites Ray Lamontagne’s Trouble got a photo on the iPhone :-)

Andee Staley Plucinski

Stunning photos!

Corinna Huff


Christie Williams

Great pictures!!! I love the one of Laura crying.. shows all the emotion, happiness and so does Shawns face. Congrats again!!

Daniel Westphal

Awesome pictures….. very nice.


You looked beautiful Laura! I love your dress, your hair, the flowers… everything. You two look so happy and I couldn’t be more excited for you!

Lesley Photiadis Martín

These photos are amazing! You look gorgeous, your dress is beautiful, the flowers are stunning and your man is very handsome! Congrats again!

Bethany McDonnell


Jessica Gugliuzza


Louise Boylin Andriaccio

Beautiful pictures, congratulations, you look stunning!

Mary Curran

These are beautiful pictures! The wedding looked like the event of the year!

Kim Rosenthal

Such an amazing day. I was truely blessed to have spent the afternoon watching her get dressed and ready. What a fantastic ceremony. All my love to the awesome couple!!!

Rosalie Mercado Westphal

Very nice , just beautiful!


Such a great wedding you guys!! :) Absolutely gorgeous!



Susan Hazle Westphal

I absolutely love the pics…they’ll help you remember the day perfectly.

Alexandria Dixon-Wiggans

thank you so much for crediting me in the caption. Love the captures of their beautiful wedding. Fantastic work!

Michael M

Simply awesome!

these are beautiful!!!

Sandra Walker

Very beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing

Julie Wolfe Paszczykowski

WOW! Thanks for sharing! Love all the color, the emotion, and the detail shots are awesome!

Rick Heard

Great pictures of both of you. Congratulations!

Russell Himes


Shannon Hopkins McKie

Such awesome pictures! I am so thrilled and happy for the both of you! XOXO


I LOVE all these pics!! I am so excited that I got to share in this day with the two of you!!

Narissa Marquez

Congratulations!! May God bless your union.

Kristen Jensen

She looks so beautiful!


Lovely pictures….hope you all have wonderful life together

Julie Maunoir

I have looked at these photographs many, many times….each time I find them breathtaking……….I agree with Shawn’s favorite and each time I look at them I find more & more favorites

Sean Mathews

Great photos and fantastic wedding, Buffalo!

Amanda Tabs

Absolutely breathtaking photos…looked like a amazing day. Congrats to a beautiful couple!!!!

Michael Peterson

Very nice job on photos. Black and white photo was nicely done. Made every shot look natural. Bride andd groom shots were well done. Good work!!!


The pictures are absolutely beautiful! congrats!

Nathalie rodriguez

Very beautiful picture. Great job on photos. Absolutely amazing photos in amazing day.


I absolutley love the pics, congrats to u!!

Tiffanie Martinez

Congratulations!! The pictures are amazing u both look great.

Tammy Damore

WOW! What can I say that I havn’t said before. These are amazing, my fav is the one with the bride holding her hands over her mouth with the look of pure joy and excitement on her face!


Absolutely gorgeous!! Jeremy & Kristen did such an amazing job and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

Becky Rech

You two inspire me! I am SO happy for you!

Hannah Bledsoe

That is such a beautiful first day of forever!

B Rechnitzer

You two make a lovely couple, and the photograhy is breathtaking. Great memories.

Rebecca Ramos

Soooo beautiful! Congrats!

Suzy Laine

Oh my gosh, you guys! These are incredible! Thank you for sharing your pics. I’m speechless.

Suzanne Laine

I feel like I was there! It was absolutely beautiful. Beautiful flowers, beautiful tables, beautiful location, beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing these you two.

Rocio Davila Garza

Love the pictures,they show their happiness and love the colors

Andy Gray

Congratulations! Great photos.

Love the pictures! Actually looking for a photographer for my wedding the end of this year…

Alisha Fleming

WOW!! Laura you are a beautiful bride. Love the dress! Your hair turned out perfect too! Thanks for sharing the pics. They are great!!

Joy Rodgers

Congrats to you and your Groom…. The pictures are absolutely beatiful. Thanks for sharing… I knew it would all work out… CONGRATS again and wishing you many years of happiness…

LaTrice Harris

Congrats….I love the pix…y’all look so cute…I’m happy for u

Rachel Miller

Congrats!!! Beautiful bride n pics, happy for u!!!


Awww really cute pics

Brad Hutchison

Amazing. You guys look great together.

Aaron Martin

Congrats Mr and Mrs Rodgers !!!


The dress and colors are absolutely gorgeous. Congrats.

Robert Guerra

Congrats and great job, photographers. Do my wedding next.

Sarah Teeter

What a beautiful wedding you captured. I can feel the story of the day.

Trek Doyle

Awesome photos. Wish I could have been there.


Very nice pictures.


These are very beautiful pictures.

Michelle P

Mr Wonderful is a dreamboat!! Such lovely pictures

John Rec

Shawn, you are one lucky dude. Congratulations to you, Mr and Mrs!

Martin Nitzer

Looking good, wonderful day.

Charity & Jim | Dallas Engagement Photography

These two were a ton of fun to work with, they kept us laughing through the whole session. These two knew how to rock it out in front of the camera and were masters of the model face for sure! Charity looked gorgeous and brought the most amazing dresses and shoes to the session. From strappy sandals to cowboy boots…I am pretty sure I want to go through her shoe collection! Thanks for spending a fun evening with us!

