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A Day Off and a Beautiful Friend

You may have noticed that I took the day off from blogging on Friday. We spent the day with an old friend who came to visit from Florida. I have a hard time taking a day off, because I like to be consistent, but then I realized that I didn’t have enough time and some things are just more important. Ever been there? Realized that sometimes the things that are stealing our attention away are just not that important. Such a good reminder for the start of the week.

And here is a little peek at the mini session that we did with Rebekah on Friday. We spent the day eating and shopping around Dallas, and then stopped for a few minutes before the rain came. She is gorgeous inside and out, and though I am sad that she is so many miles away, I am glad that we were able to spend the day together.

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So awesome that you all got to visit together! Rebekah, you are gorgeous! These are great images you guys :-)

April Russell

Such a beautiful girl! Inside and out!

Nicole Davis

These are so very lovely!

Caitie Sheppard


Tammy Damore

My FAVORITE by the tree, this girl is GORGEOUS!!!

Rebekah Slaughter

aww! thanks you two! I love them! :)

How to Choose The Perfect Dress

Every girl dreams about “The Dress”, and I admit we get excited to see the dress at every wedding we shoot! When I wanted to do a post about finding the perfect dress I knew that I had to ask Megan at De Ma Fille for a little help. De Ma Fille is the most adorable bridal boutique, and Megan who is the owner of the shop is one of the sweetest people ever! If you are still looking for your dream dress, or some fabulous accessories, go check out her shop, you won’t be disappointed! Here are some of Megan’s tips for finding the perfect dress along with some photos of her and her adorable boutique:

First, brides need to invision what they see themselves wearing for their big day, and what they think they would like to have. When a bride goes to her first appointment to try on wedding gowns, it is important for her to try on different styles of dresses. Most brides come in with that one dress idea, but they might actually love another style even better! It is important to be open, and it would be better to try on a style on and know you don’t like it than to wonder. However, this does not mean try on the whole store, haha.

It’s important to only bring those whose opinions matter the most. This is so that a million different opinions don’t come flying at the bride. This can overwhelm the bride and then she can’t decide on anything!

As the brides try on dresses, she needs to wonder if she is comfortable, do a little dance test ;), and is it HER personality! Can she see herself getting married in this dress?

We do allow pictures in our store, so it is helpful for the bride to go back and look at what she has tried on; this can knock out a few contenders. Try your favorites on one more time. We always ask what they love about each dress and this can lead them to just think about one dress ONLY!

When a bride can’t decide on the first day, then they need to go home and look over pictures. They will then start dreaming about one dress only!

Thank you again Megan for guest blogging for us! We love you, your shop, and hope this article will be a blessing to many many brides!!!



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Tammy Damore

Wow, I’m impressed, feel like I want to shop there, and I’m already married. That shop looks amazing, she is adorable, and pictures you took are GORGEOUS!

Janice Keefer

and some people know how to make others feel good. no pressure to make a sale. wishing I would have shopped in a store like this.

Cherie M. Murashige

Such a good idea to post this for your brides! And I agree… I definitely feel like I want to shop there :)

Caitie Sheppard

Love! Her shop is sooo classy and elegant… I want to get married again! lol

Katie Jackson

What a cute shop! I love this post:) Gorgeous images!

Dallas Engagement Session | Vicki + Martin

Vicki and Martin met in the 7th grade, and they have been together ever since. These two are adorable and so genuine!!! They are so sweet together and you can’t be around them and not smile. We shot their engagement session at this gorgeous field in Dallas, and we had so much fun with these two! We are so excited for their August Bass Hall Wedding in Fort Worth!Dallas Field Engagement Session PhotoDallas Field Engagement Session Photographers PhotoDallas Field Rustic Engagement Session PhotoWedding Photographers in Dallas PhotoDallas Romantic Engagement Session PhotoElegant Dallas Wedding Photographers PhotoDallas Yellow Field Engagement Session Photo Dallas field engagement Session Photographer PhotoFort Worth Wedding Photographers PhotoFort Worth Field Engagement Session Photographers PhotoFort Worth Wedding Photographers PhotoFort Worth Asian Wedding Photographers PhotoDallas Engagement Photographer PhotoDallas Asian Wedding Photographers PhotoRomantic Dallas Wedding Photographers PhotoFort Worth Engagement Photographers PhotoDallas Outdoor Wedding Photographers PhotoFort Worth Outdoor Wedding Photographers Photo

