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Meet Our Associate Photographer: Hope

If you tuned in last week, you met our Associate photographer Michele. We are so excited with how our business has grown and we have some big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs) for 2014 and these two girls are a part of that. Hope is the epitomy of grace and elegance and we are beyond thrilled to have her on our team! Oh, and be sure to check out the pictures with her ADORABLE little boy!

Where are you from?
I have kind of moved around a lot, but I claim Northwest Arkansas. I spent 5 years in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and have lived in Texas twice as well!

How did you start photography?
I’ve been interested in photography ever since I was little. When digital cameras started coming out, I saved for a point-and-shoot and took a million pictures. A few years later, I ended up getting a photography internship and that’s when I started doing photography more professionally. I upgraded my gear and went free-lance a year later!

What is your favorite blog?
I used to be an avid blog reader, but I haven’t been reading very many lately. But you can’t go wrong with or!

Do you have any pets?
No, thank goodness!
What is your favorite store?
Probably Target. It has a little bit of everything!

What are you thankful for?
My God, my family, and especially my husband.
What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
Doing photos of just the bride and groom! Especially if they do a first look.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
Doing photos of just the bride and groom! Especially if they do a first look.
What would your ideal day be like?
An ideal day would definitely start with a good night of sleep before it began. :) Then I would grab a cup of coffee and curl up with my Bible and journal on the couch for a while. Other than that, I’m kind of addicted to productivity, so as long as I got through a lot on my to-do list, I would call that a pretty ideal day!

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Tammy Damore

This is a special girl, real!

Caitie Sheppard

Don’t know who to be more excited for…Hope or you guys! She sounds awesome… :)


I love her outfit colors!

March Goals

February was fabulous. We spent lots of time together as a family, and just had a ton of fun. Valentines day was wonderful, and we took the entire day off and just spend the day doing lots of our favorite things…including eating lots of delicious food. We had the priveledge of meeting several awesome brides, and we are ready to jump into wedding season. I also finished EntreLeadership which was the second book in my 12 in 12. I wrote a review on the blog yesterday, so be sure to check it out.

March Goals:

Read book #3 for my 12 in 12!

Devotions: Keep it going and stay consistent. This past month was awesome with staying on top of spending time in God’s Word. I started the #lampandlight hashtag on instagram, and lots of other amazing people have joined in to keep each other accoutable. It has been such a blessing to see the posts each day.

Encourage Others Daily: I have been think a lot about how much words mean to people, and how much an encouraging message, text, or blog comment means to those around me. I want to make it a point to encourage those around me so that they don’t get discouraged on the path to their dreams.

Plan for Promo Video: We are super excited to start working on this soon, and we are ready to get things all planned out and then make it happen!

Start Wedding Season: Yay…it is officially wedding season! We can’t wait for the weddings of all of our amazing couples!

Spend Time with Family: Wedding season is starting, but before things get too hectic we are squeezing in a little time to spend with family. A trip to Pennsylvania to see my parents, and Easter weekend here in TX with Jeremy’s parents. Can’t wait!

What are your goals for the month? Tell me in the comments or leave a link to your goals post!

Magnolia Hotel Wedding Photography in Dallas Texas

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Ashley Scobey

Love these goals so much! We hope that your season starts off absolutely WONDERFULLY! Can’t wait to follow all of your adventures :)

Kristin, I love your goals!! Very inspiring – encouragement, devotionals, time with family!! Focusing on what really matters!! :) and I just went through your #lampandlight hashtag and love it!! I actually just tagged a few of my devotional pictures :) I look forward to continue to be inspired by it!! Thank you!!

Here are my March goals:

Lindsey Lenae McClennahan

Great Goals! Mine are here I am also in the plans for a promo video! It makes me so nervous because I SO want to get it right!

From My Library | EntreLeadership

I have really been enjoying my goal of reading 12 books in 12 months. I know it isn’t alot, but having a goal means that I am actively taking time to read adn learn, and that is such an important part of owning a business and life in general. This month I chose to read EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. Jeremy has read some of Dave Ramsey’s other books about personal finance and I knew I was a fan of a lot of his principles, but I wasn’t one of those fanatical Dave Ramsey fans….well after reading this book, I think I just might be one of those fans. The wisdom in this book is incredible, and I love the Biblical principles that he uses throughout the book. I highly recommend the book to just about anyone. It is amazing if you own your own business or are in a leadership position, but I think that anyone could get something out of this book.

Dave Starts the book talking about what EntreLeadership is, as well as talking about how we start with a dream and end with a goal. Such good stuff. I love when he said “You want to know what is holding back your dreams from becoming a reality? Go look in the mirror.” How true is that! We hold ourselves back because we are afraid to dream to big, or to actually put those dreams into actions. I have heard many people sneer at the idea of setting goals, being organized and thinking positively about business, but Dave points out that those people aren’t usually living the life that they want. I have become such a fan of goal setting and keeping things organized, and this book just confirmed that in me. I am such a firm believer in putting your goals out there. Dave said “One of the powers of goal setting is that it pulls you toward your goals because they are clearly set before you.”. I could go on and on about goal setting, but I already wrote a post here about it so go read that! My monthly goals will be on the blog tomorrow, so make sure to post yours too and comment with a link so we can encourage each other.