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BEAUTIFUL images!! I just love the ones taken in that field. Simply amazing. Ya’ll are two very talented people:)

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the B&W shot, four up from the bottom. All of these have such a soft, romantic feel to them. Great job you guys :-)


The first pic is my favorite! :) Love that striped dress!

the ones of them in the grass = PERFECT.

Melanie Bass

Beautiful! The one under the tree is my favorite – so precious! :)

Why We Always Include Engagement Sessions

If you have met with us about photographing your wedding or even read our blog for a while you know that we love engagement sessions. We feel like failures in the respect that opted out of our engagement session when we got married a few years ago and we wish we hadn’t. Because of this, we urge and plead with all of our couples, local or long-distance, to make time for an engagement session.

The main reason we do this is not to have pretty images (although you will have them), but it is because we view the e-session as a “coaching” time. Let’s face it – most brides are not professional models. For most people, posing in front of the camera can feel awkward. You don’t know where to look. You aren’t quite confident in your “model face.” You don’t know where to put your hands. Ect.

Well this weekend’s wedding just MADE OUR DAY! We had an engagement session with Laura & Shawn this past February and they were gorgeous together! Because we had that time with them and helped coach them on simple posing techniques, when it came to portrait time yesterday, they rocked it out.

Jeremy was posing them in this gorgeous light but his tongue was tied. He knew what he wanted, but for some reason it wasn’t coming. So Laura said “is this what you want?” “YES!”

And…………look at the result. GORGEOUS!

Stay tune for more images of this gorgeous couple ;)

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Paula Wieland Hopkins

Oh my Shawn… …you have a beautiful lady in your life.

Mike Westphal

don’t take a single day for granted. Two beautiful people.

Target and Pillows

For the last 8 months I have been telling Jeremy how we need new pillows. Our dark brown leather couches are soo comfortable and we love them, but I feel like we need some lighter colors in the room to help lighten up the mood a little ;)

Literally for the last 8 months I have looked at pillows at every store we walked into and I just could not find the perfect pillows. Until. Yesterday! We were walking through Target and Jeremy tells me “hey, you should come over here and look at these pillows.” He really shouldn’t have showed them to me. They were perfect.

Well maybe we will put some pictures up of them soon…but I really want to share this sneak peek with you from last week. Thank you Target for completing my hunt for cute pillows!

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TOTALLY know what you mean about finding pillows! So hard! Also- this pic looks very J*ish, nice job!

LOVING her dress! Such a soft,intimate image you guys. Looks great!

A sad goodbye…

This past week my dear Grandfather passed away. He had been sick for almost a year after we first heard the dreaded word cancer last spring. Even when you know that someone you love is very sick, and you are told that they will pass away soon, nothing prepares you for the news that it has happened.

My Grandfather was an amazing man.  When I think back on his life and the impact he is left on my life, I am always drawn back to the kitchen of his home on Church Street, in the small town of Royersford Pennsylvania. I remember making the long (now I realize it is just a little over an hour) drive to my grandparents house as a child. I would be greeted with a big hug and a glass candy jar full of Tootsie Rolls. We would spend the weekend, and it was not uncommon to find me in the kitchen with my Grandfather. He would make me eggs and the world’s best home fries. He taught me how to peel potatoes as he would tell me how he made them for all the neighborhood kids when he was growing up during the Great Depression. We would sit at the kitchen table and eat them with his worn out Bible sitting at the end of the table. He would quiz me on Bible questions, and tell me all about the Church of Acts. My Grandfather never met a stranger, he worked hard and he taught me to love my family and be passionate about life…and of course how to make the best home fries.

Last month was the last time I saw him. For the months while I was pregnant my Mom would show him pictures of my ultrasounds of my growing belly, and then of course all of the many pictures of Stella after she was born. He would scroll through them on my sister’s iPhone in his hospital bed. We knew that he did not have much time, and that it would mean the world to him to meet his Great Granddaughter. It did.

By the time we were able to get to Pennsylvania, he was very weak. Though he could not hold Stella on his own, my Mom and I helped him and you could see the joy come over him as he held her. He kissed her and loved on her, and though he did not have much strength to speak, he found the strength to sing to her as he held her.

I am so thankful for the impact he had on my life and grateful that someday we will tell Stella about her Great Grandfather.


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Krista Morgan

Oh such sweet pictures & many memories. So sorry for your loss & will be praying for your family, especially your mom :)

Caitie Sheppard


As I sit here crying, I have to tell you that those are some of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen. Bittersweet.
Sorry for your loss. I’m glad he got to see her.

Marilyn Schmucker

I’m sure this was meaningful for your grandfather to see his great granddaughter but I’m confident it will be so precious to Stella as she grows to know how much she’s loved and what joy she brings just by being her! Beautiful job Kristin!

Janice Keefer

My heart breaks along with you all.

Barbara Stein

Such a beautiful memory for you and your family. :)

Marcie Tamburelli


Jackie Callahan Kimmel

It’s wonderful that Stella had the honor of meeting her great-grandfather. The pictures are priceless.

Karen Haas

What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather.

I cant stop crying! these pics are so sweet!! she is so comfortable with him, at peace. Hugs

Dennis Keefer

he was the most kind hearted man,ive ever met…his laugh and handshake will forever be with me,he was one of the men in my life that taught hard,cause no ones gona give it to ya.and for that i am forever gratful unk…say hello to the one we hold so dear…