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Our Random Life #26

So I started off getting this post ready by picking some instagram images and I realized that this week lots of them have to do with Stella. I hope you don’t mind. I can’t help it because this girl is the cutest thing you will ever see and she is just growing up so much right before our eyes.

I blogged a few days ago about our Easter this year on a more serious note . I didn’t mention in that post though, the joy of having a little girl for Easter. I had two dresses that I was dying for her to wear for Easter which was one more reason I was super excited for our Good Friday service because she got to wear one to each. When we picked her up from the nursery on Friday night she came with her very first craft project which is hanging on our fridge now. A cross, John 3:16 and her little handprints. I most certainly did not tear up when I saw it though, don’t worry.

Stella loves being outside! With her grandparents here for the weekend she got some new toys including a water table which she has been having way too much fun with. She could play there for hours, so I get to sit out in the sun and read a bit. She also has decided that she loves lemons and she begs them off of everyone at the table when we are at restaurants. Speaking of restaurants…does anyone else forget how to spell this word? I am usually pretty good with spelling, but I always mess this one up on the first time. Tell me I am not alone.

We bought a new jogging stroller this weekend, and with the gorgeous weather we have been putting it to good use. Stella loves going for a ride everyday, and we have been enjoying going on walks as a family and me jogging in the morning while Jeremy is in class.

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Lanie 'Reinhart' Coulter

I love ‘Grace Based Parenting’. GREAT BOOK!

Tammy Damore

Sounds like a pretty special week! I just love that little ( big) girl!

Marilyn Schmucker

It was a very blessed Easter and so grateful for our time together. God is so good to our family.

Victor Andzulis

I hate spelling that word that means a place to eat…lol

Bethany McDonnell

She is adorable! I love reading updates on little Stella!

Caitie Sheppard

My favorite picture? The ride on the tricycle! Soooo cute! I can almost hear her squealing in delight as Jer pushes her around the yard!

P.S. You are NOT alone! ;)

Faith Ann Ward Curran

Stella is such a retty little girl.

Clyde Ohio Wedding | Tiffany + Nate

It was such a blessing to be able to photograph this wedding. Tiffany is one of my best friends from college, we literally met on the first day of class during our freshman year. We hit it off in Speech class and became great friends for all four years of college. We would spend hours studying for tests, dreaming about engagement rings and our future husbands,  and eating chips and salsa on our dorm room floor. It was during our Sophomore year of college that I started to hear more and more about a boy back home named Nate. The rest is history, Nate and Tiffany dated long distance while she was away in college and their relationship really blossomed when she returned to her hometown after graduation. They even attended our wedding four years ago.

They had a lovely black and white wedding at their church in Clyde, OH. The wedding was full of classic and elegant details, and lots of laughter among their guest list of over 300 friends and family. We were able to drive to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Oh to capture some images of the two of them along with their family and bridal party. It was freezing! We thought we might get frost bite, but it was worth it for the gorgeous images we got there.

Tiffany and Nate, Thank you for allowing us to capture your gorgeous wedding, for sticking it out through the cold, and for your friendship. We love you guys and we are so excited to see where God takes you.

Black and White Wedding Inspiration PhotoBlack Wedding Shoes PhotoBlack and White Wedding Bouquet PhotoPrincess Cut Engagement Ring PhotoMori Lee Wedding Gown PhotoHayes Memorial Center Wedding PhotoHayes Presidential Center Wedding Photographer PhotoFront Porch First Look PhotoRutherford B Hayes Presidential Center Fremont Ohio PhotoFort Worth Wedding Photographer PhotoFront Porch Wedding PhotoFremont Ohio Wedding Photographer PhotoBlack and White Winter Wedding PhotoFort Worth Wedding PhotographerFremont Ohio Wedding PhotographerHayes Memorial Wedding PhotographerMori Lee Wedding Dress PhotoMori Lee Wedding Dress Fort Worth Southern Plantation Wedding Photographers Southern Plantation Fort Worth Wedding Photographers Fort Worth Photojournalist Wedding PhotographerChurch Chandelier Wedding PhotographerFort Worth Baptist Church Wedding PhotographersBlack and White Wedding PhotoFort Worth Sparkler Exit Wedding Photographer Photo

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Tammy Damore


Bethany McDonnell

Beautiful! I love the gorgeous lighting with the couple pictures!