The book discussed building momentum in your business which was great, as well as his formula for success and growing your business. He has chapters on dealing with people, including customers, other businesses, and employees. I also loved his chapter on the art of selling by serving. It was full of information on how to really serve your clients, and help them have the experience that they want and deserve.

I really loved his chapters about leadership and how people are most important. he discussed how he builds unity in his company around common goals and principles, and how he rewards and encourages those that are getting out there and making it happen. He shared so much insight into his company, and though he has high standards for his employees, he also creates an amazing work environment that people want to be a part of. I learned so much about building community instead of just building a company. It is not uncommon to find financial gurus that are all about acquiring wealth, but Dave talks so much about giving it was refreshing. I finished the book with one of my biggest takeaways being “When in doubt, be generous.” I want to be generous with my money, time, and talents, everything we have has been given to us by God and we want to give freely.

I hope that wasn’t too terribly long….in case you didn’t read the whole post, and skipped to the end…the point is…go read the book. It is probably the best business book (besides The Bible) that I have read and I would recommend it to anyone.


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For Brides: Making your Wedding Personal

This is something that seems to have come up several times recently. It came up in a conversation Jeremy and I had and then also when a friend posted on Facebook asking for wedding planning advice. Now that we have been shooting weddings for awhile Jeremy and I have realized that one of the things that makes a wedding fabulous is when the couple makes their wedding day personal. Lots of brides worry, thinking that to have a gorgeous wedding they need to spend a ton of money. But, we have realized that one of the most memorable things about a wedding are the little details that are really personal to the couple. The little things that tell YOUR story are the things that are most important.

Here are a few examples of some of the things that couples have done to add personal details:

Bethany’s bouquet was wrapped with a piece of lace from her mothers wedding gown.

Northwest Forrest Conference Center Wedding Photographers Cypress and Houston Fall wedding

Kelsie’s “something blue” was her Grandmother’s necklace.

Mahomet Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographers Bloomington Illinios Backyard Vintage Wedding Photographers

Alyssa had a first look with her Dad where she gave him a letter to read and when he was finished reading it she signed it for the last time with her maiden name.

The Orchard Azle Texas Wedding Photographers Vintage Wedding Father Daughter First Look

Christina had her bridal portraits taken at her Alma Mater, TWU.

TWU Texas Womens University Bridal Session Photographers Dallas Wedding Photographers

Anastasia incorporated lockets with photos of her grandparents on her wedding day, and her grandmothers gorgeous chair was used for her bridal session.

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Rachel McCloud

I love all these details :) I had kept a journal for my future husband and before I saw my husband on our wedding day I had my photographer give it to him. It was such a special moment for us :)

Caitie Sheppard

We had the album that Charles used to propose to me on display on our gift tables…the journal entries started the day he met me! :)

My Random Life #22

Another week has passed so it is time for more random thought…

Do you ever feel like the week runs away from you? Like you can’t even remember what happened. Well I sat down to write this post and had to look at my calendar and my Instagram feed to see what happened this week…because if it was interesting or important it can probably be found in one of those places.

Girl Scout cookie season is officially over, and though next January seems like a long time away it is probably a good thing. Thin Mints are my favorite and for some reason I have missed the last few years of cookies…so I made sure to snatch them up this year!

Oh Jamba Juice….I have an addiction. They have this little thing called Thirsty Thursday when they upgrade your drink to the biggest size for free…it gets me all the time. As soon as my calendar says Thursday I can’t stop thinking about it. Stella loves it too and we even discovered that they have little baby sized cups…it doesn’t get much cuter than that.

My Mom’s birthday was this past week…and I have a confession. After I clicked order on her birthday present from the Emily Ley Shop…I went right back and ordered one for myself. I think that means that it was a good gift…right?

Sorry Facebook, but I think I like Instagram better. I still use Facebook, but Instagram is just so much fun. I know I am probably kind of partial to images, but I just love the little glimpse into the lives of friends. Of course, Jeremy tells me that I am probably the only one that styles my instagram photos…but I am ok with that. You can follow us on instagram at @kristinschmucker and @jeremyschmucker.

Until next week here is an instagram recap.


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Beth Lyons

Thank you for the Jamba Juice information…it is now on my to-do list to go on Thursday! :-) Haha!

Tammy Damore

…….and yes, it was a perfect birthday gift!!!

Caitie Sheppard

Hmmmm…Jamba Juice keeps coming up. Going to have to visit…maybe this Thursday? ;)