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Studying Scripture in Every Season

It has been about three years since the Lord really transformed my heart, and gave me a passion for His Word. Through these past three years I have gone through many seasons, and my time in God’s Word has changed throughout each season.

We use a lot of excuses about why we don’t read Scripture, I know that I did for a long time. I have found that reading God’s Word can be accomplished no matter what season we are in, but it may look different in different seasons of life. There may be certain seasons where we have to be flexible and give ourselves grace when spending time in the Word doesn’t look like an instagram moment.


Here are some tips for getting in the Word no matter what season of life you are in.

1. Think through your day realistically, and decide on a time that works best for your to be in the Word…and then be flexible.

It is important to be realistic when planing when to have your quiet time. If your children wake up at 5am, it probably won’t be practical to get up and spend time in Scripture before they wake up. And if you are ready to fall asleep after dinner, an evening quiet time is probably not for you. Don’t feel the need to structure your day and quiet time the way that others do. This will probably just end up in frustration, and a plan that doesn’t actually work. Think through your day and be realistic.

2. Evaluate your most common distractions, and then come up with a plan of attack to combat them.

What distracts you while you are trying to get in the Word? Identify the things that are distractions and find a way to combat them. If your phone is a distraction…put it in another room. If email is a distraction, shut down your computer. If things pop in your mind to distract you…keep your planner or notepad close by to jot things down so you can focus.


3. Keep your Bible and other resources in the place that you will use them.

In busy seasons, it can be hard to have quiet time, and you may have just a few minutes. I have found that having things set out and ready to go helps a ton. I like to keep my Bible, Be Still Journal, pens/highlighters, and any other resources I am using on a tray that I can easily move to the place I have my quiet time. This way, when I am ready, I don’t have to go hunting down the things that I need, and I can dig into the Word when I have the opportunity.

4. Don’t worry if your quiet time doesn’t look like you think it should.

Your quiet time might not include a cup of coffee, a candle, and fresh flowers…and that is ok. Your quiet time may take place in the carpool line, on your lunch break, or at the kitchen island while your children eat breakfast. Spending time with the Lord is more important than having your quiet time look just right.


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Brandy Wallner

Great reminders! Thanks so much! I have been praying for more time in the Word and God has been answering. These are just great practical tips though!

Megan Westmoreland

I love this. as a new mom, my quiet time now looks so much different than it did before my sweet babe was here. thanks for this reminder!

Jennifer Nicole

I needed this gentle reminder today. Thank you!

Give Thanks In All Circumstances


It isn’t an easy command. It is easy to give thanks when things go just as we would like, but when life hands us the opposite of what we desire, it is hard to have a heart of Thanksgiving. If you are anything like me, it is often easier to complain and feel discontent about your circumstances, than it is to be thankful. You may not understand. You may feel like you have spent so long waiting. You may be confused. You may be wondering what God’s will is for you. I can tell you that right now, no matter what you are facing…His will for you is to give thanks. Give thanks right where you are for everything He has given you. Give thanks for all the times His way was so much better than your way. Give thanks for who He is.

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Encouraging Your Husband in His Walk With God

I get asked a lot of questions, and sent a lot of prayer requests, and this one is one of the most common. It comes in different forms, but it comes back to women who desire for their husband to hunger for the Word, and passionately follow the Lord. I recruited my husband Jeremy for help with this post, because I knew he would have some great insight into things that we do as women that help, and things that don’t.

Instagram Husband-1


This has to be the first thing on the list, because at the end of the day, it is not the things that we do that will help grow our husbands walk with the Lord. The work of sanctification is from the Holy Spirit alone. If you are anything like me, you know that prayer should be the first defense, but sometimes we get so frustrated with a situation that we are more prone to whine or be sad about it, then we are to genuinely lay it down in front of the Lord daily. Pray and don’t stop praying for your husband. No matter where your husbands spiritual walk is, he needs your prayers. The biggest support we can give our husband is praying for him.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Focus on your own walk with God

It is so easy to point out the shortcomings of others. If you wish your husband would be in the Word more, make sure that you are cultivating your own walk with God, and not just pointing out his weakness. Many women are frustrated with their husbands lack of time in the Word and prayer, but they also aren’t cultivating their own time with God. I love I Peter 3:1 that says: “Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives.” Though this verse may be referring to an unbeliever, the principle holds true. Men (and really all people) are encouraged to do right much more from the encouragement and example of others than they are by being nagged or disrespected.

Share what God is teaching you. Not in a way that is judgmental or trying to guilt him. Share your heart and what you are learning in the Word. Don’t be afraid to let him know about what God is convicting you about. Your humility will do more to encourage him, then you pretending that his sin or shortcomings are worse than your own. We all have different struggle, and their is something beautiful about the openness that we can share in marriage.

Don’t expect your husbands walk with God to look just like yours. We are all different and our time with the Lord is going to look different. I could journal page after page, but my husband just doesn’t enjoy journaling..and that is ok. There is no formula that works for everyone, or that is more spiritual than another. Don’t judge your husbands spiritual life because it doesn’t look just like yours.

Instagram Husband-4

You are not the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit works in the hearts of believers to bring conviction and encouragement. But, you as the wife are not the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we think that we can say just the right thing or nag
remind our husbands enough that it will make him want to spend time in the Word, but we are not our husband’s Holy Spirit. When we think that our husband’s need the Holy Spirit’s, we should pray instead of trying to convict our husband with our own words.