Breanna Marie Shaw

Gorgeous! I love the monochromatic color scheme. Super classy.

Caitie Sheppard

Beautiful as always, J&K! <3

Dan Troutman

The black/white sparkler pict is my favorite (except for the ones with me in them, of course!)

Beautiful wedding and couple! Love the sparkler exit too!!! Great work!

Katrina Akins-Jackson

Love the images! very classic, love love love me some classic!

Reflections on Easter 2013

Easter this year was wonderful. We got to spend the weekend with Jeremy’s parents who traveled down from Illinois for the weekend, and we had a great time. We played games, went shopping, enjoyed how adorable Stella is and ate way too much food.

For some reason, this Easter felt extra special. It was so nice to take some time over the weekend to truly reflect on what Easter is, what it means and how it changes everything. We were able to attend a Good Friday service at our Church which was such a blessing. Jeremy got to sing some great music with the choir, and we left the service in darkness and silence as we reflected on the meaning of what happened Friday. Next year I will wear waterproof mascara to the Good Friday service.

Our Pastor preached at the Easter service about the importance of the “Saturdays” in our lives. The times when we feel like God is not there, or doesn’t hear us when we pray, like everything is going wrong. It made me reflect so much on how the disciples must have felt on Saturday with everything they knew was shaken, and their whole world turned upside down. How many times have we felt this way in our own lives, like nothing is going the way it should. Such a sweet reminder that Sunday is coming, when morning broke and the Savior was risen things were better than they had ever been before. When all hope seems lost, there is Hope.

And an iPhone picture of my doodling.


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Leigh Campbell Ishee

Love your doodle!

Montana Christine


April Goals

March was a fabulous month. We got to spend time with both of our families, celebrated the resurrection, and kicked off wedding season. Wedding season is now in full swing, and we loved celebrating with our March couples. I read two books, Your Beautiful Purpose and One in a Million, for my 12 in 12 in March which puts me one book ahead!

April Goals:

Read Book #5 in the 12 in 12

Count Calories and Work Out: We had been doing really good about eating healthy, but with so much travel in the month of March it was really hard and now I just feel kind of yucky. I definitely want to recover from that. We bought a new jogging stroller to make it a little easier for me to run in the morning, and I am excited about it!

Drink More Water: I am so bad about drinking enough water. I get so busy and forget and then I end up super thirsty in the middle of the day. I need to make a point to do better about this.

Develop a great morning routine: I have a great morning routine right now with getting things posted and linked on the blog and spending time in Scripture, but now I want to incorporate running in the morning so it will take a little tweaking to get a great schedule that helps me get things done.

Spend time with Stella outside: April is one of the nicest weather months in Texas, so I want to make a point to spend lots of time outside with Stella. She loves playing and it is so refreshing to get out.

What are your goals for the month? If you wrote a blog post leave a link in the comments, or just leave a comment below telling me your goals for the month of April!


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Catie Ronquillo Wood

I’ve found it easiest to drink lots of water by filling up a water bottle such as Nalgene – It’s great because it shows the number of ounces… two water bottles a day is your 8 glasses! :) I’m so excited it’s April! It’s so pretty out :) At least it should be…

Caitie Sheppard

We are setting a schedule in the MORNINGS (neither one of us is a morning person) to accomplish things before Charles heads to the church for the day. As I’m sure you know, it’s hard to get up and get moving when you’re your own boss! :P

I’d really like to see bigger things happen with my business in April… Working and praying!

I’d LOVE to see you guys…maybe we can work something out. April is kinda slow for us (only 2 things on the calender for sure this month)… :D Love y’all!

I love all of your personal goals! I definitely need to drink more water for sure. That’s the one goal I just can’t get with no matter how hard I try… time to try harder!

I am the worst at sticking to a morning routine! That’s one of my April goals too.

Kristin Schmucker

Love these! Getting a schedule helps so much! I can’t wait to see what you do with your business this month! We would LOVE to see you guys! We have several weddings, but if you guys came up on a weekday it just might work out!

