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Our BRAND new Business Cards

Rebranding our business has been quite the process. There are so many little pieces that make up our brand. Our fabulous new website is one of the biggest parts, but there are also lots of little things that we have been working on to have everything be a cohesive representation of our new brand. Here is a look at our fabulous new business cards. We love how clean and fresh they are and we think they represent our brand perfectly.

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Bridal Details Checklist

There is so much to think about the day you are getting married, I remember feeling that way when I was a bride. This post will be a checklist of sorts of all the things the bride should have together when we arrive to shoot bridal prep. It is so easy to forget to have some of these items, but they are important in telling the whole story of the wedding day.

The Dress – A lot of time went into picking your dress and we want to make sure that we can get an awesome shot of it! We also encourage brides to consider a specialty hanger or at least find a hanger to use that isn’t the ugly plastic ones that these gorgeous dresses usually come on. It makes a big difference in the dress shots!

1 Art Space 111 Wedding Photography Fort Worth Texas

The Rings – All 3 of them! Usually the bride has at least one or two of the rings, but often the best man has already taken one of the rings by the time we get there. It is best if the bride keeps all the rings with her until after the bridal prep time when we shoot them. Then they can be distributed to where they need to go for the ceremony.

The Shoes – Shoe shots are always fun. Some brides have only one pair, some have a cute pair and a comfy pair and others wear a comfy pair and have a pretty pair just for pictures!

The Veil or Hairpiece – This one can be tricky if you are getting your hair done off site and they will be putting it in your hair before you arrive. Either way we will strive to get awesome images of it!

The Earrings –  It is best to wait to put on all jewelry until you are in the dress, it just makes for gorgeous images when you are putting on all those finishing touches as opposed to having them on before you get in the dress.

-The Other Jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, other rings or keepsakes…we want to capture it all!

Frisco Heritage Center Wedding Photography by Fort Worth Wedding Photographers Jeremy and Kristin

-The Invitations and Paper Goods. It is good to have a complete invitation with you so that we can capture it, as well as any other miscellaneous paper goods you would want captured.

-The Garter

-The Keepsakes – This could be just about anything from an accessory to your something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

-The Gifts – Lots of couples exchange gifts or letters to each other, or even have special gifts to the bridal party that they would like captured.

-The Bouquets and Boutonnieres – Especially if you are having a first look, you want to make sure that these are delivered early enough in the day so that we can capture them by themselves and so that you will have them for your portraits.

Here is the list all together:

The Dress
The Rings
The Shoes
The Veil
The Earrings
The Other Jewelry
The Perfume
The Invitations and Paper Goods
The Garters
The Keepsakes
The Gifts
The Bouquets and Boutonnieres



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Great post! Such important information.

Downtown Fort Worth Engagement Session | Jennifer and Andrew

Jennifer and Andrew met in college through mutual friends while working on a class project, and it wasn’t long after they met that these two became more than just friends. We shot their engagement session in downtown Fort Worth this past weekend and we had such a fun time with the two of them. We wandered all around downtown Fort Worth and we just loved being able to capture these two. They were laughing and smiling and just rocking it out for the camera the whole time. We are so excited for their wedding in March!

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Tammy Damore

One of my favorite videos and couples, adorable!!!!!

Barbara Love

How Beautiful you both look….so happy, calm and collected! Great song and I LOVE the boots too!

Matthew Girard

Very nice, Jennifer and Andrew!

It is a great video,I love the purple dress which the bride wore!

The Contest

What an amazing year 2012 has been. We have been able to meet some amazing couples and shoot some gorgeous weddings. We can not say thank you enough to all of our fabulous couples that made 2012 such an amazing year. We want to say thank you by having a little contest.

The contest will take place on our Facebook page and you will have the opportunity to vote for 1 couple. Whichever couple receives the most votes at the end of the contest will receive a FREE 20×30 Canvas.

Feel free to send the link to your friends to get in as many votes as possible. The contest begins today and voting will end on December 10th! You can VOTE HERE!!!

Frisco Heritage Center Wedding Photography by Fort Worth Wedding Photographers Jeremy and Kristin


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Caitie Sheppard

Yay! I’m nagging all my family and friends! ;)

Kristin Schmucker

Yay! That is good…keep doing it…once you post it enough…people will do it. :) You are doing great!

Happy Birthday Stella

Dear Stella,

It is hard to believe that you are already 1 year old! You have grown so much in these last twelve months, from the tiny little baby we brought home from the hospital to the adorable little girl you are today who loves to laugh, run,  and play hide and seek. Daddy and I knew that you would change our lives, but I don’t think we knew just how much we would love you. You mean everything to us. You light up every day with your smile and we can’t even imagine a day without you. I wouldn’t want a day without Stella cuddles and slobbery kisses and your giggles and singing. Our house might be a little messier and we might not get quite as much sleep, but our hearts are so full since you came into our family. I can’t wait for all the fun we will have this year, because each day just keeps getting better. We love you so much! Happy Birthday baby girl!

Love, Mommy

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Just beautiful!! She is adorable and y’all are such a cute family!!

SHE’S WALKING!!!! What a beautiful year with the most beautiful little girl!!! :):)

Aww that was THE cutest! She is such a precious little girl. Happy Birthday, Stella!!!

Genny Martin Holmes

Precious baby girl. You are blessed and so is she.

Caitie Sheppard

Such a darling little girl! Kisses to Stella on her first birthday… We miss all three of you! <3

Tammy Damore

I’m breathless!!!

Marilyn Schmucker

Okay for sure I should have watched this BEFORE I put my makeup on. It is absolutely beautiful and I’m so proud of you both as parents. She is blessed! The pictures are absolutely breath-taking and the song conveys such deep emotions of what a parent feels for a child – even an adult one. What also comes to mind is we can only love because He loved us first. Happy Birthday Stella!


Made my cry guys!!! What a blessed little girl…we need to have another visit soon!

Cindy Wiegel Mrva

Beautiful! Totally understand why you should have waited to put your makeup om, Marilyn Schmucker.

Michal Senora Stewart

I love this… she is so beautiful! GORGEOUS job on the pictures… as always! Love you guys! Hope today is super special for all of you!

Jeremy Schmucker

She is so blessed to have you as a grandma ;)

Mark Schmucker

Happy first birthday to a beautiful granddaughter. Beautiful video. So proud of both of you for the wonderful job you are doing as parents.

Karen Jeselskis Ramsey

I love this!!! Great idea, will def need to do for Cam. I LOVE her pigtails and I love seeing her short legs walk!!! She’s precious!!!

Joan Pitcha

Happy birthday Stella, Auntie @[100000463430384:2048:Joan Pitcha]

Connie Noble

Yes, Jeremy, Stella is a very blessed granddaughter to have your mom as her granddaughter.