Surround yourself with good friends

I don’t know why it is, but we often respond to the example and encouragement of our peers, more than from our spouses. Surround yourself with other couples who are passionate about the Lord. Your husband may start to thrive with the encouragement from another man who loves the Lord. If you don’t have friends that would be this example…pray for them. Pray that the Lord would bring people into the life of your husband who would encourage Him to love and serve the Lord more.

For yourself, surround yourself with women who will encourage you to love, encourage, and respect your husband, and not those that will encourage you to nag or criticize your husband.

Instagram Husband-5

Ask Him

Many times when a man is struggling with spending time with the Lord, he knows it. I know that I am aware of the times in my life when I neglect to spend time with the Lord, and he is probably aware that this is something that he should be better at. If he has been open with you that this is a struggle…be a safe place for him to come too. Ask him what you can do to help, and then be ready to do it. Could you help him by making breakfast so that he has more time in the mornings?  Can you watch the kids so that he can head to a coffee shop for a bit of alone time with the Lord? Could you make dinner a bit earlier so that there is time for family devotions? Would an audio Bible help him on a long commute? How would your husband react if instead of nagging him about all the things that he should be doing, you asked him how you could help him?

These are just a few ways to encourage your husbands walk with the Lord. I would love to hear your suggestions as well. Leave a comment here or over on instagram, and join the conversation.


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Caitie Sheppard

Love you both!!!!

Wileine Celestin

Whitney L Barahona

Wileine Celestin

Joi Carson Shakira Hayward Banks Love this!

Courtney Moore

Thank you so much! These suggestions are a help and a blessing!

Eli Portillo

Iliana Fajardo just some reading material.


Love this this is perfect & I’m being patient my husband will be w us at church soon !! Amen

[…] (3) Encouraging Your Husband- I am passionate about women lifting up their husbands in prayer and found these tips on encouraging your husband especially good. There were so many great reminders in these tips- read more here.  […]

Jennifer Jackson

Thank You, I love this.

Faith is…

Faith is Deliberate confidence in the character of God, whose ways you may not understand at the time.

Oswald Chambers

Today, lets choose to trust Him. Because, even when we don’t understand, we can know who He is, and we know that HE is good.

He is good and He does good. He has never failed us, and we can trust in His sovereign plan. His character, and everything in Him is good toward His people…we can trust His ways.


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Joy Heim

Opened your blog for the first time and this is exactly what my Sunday school lesson was about today and what God is teaching my heart! Praise the Lord!

skye miller

I have been trying to contact you about a problem I have with a order I received. Your email info@kristenschmucker just keeps bouncing back. Is there a phone # you can be reached at? It’s regarding a Christmas gift I purchased. Thank you..

Journal The Word

I wanted to take the time to write a little bit about how I Journal Scripture and how I use the Be Still Journal as I study Scripture. I am often asked how I study Scripture. I have a blog post that I have written, and I also go into much more detail in How to Study The Bible.

I have been using this basic method, and tweaking it for the past 3 years, and the Be Still Journal is the result of that. The journal helps you break down any passage of Scripture. When reading Scripture, the goal should always be to know God more. We read Scripture to discover His character, and who He is. Who He is changes everything. It changes our hearts and affects the way that we live.


As I have written about before, I study through books of Scripture which helps me to read passages in context and get the story of Scripture. The amount of Scripture that I read each day varries based on the section of Scripture that I am in. Often when reading Old Testament narratives, I will read a chapter or more. In some of the New Testament letters, I may only journal through a verse or two! Years ago, I heard someone use the phrase, “Eat until you are full” when referring to Scripture and it has stuck with me for years. I try to use that principle as I read.

I started using the SOAP method, and I have tweaked it to be the layout that is found in the Be Still Journal.

The first thing I do is write out a verse or two that specifically spoke to me as I read. Writing down verses is a proven way to help memorize and retain information. For me, writing out the Scripture cements it into my mind and helps me to remember and be able to meditate on it throughout the day.


Then I journal the Word. For me, this means that I write down observations from the text. I usually write out what it teaches in paragraph form, but many others also make observations in bullet form. I often journal as if I was telling someone about the passage, or teaching it to them. I may make note of cross references or passages that come to mind as I read. This is a great place to write down the definitions of words that you may not be as familiar with, make notes about the context or historical significance, or what God is teaching us through a particular passage. I often will think about how the passage points to the fallen condition of man, and how God fills that void. I look for the gospel on the pages of His Word. I look for who God is and what we learn about Him on the pages of His Word.


The next section is what I call in the Be Still Journal, the adore section. The reason that we study Scripture is to know God more. I have learned so much about who God is, when I make myself stop after reading Scripture, and ask myself what this passage teaches me about God and His character. In many ways, I look back at what I have just learned and really focus in my heart to see what this passage teaches me about who God is. What aspect of His character do I see. When I started taking the time to ask this question, I was amazed at how every passage teaches something about who God is.

The last section is the apply section. This section ask the questions, how what I have learned about should change me? How can I be more like Him? This section can be used to write specific things in our hearts that we want God to change, or ways we can be more like Him.  I often use this section to write out a prayer. A prayer praising Him for who He is, and asking Him to make me more like Himself.

These are just the basics of how I journal through Scripture. The practice of journaling the Word has been so instrumental in my life. I can’t even begin to explain How studying Scripture with the purpose of knowing Him more has transformed my heart.

I would love to hear more about how you study, and what you have found most helpful in focusing your heart on Him?

The Be Still Journal is available here. 

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Blue BerryCottage

I have saved this to my favorites and I hope to read and re- read it. SSSoooooo Good! I want to begin studying scripture in this manner! Thank you so much for writing this!!!

Hope Decker McCollam

Be still is my theme for the year…like it or not. I may have to get one of these journals