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Tammy Damore

They are amazing, she is stunning!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding shots!!!

Bethany McDonnell

wow, these are so beautiful! I love!

Caitie Sheppard

The color is so bright…the couple so cute…the photographers so talented! LOVE!

Our Random Life #28

It has been such a busy week it is kind of hard to even remember what happened. I hope I am not the only one that has that problem sometimes.

We shot a bridal session, a wedding, and an engagement session this week that will be coming to the blog soon. Jeremy was especially excited about our new 200 mm 2.8L lens that is his new baby. He has been swooning over the creamy bokeh. Make sure to check back to the blog tomorrow for Vicki and Martin’s adorable engagement session!

Jeremy was out at an open house last week and I was unfortunately home under the weather…but he brought me home a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries that made me feel much better.

This week I read a book about parenting a toddler…how can my baby so big??? It is so much fun to see Stella grow into such a little girl. She enjoyed a milkshake this week, and is obsessed with watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad.

Jeremy is trying to convince me to get another Master’s degree. He says that I read so much that I should just go back to school for another degree. I told him that I read a lot, but I don’t take tests…lol. Jeremy seems to think it would be fabulous, but I don’t know about this one…we shall see.


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Megan Andzulis

The masters sounds familiar. Ive been pondering doing the FSU thing like Victor but I dont want to do all those papers and tests :/ lol

Tammy Damore

Yes, go get your degree in marketing!!!

River Crest Country Club Bridal Session | Corina

We are in love with this Fort Worth Bridal Session at River Crest Country Club. Corina and Matt’s wedding was on Saturday which means we are finally able to share her bridal session! We have been dying to blog these images for the past few weeks because as you can see, the session was amazing. Corina is stunning and her Pronovias gown was fabulous! We love the clean lines and gorgeous one shoulder silhouette. We can’t wait to share the entire wedding, but for now, here is a look at the gorgeous bride.

River Crest Country Club Wedding Photographers PhotoOne Shoulder Pronovias Wedding Gown PhotoPronovias One Shoulder Wedding Dress PhotoRiver Crest Country Club Fort Worth Wedding Photographers PhotoFort Worth Bridal Session Photographers PhotoRiver Crest Country Club Wedding PhotoFort Worth Bridal Session Photographer PhotoRiver Crest Country Club Wedding PhotoPronovias One Shoulder Gown PhotoPronovias Wedding Dress Fort Worth PhotoRiver Crest Country Club Wedding Photographers PhotoRiver Crest Country Club Wedding PhotoFort Worth Country Club Wedding Photographer PhotoFort Worth Wedding Photographers PhotoFort Worth Wedding Photographer

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Anna K.

These are absolutely gorgeous, and that dress??!?! STUNNING!

Victoria Dillingham

Beautiful!! Her dress is magnificent!

Jeremy Ward

Hope she cleans it before her wedding day

Damaris Mia

Her dress is gorgeous!

Bethany McDonnell


These are all absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous bride!

Lora Grady

So gorgeous! What a beautiful bride, dress and photographs!

Caitie Sheppard


Brittany Sharday

Love the last frame! And her dress is gorgeous, super elegeant!

Preston-Jennifer Young

These are beautiful! Looks like they came right out a. Bridal magazine! :-)

Beautiful bride and dress. Love the indoor images.

Elle Danielle

Such a classic beauty! Great job!