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Living Room Inspiration | Coastal Chic

So I am starting to think through just how I want our living room to look, and I have been gathering ideas on Pinterest. It may take awhile for it to all come together, but I finally have a good vision of what I want. I was starting to see my style change a bit, and lean toward a more clean Hamptons like style, but I was afraid of the word beachy because I didn’t want my room to turn into a room of seashells and pictures of random fish on the walls…I had started pinning pictrures of what I liked and my Mom pointed me toward Emily Thorne’s living room in Revenge (Yes, we really love that show). So instead of calling it beachy and having nightmares of life size fish paintings, I decided to call it coastal chic. Think North Carolina Beach House meets The Hamptons. Comfy but chic at the same time. Here is a bit of my inspiration, all taken from Pinterest. What do you think?

Coastal Chic Living Room Slipcovered couches white emily thorne inspired living room Pottery Barn Ikea couchesCoastal Chic Living Room Slipcovered couches white emily thorne inspired living room

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Julie Marie Smith

Love! It looks so clean and simple!

Sarah Juday Garner

See, I’m not the only mom with little kids obsessed with white couches!

Kristin Schmucker

Nope…I am obsessed!

Jeremy Schmucker

And I’m therefore not the only Dad who thinks it’s crazy! Haha jk

Laura Howell

Very open and full of light. Love it!


can you tell me the designer of these rugs in your costal chic photos.

My Random Life #20

Its been a while since I did a my random life posts…so here are a few random things going on these days.

I have officially decided that I am addicted to Target…I have a hard time going in and not buying anything and they just always seem to have the most adorable things. Like the gold striped iphone case that I bought this past week that marches our branding perfectly…how could I not buy that. An office supplies…their Up and Up line is just so cute…washi tape is on sale…I will take every color!

Gold has been a bit of an obsession…from the gold iphone case I just mentioned, to my gold diy office projects to the adorable gold sequin flats that I also bought at Target…I am in a gold obsession for sure.

My computer monitor died this week while I was working…it just turned off while I was typing and never came back on. It was frustrating as unexpected business expenses always are…but without a computer I kind of got a little mini vacation since we had to take turn working from Jeremy’s computer.

We also discovered the game Ruzzle this week which is my new addiction. It is a free app that is a mix of Boggle and Scrabble and Jeremy and I have been playing each other and some of our friends non stop…its a little crazy how addicting it is. And the worst part…you can’t pause the game so if some catastrophe happens you either have to ignore it or lose…tough decisions friends.

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Featured | Style Me Pretty

We are so thrilled that Anastasia and Alex’s wedding was featured yesterday on Style Me Pretty! Anastasia’s Frisco Heritage Center Wedding was such an amazing day filled with vintage, rustic elegant details, and we are so excited to see it on Style Me Pretty! You can head over and check out the gorgeous feature here.

Style Me Pretty Feature Frisco Heritage Center Vintage Wedding Photography by Fort Worth Wedding Photographers Jeremy and Kristin

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Congrats!! Very exciting you two:)!

Caitie Sheppard

Congrats! So exciting… :D

Stella’s 1st Birthday

Stella has been 1 for awhile now, but I just had to share the pictures from her 1st birthday. My family came down to visit in between Stella’s birthday and Christmas so we celebrated a lot that week, but we took a day to celebrate Stella turning one, and eat lots of yummy cake by the amazing Sugar Bee Sweets.  We set up a table in the backyard with lots of pink things and sat her down for her smash cake made by her Aunt CC. It was so much fun to see her have so much fun. Could she be any cuter!!!

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So much messier on the floor than in a highchair! LOVE the last picture.


Too cute. Looks like so much fun! :-)

Bethany McDonnell

This is hilarious! This made my morning! What a cute idea!


Ohmyword. This is adorable! I LOVE the last four; so cute!

Tammy Damore

I was there and I still laughed at the end, I LOVE THAT GIRL!

