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A Love Note to Entrepreneurs and Anyone That Wants to Live an Amazing Life

I stumbled across this on Pinterest, and I loved it right away. We get all kinds of questions about owning and starting a business. We try to encourage others to follow their dreams because we have experienced what it is like to live out our dream each day. It is not always perfect, some days it is hard, but it is always worth it.

There are so many things that we could say about what we think it takes to run a business that is successful, but I think this pretty much gets to the heart of the matter. In fact I don’t think this is just for entrepreneurs, I think it is for anyone that wants to live an amazing life. Work hard, love people, live out what you believe in, do what you love, and don’t be afraid to attempt the impossible.



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Thanks for sharing! Love it!

One of my favorite things I’ve ever pinned – love it, and your post on it!! It’s so simple, it’s beautiful!! xoxo

Tammy Damore

I love that for everyday, it could read, Lord help me to ……..

Caitie Sheppard

Thank you, Kristin! This will be my “Affirmation” for today… <3 you!

Heather Scarlata Behlendorf

thanks for the encouragement and reminder!

Kelly Brown Hopkins

Love this and so needed it today. Thank you for sharing.

Planning for Your Engagement Session

We love doing engagement sessions with our couples! It is such a great time to get to know each other, for you to get comfortable in front of our camera…and for you to get some awesome images! Everyone always has questions about how to prepare for their session, so here are some tips to help you get ready to have an amazing session!

Grapevine Botanical Gardens and Downtown Grapevine Engagement photographers photo

1. Time of Day

We schedule all of our engagement sessions at either sunrise or sunset because this is when the light is best and most flattering. Most couples choose sunset, but we also love when we have early birds that like to have a morning session.  The exact time of day will vary based on the time of year that your photos are being taken, but morning and evening are best since the light is softer and more romantic. It is also a great way to escape the heat!

Downtown Fort Worth Engagement Session TCC Campus Trinity River engagement photographers

2. Location, Location, Location

We love when our couples choose the location for their engagement session, and we even wrote a blog post about it here. It is always a representation of who they are and their personal style. The photos are a better showcase of who they are, when it is at a location that is sentimental or just closer to their style and the feel they want their photos to have. We love shooting at all types of locations, everything from urban cityscapes to romantic open fields, Dallas and Fort Worth are full of awesome locations to have your engagement session!

Fort Worth Stockyards engagement session Fort Worth field

3. What to Wear

This is always a popular question! It is so important to wear clothing that is very “you”. We want you to feel confident in front of the camera and not worried about how you look. Think about where we will be shooting your session and plan your outfits accordingly, so that they match the feel of the location. Coordinate your outfits so you don’t clash, but avoid matching exactly. It is better to have outfits that compliment each other then to wear the exact same colors. Most couples will bring along two outfits, usually one that is more dressy and one that is more casual.

Texas State Fair Engagement Session Dallas State Fair Engagement photographers colorful modern engagement photographers

4. Hair and Makeup

Lots of girls want to know if they should get their hair and makeup professionally done. It is a great idea to do this! It is a great test run for the wedding, and it will make you feel more confident in front of the camera…and who doesn’t want that!

Dallas White Rock Lake Engagement session photographers


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Bethany McDonnell

Great tips!

Malissa Pacheco

great! must share!

Lyndsey Garber

Great post! Love your work!

Our Random Life #25

Another week has passed already…a few random things from this week.

Oh Texas weather…just days ago I photographed spring blooms while enjoying 75 degree weather on my run and today it feels like winter again…The forecast is leaving me hopeful though that spring will return this week.

We love bridal sessions…but we hate not being able to share them! We had an amazing session this past weekend with an absolutely stunning bride, but you my dear blog readers will have to wait until next month to see it!

This past week I asked for book suggestions (still would love to hear yours!) and the cat was let out of the bag that my bookshelf is color coded. It is true, my closet is color coded too…I like things organized! And speaking of organization…I have an obsession with Washi Tape, I use it in my Simplified planner, and my sister brought me this adorable washi tape dispenser with 5 more rolls of washi tape…could it be any cuter!

Les Miserables!!! The movie came out on Friday and Jeremy and I went to Target to grab a copy. It  is so good. We watched in Friday night and then again on Saturday afternoon. Love, Love, Love it. Sure, we can debate about the singers, but it is so powerful and the history nerd in me loves all the references to the French Revolution.

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Fun times!

