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Sarah & Robert | Fort Worth Zoo Engagement Session Photographers

We had so much fun with these two at their engagement session at the Fort Worth Zoo. Sarah has always loved the zoo and the day we met them they asked us if we would be up for an engagement session at the zoo and we were thrilled with the idea! We love when couples choose an engagement session location that is totally them. We had a blast checking out the animals and even learned our weight in chickens (Jeremy weighs 36 chickens! haha). Sarah and Robert are so laid back and relaxed and they are just fun people to be around. You can’t be around them without smiling. We are beyond excited for their Fall wedding at Artspace 111 this October.

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Marianne Nicoletti

cute idea for the zoo!

Sandy Coulter

My husband and I really liked these photos of our granddaughter, Sarah! Thanks for such a lovely job.

Rebekah Slaughter

love all the rich colors!

Bethany McDonnell

These are sooo adorable!

Stella | 5 Months

If you remember reading a few days ago when we mentioned we went shopping in Dallas at the Galleria Mall and bought tons of cool stuff. Jeremy and I are still in love with our new fedora hats, but this little baby scarf was too cute to pass up! We took family pictures but we couldn’t resist sitting our little princess down and capturing these precious moments. We say this all the time, but it’s really true: although we know we are TOTALLY biased…isn’t she just the cutest, prettiest, most beautiful baby you have ever seen! Love her ;)

THIS is how we will remember her being 5 months old. She sticks that cute little tongue out all the time. Although part of us wishes she could hold it in for another picture, she is who she is and we LOVE HER!!!

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Bethany McDonnell


Krista Morgan

What a cuti =)

Celeste Hernandez Mitchell

OMG! she looks gorgeous! =)

Karen Riecks Brown

What a doll!

She is SO adorable and has the cutest little smile! Love her sweet outfit too!!

Jillian Tree

Seriously SO adorable.

Charity White

Soooo pretty

Mariah Mancroni

AH! She is gorgeous! Such a little munchkin! <3

Procrastination + Grilled Chicken

It’s hard for us to believe that we moved here to DFW almost one year ago. This year has gone by so fast and we feel so blessed to have all of our amazing couples!!! One of the first things we did when we moved into our little home was buy a grill…because really, George Foreman is only amazing for so long. We love him and his lean mean grilling machine skills, but nothing replaces a good ol’ gas grill. So off to Home Depot we went. We still have the rental truck from Penske in the driveway so we strapped down the grill in the back and brought it home.

One thing led to the next and before you know it….good ol’ George resurfaced. We never got around to buying that crazy little gas container!!! I mean really…the grill was only $99 and they want $50 for the gas! Outrageous. So we put it off. Winter came and went, and still not gas for the grill. Finally we realized enough was enough and we went out to the corner 7-Eleven and bought the gas tank (plus a donut and a soda. Duh.)

We now are happy owners of a working gas grill and enjoying our healthy grilled chicken these days! So excited for summer! If you have any amazing grilling recipes…feel free to share ;)

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Bethany McDonnell

look up Cracker Barrel chicken tenders copycat recipe…they are delish!

Kristin Schmucker

Oh I love those! We will have to get that recipe!

I usually get recepice from Youtube. Apricot chicken is fantastic.

Charity | Fort Worth Bridal Photography

We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE doing bridal sessions. Since we both are from the north where bridals are almost non-existent we become a little giddy leading up to these sessions. Charity was so easy to photograph and a blast to be around. She exudes southern elegance and she totally rocked out her Alfred Angelo wedding gown!

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Genny Martin Holmes


Janice Keefer

love this dress….I would love to work with brides and make them so happy for their day(life)!

Tammy Damore


Our Fedorable Family

So we took a spur of the moment shopping trip to the Galleria Mall in Dallas on Wednesday. As we were walking around some of the stores Jeremy tells me he wants to try a hat like Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) from White Collar…we had so much looking through all the fedora’s in the mall and well…I couldn’t resist buying one either. Both of our fedoras are from Forever 21. We really wish we could have found a baby fedora for Stella, but isn’t her little baby scarf from Zara just adorable!

Happy Friday!

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Krista Morgan

Great pic!!