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Stella Grace at 1 Year

It is hard to believe that our little princess is already a year old. It seems like she was just born yesterday, I know everyone says that, but I promise it is the truth. Stay tuned next week to see her birthday party, complete with cake smashing everywhere and lots of pink. We took her out for her one year photos in this adorable dress from Zara, and it was just so precious. I just love this little girl more than words can say.

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Tammy Damore

Oh my goodness, I just want to kiss her face off, again!!!!! Precious

Dawn Ward Sechevich

She is adorable and I just love those pigtails!!

Gina Long

She is beyond precious! Adorable photos of an adorable little girl.

Cindy Clinton-Kinsey

Love the pictures, she is beautiful! Very cute dress too

Bethany McDonnell

So very cute!

Josh-Danielle Venable

Such a cutie pie!

Caitie Sheppard

Love her! Can’t believe how grown up she is now! Excited to see y’all soon… <3

Maggie Hauer

She is one of the cutest little girls!! Such a sweet face!

Ciera Knabe

Absolutely LOVE! She is so precious! <3 :)

Don’t Be Afraid to Fall Down

A few weeks ago, I had one of those really embarrassing moments. I fell on my behind in the middle of Jennifer and Andrew’s engagement session, not once but twice. Seriously, we were walking down a hill and I slid and landed on my bum, and when I got back up I fell right back down. 

It got me thinking about life in general. You see, I fell down at the very beginning of the session and though it was embarrassing, I just got up and continued shooting and in the end we had an amazing engagement session. So often in life though that is not the way we approach things. Instead of getting back up after we have fallen we allow the humiliation and embarrassment to keep us down, instead of just getting up and rocking it out.

You could be a brand new photographer who isn’t doing as good as you hoped. You could be a student who just got a bad grade. You could be a bride who feels like your wedding can’t live up to the magazines, or a mom who feel like she can’t live up to her super crafty, ultra organized friends.

No matter who you are or what you feel you have failed at, there is always the chance to get up. To choose to rise above the disappointment and let yourself become stronger. To prove to yourself that this crazy life is worth it, even when it isn’t perfect. 

Here is an image from Jennifer and Andrew’s session…shortly after I fell down, and got back up. (I promise, they weren’t laughing at me.)

Downtown fort worth engagement session by fort worth wedding photographers modern engagement session

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Beautiful image and words!

Brie Marie McCormick

Love your work :)

Kristin Schmucker

Thank you so much!

Nicole Davis

Read this as epic music was playing in the background… not on purpose. But inspiring all the same :)

And the winner is…

And the winner of The Contest with 97 votes is….Caitie and Charles! We are super excited for these two and we know that they are super excited to hang a gorgeous canvas in their home. Congrats you two! We love ya!

Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photogrphers Destination Wedding in Boone, NC first look

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Caitie Sheppard

Thanks Jeremy and Kristin! What a fantastic Christmas/moving gift… We are so thrilled to get our canvas! We love you too!

Netflix and Revenge

So, we are pretty obsessed with Netflix, and we are always looking for a great new series to watch. We have watch all the classics, like 24, SVU, and Lost and now we need something new. It usually seems that we have to see it pop up in our feed (is it called a feed on Netflix?) a few times before we decide to see if it is any good. Revenge was one of those shows. We weren’t really sure what it was all about, and finally one night a few weeks ago in boredom we decided to watch the first episode to see what it was all about. We were hooked! We watched the whole season 1 in just a few days and now we are anxious to see when season 2 will appear so that we can see what happens next.

I told my mom how awesome it was and I don’t think she really believed me at first, until she watched the whole season in 4 days while she was working full time. I think she will listen to my show recommendations more now.

What are you watching on Netflix that you think is just awesome, we want to check it out!


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Christy Stier

Have you guys checked out Project Free TV yet? It has current and old tv shows too. It is awesome. It also has Season 2 of Revenge. (