Book suggestions are so hard to do, because much of it depends on reading style…

I’ve recently discovered (and am devouring) the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon – WOW, how did I never read this before?

Then of course the light and romancy books by Nora Roberts are great – in particular the Key Trilogy series, the Bridal Quartet series. Actually, most of her trilogies are great :) (

If you like fantasy, Robin Hobb is great. So is JRR Tolkien, if you haven’t touched it yet. :)

Romance/Mystery and cooking (baking recipes!) from Joanne Fluke on her Hannah Swenson series. Very fun!

James Patterson thrillers, but especially his Maximum Ride YA series or even the new YA Witch and Wizard series. So fun and quick read.

If you prefer the non-fiction stuff, make sure to check out “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. ( Excellent and thought-provoking.

so many more that are good, but I think you’ll be perusing the bookstores/libraries enough for now. ;)

As for colour-coordinating your bookshelf – eek! I prefer organizing them by author and series. Although I have to admit yours looks prettier… :)

Ashley Cody

Hey Kristin! I remembered seeing that tape on here and went hunting until I found it. :) Do you by chance remember where you got the Mara Mi set?


I am blessed. Sometimes I feel like I say that without letting the truth sink into my heart. God has been speaking to my heart about this for a few days. I know that I have so much to be grateful for and yet sometimes I just don’t think about the things that God has done. I choose to focus so often on the negative things, the things that I want to see move forward. I like to set goals and I like to dream about the next step and so often it seems that in all my goal setting and dreaming sometimes I forget to see how good things are right here. That this season of like even with sleepless nights from 1 year molars, and learning to balance work, church, marriage and mommyhood in a sea of baby dolls on the floor and seminary textbooks is good. And then, I realize that gratitude changes everything. That the problem isn’t with my circumstances, but with my focus. Sometimes the thing I need to add to my “To do” list is to “Be grateful”.

It seems so simple, and yet so often I fail in this area. I forget to get up happy even though it was a long night, or forget to tell my husband just how proud of him I am for everything that he does. When I stop and think about how blessed I am I am amazed and I think that if you do the same no matter how hard a situation you are going through you will realize that you are too. I am sure I am not the only one that forgets to do this. But, I hope that this can be a reminder to focus on others and choose gratitude and let gratitude change you.

Thank you to my friend Lara for this reminder.

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Caitie Sheppard

Thanks, Kristin! I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as well. Since moving to TX, I’ve been struck with the reality of just how good I really do have it in life! God has blessed me beyond my wildest, craziest dreams and I’m so thankful for the rich life He has given me! :) Thankful for you too…Love you!

Tanya Robertson

I stumbled upon your blog and i like this, you should read “one thousand gifts” by ann voskamp, it has changed my life! its all about having a thankful heart in the good times and bad :)

For Photographers: Raw vs. Jpeg and an interview with us!

We have gotten this question a few times so it seemed like it would be a good thing to blog about. Do we shoot in Raw or Jpeg? I will start off by saying that there are amazing photographers on both sides of this issue, so at the end of the day it is best to do what works best for your workflow and what produces the best images for your clients.

That being said. We do shoot in Raw. My main reason for this is because it allows much more flexibility in post processing. We shot our very first wedding in Jpeg and I think it turned out great for our first wedding, but because we shot in Jpeg I do feel that we were kind of limited in post processing because you simply can not make as many adjustments to a Jpeg image. I think that this is especially seen in white balance adjustments. Raw just gives you a lot more flexibility to adjust white balance as well as exposure and other things that you will want to adjust in post.

Shooting in Raw definitely produces larger files and thus has more workable data to adjust from. This does mean that we need to carry around more memory cards on the day of the wedding, but we think that it is definitely worth it.  We began shooting in Raw soon after we began photographing weddings and we have never looked back. I have heard the argument made that you should be able to shoot in Jpeg and not need to make many adjustments at all. I am a HUGE believer in getting things right SOOC, so I can totally see this point, but for us we just don’t see the need to take that chance. Things can happen very quickly on a wedding day and though we are constantly adjusting settings as things happen, I think shooting in Raw is just a logical choice for us to ensure that we are getting the best possible images for our clients as well as having a speedy workflow that allows us to get them their images as soon as possible.

We are incredibly honored to be featured on our friend Hope’s blog this week. She did a little interview with us about business and it is super fun! Check it out here.

Fort Worth Wedding Photographers

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very helpful! i will try out RAW soon. and i definitely need to invest in more memory cards haha. thanks! :)