Genny Martin Holmes

Beautiful, beautiful baby! (And I feel the same way about cake that she does…happy, happy, happy!)

Caitie Sheppard

I love the one with her hands on her hips! What a face! Such sweet pictures/memories… Can’t wait to see y’all! I’ll call you soon! xoxo

She is way too cute!!! :)

Marilyn Schmucker

These are so so so adorable! How precious!

Luke Neumayr

Just so you know, I am going to start doing my hair like Stella’s!

Jeremy Schmucker

She makes every jealous :)

She is so cute!!Her party was absolutely gorgeous! This is my first time visiting your site so I wanted to say Hi! Your work is just beautiful!

super cute :) and super messy!

Setting Goals…and Making them Happen

It is already February…can you believe it!!! I have already started digging into my February book which is EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey, and I am loving it so far! Just a few chapters in and I feel like I already have enough inspiration for the year. I always love when readers comment on the goal posts and let me know what your goals are…something about putting my goals out there for the world to see on the blog has helped me accomplish more of them. As I was reading EntreLeadership this weekend Dave talked about setting goals and I just loved his steps, so I thought I would share them here. If you haven’t been setting goals for the Year, Month, Week, and Day, today is the day to get on that! Feel free to post some of your goals here in the comments for accountability, or link to your blog post of goals, I would love to check them out.

1.Goals Must Be Specific and Goals Must Be Measurable
Don’t set goals that are vague, because it is really hard to accomplish vague goals. I am guilty of doing this often. I set a goal like “eat healthier” instead of a goal like “only eat sweets once a week”. See how hard it is to measure my success on that first goal? Think through your goals and make them specific that you can take steps to accomplish them.

2. Goals Must Have a Time Limit
This one if kind of similar to the first in that, if you aren’t specific about the time limit for your goal there is a good chance it won’t get accomplished. If I say that I want to run a 5k, but don’t put a time limit on it, it becomes more of a bucket list item then a goal. But, if I say, I am running a 5k on May 30th…then I better get training.

3.The Goals Must Be Your Goals
If the goals that you are setting aren’t things that you actually want to accomplish, you probably won’t accomplish them. A goal of learning to play the piano is not going to happen if you are doing it because your mom thinks you should have a hobby. You aren’t going to practice your scales when you are tired, unless it something that you want to do.

4. The Goals Must Be In Writing
This is the scary part…put it out there. Write it down. I like to take it a step further, by putting my goals on my blog. It helps keep me accountable though. Last month I had to finish reading my book for the month the day before the end of the month because I wanted to be able to check it off my list. If I had not written it down, I probably would have let it slip and just finished “when I got around to it.

I hope these steps are helpful to you as you are setting your goals. I have been setting goals for awhile, but these steps are going to help me create even better goals, so that I can get more accomplished!

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Love this post! I am going to have to check into that book. I love Dave Ramsey! Goal setting is so important! :)

Thanks for the reminders! I can totally get overwhelmed. ugh! :)

Whitney Lane Arnett

We had a little meeting together, sat down and did this last month. I really feel like it changed our whole mindset for the year. We decided to create a goal plan quarterly to make us even more accountale and I feel like its really working :) Great POST!

Shelley Richardson Hohe

Great post on setting goals…thank you for sharing!


This was really good! I just downloaded some podcasts on this subject- EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. I’m a huge goal setter, so this was a great list because I violate all these “rules”- and often don’t get them accomplished. :)

Found your blog via a comment on Katelyn James’ blog, (I think) and have enjoyed it… I’m an aspiring photog with an aspiring business :)

Angela M Powell Woulfe

Great share! I think a lot of times small business owners (whether photogs or not) lose sight of their goals and planning.

Giovanna Matarazzo Mandel

Goals are the single most important thing for any business…I actually get giddy when I look at mine from the previous year to see where we were and where we ended up! Fabulous post!

Katrina Akins-Jackson

Great post! I’m going to spend some time today and finally get my goals wrote down. Thank you for the reminder!