Katrina Akins-Jackson

I so needed this! I have been trying to eat better and workout but I haven’t succeeded yet. This will serve as my kick in the butt!

Whitney Lane Arnett

I need to blog about this! I did blog about the importance of water but have recently fell of the bandwagon. Good reminders girlie I need to reestablish a routine March was off busy for us too.

Amy Yang

I couldn’t have seen your blog post at a more perfect time. I really need to set a daily schedule for myself because with the two little running around it can go from 8 am to 11 am in the blink of an eye. Plus, I think setting monthly goals for myself would help me get my giant list of things to do down to a more manageable size. A few things per month is way less overwhelming than 100 things.

Kristin Schmucker

Absolutely! It is so much easier to accomplish one thing at a time than to overwhelm yourself with all the things you want to do eventually. You can do it!

Hey, Kristin! We’ve connected through instagram before, but this is my first time to your blog and I love it! Good luck on your April goals. I posted mine too. Drinking water is something I really have to work on as well. and exercise. and being outside. I can relate! Best of luck to you, girl. :)

Lanie 'Reinhart' Coulter

I forgot to share my goal post with you on Monday.

Amazing Grace

Yesterday I got a message from a friend asking for tips on “having it all together”. Her message was so sweet, and yet in some ways a plea for help, because as a Mom, wife, and for some business owner it is hard to do it all. I never want to give the impression that I have everything together and I especially never want people to think that I think I have it all together. I can assure that I don’t. I spend most days working from my desk in yoga pants with my hair in a messy bun, and not the cute messy bun that you see on Pinterest…a real messy bun. It seems like I always have a pile of laundry and I save my cutest outfits for “important” things or days I think there might be a camera around.

March is almost over and this year has been transformational for me already in so many ways. At the beginning of the year I got serious with myself about the things in my life that needed to change. How I could be a better wife, mother, businesswoman and believer when I was already feeling overwhelmed. It was time to organize, eliminate negativity, love my family more, and make my relationship with God a priority. The steps seemed so simple when written on a piece of paper, they didn’t even really seem like life changing goals, and most of them were probably things that I should have been doing already.

I set out to be more perfect, to be this dream of a wife, mom, entrepreneur and Christian. Instead God changed my heart. The biggest thing on my to do list was to make spending time in Scripture a priority. I grew up in church and went to a Christian college, I had made that decision probably 20 times since I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 12. Yet time after time I would make a promise at summer camp or revival meetings, and then days or weeks later I would fail again. Then I got so busy. So many things on my plate that seemed to demand attention that time in Scripture seemed like one of the first things to go. This time it finally became a habit, a part of my day I can’t imagine not having, and my heart has changed.

In some ways I know it is about discipline, and getting organized to make it a priority, but I also think it is just about getting to know the heart of Jesus. About seeing myself as nothing and Him as everything. About experiencing His amazing grace despite the many times I fail Him. Maybe I rambled a bit much, but all I am trying to say is that I don’t have it figured out and I don’t have it all together, but His grace is so much greater than any circumstance we face and He is begging us to follow Him. To depend on Him for ever day and to trust Him more. Our faith is made stronger when we just step out onto the water and let Him lead us, He is always faithful and will take us so much farther than we ever thought we could go. A few weeks ago I heard this song and it just has been on repeat for the past weeks.

Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior

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Kelly Brown Hopkins

Kristin, thank you for writing this. It was like you took the words out of my mouth.

Melissa Coetzee

Love this post! I too need to make spending more time in the word a priority! I know when I do, I feel so much closer to the Lord and it makes everything else a little easier! Thanks!

Christina Blanarovich

Beautifully put! You are an inspiration! Love this post!

Josh-Danielle Venable

Love this so much! Thank you.

Barb Thomas

You have a beautiful way touching others, your words and inspiration are heart warming and true, and you have touch my heart as well as many I am sure..You and your family are truly Blessed…

Caitie Sheppard

Love! Thanks, Kristin! <3 YOU!

Love this. I so don’t have it together. hahaha So inspirational. Thank you for sharing your heart!