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Simplified Life | Making Time for Things You Love

Sometimes it is easy to let our to do list over take our lives… we end up in this vicious cycle of working, eating, and sleeping…and never take time to do things we enjoy. How often do we think about all the things that we would love to do, or build ourselves a bucket list on Pinterest without ever taking any steps to make those things we would love to do happen. But there is good news…it doesn’t have to be that way…it is never too late to start doing what you love.

Make thing happen photo

I am incredibly blessed that I get to work from home. I spend my days working on the things that I love as well as taking care of a busy little toddler. It is still so easy for me to get trapped in the mundane things of life, like the laundry that never seems to end, or the fact that I need to vacuum again. I have realized though that I am more productive when I take a little bit of time to do the things that I love. Of course, I still have to work each day, and I still have to do the laundry…but just taking a bit of your day to do a few of the things that make you happy can have a huge impact on your productivity.

I have always wanted to have lovely handwriting and I swoon whenever I see hand lettered invitations and prints, so one of the things that I am trying to do more of is to practice, to write out a verse, or a quote, or even just a font to practice. It is so simple and really only takes me a few minutes to do, but it relieves stress, and is so rewarding to me. For all the moms who I know will ask when I find time to do this with a toddler…it is usually during naptime. :)

This is something so simple, and though you won’t be finding me opening an Etsy shop of prints any time soon…I enjoy it…and for all the businesswomen and/or momma’s reading this right now…it is ok…and actually good to give yourself 5 minutes to do something you enjoy. What are you going to make time for this week?

Hand Lettering photo


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Julie Fuller

I was just thinking about how my laundry seems to take up half my life when I saw your link. It really does make a difference when we stop and take a little time for what we love.

Kristin Schmucker

So true @[1006180616:2048:Julie Fuller]!

I havte terrible writing! I should practice too. I was so proud of myself last week I did two pinned recipes… i totally hear you though its hard to make the time

Yes! Do all of these things all of the time! Breathe them in, enjoy the heck out of them, especially if you plan on having children, because soon most of them won’t be options, and the ones that are will require arranging babysitting, which is just another added stress!

Shooting in a Crowded Space

Perhaps in an ideal world made by photographers every session would be shot in a remote location with no one but the couple and the photographers for miles around to interfere with the perfect shot…but lets face it…that isn’t reality. In reality as photographers we have to shoot in every imaginable situation including times when there are just lots of people around. We want to get iconic and intimate images of our couples and sometimes it seems like there are 100 other people within a five foot radius…so how do we make it happen? We face this type of situation all the time, and most recently we shot Katie and Michael’s engagement session in Central Park…In NYC…on the most perfect spring day…there were a lot of people!

Photography Shooting in a crowd

Despite all of the people Katie and Michael’s session is one of our favorite engagement sessions to date…so here are some tips to get amazing images in a crowded space.

1. Find Secluded places – this probably goes without saying, but sometimes it is easy to get flustered when there are so many people around. Take a deep breath and look for the little patches that are less crowded and shoot there, these are the perfect places specifically for wider sh

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

2. Get in Tight! Sometime you just need to get in for a close up to get away from the people. Katie and Michael loved this bridge and wanted to get some shots on it, but there were a ton of people on the bridge, so we had to get creative and get in close to make the shot work.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

3. Just Try! Found the perfect location with dreamy light, but too many people passing through…try shooting and see what happens…and don’t underestimate how nice people can be. There were lots of people walking on this path, but they stopped for a moment so we could get a shot of two lovebirds…people even said congrats as they walked by.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

4. Shoot a Wide Aperture – I love shooting wide open, and it definitely helps in this situation. These shots were done at a 2.2 and the people just blur into the background, instead of distracting from the image.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

5. Photoshop…it isn’t ideal because it is time consuming, but sometimes you just need to remove (or outsource) a person that might distract from an epic image. I would definitely not suggest just shooting with the intention of removing things, but if it happens once in a while it is ok.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

Does this leave you with any questions, or are there any other topics that you would like us to talk about?

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Lovely glowing shots! That last one is epic! :)

Lyndsey Garber

Great post! Your last image is breath taking!

Kristin Schmucker

Thank you!

Awesome tips! LOVE the last image! :)

Katie Irsaneous

I just came across this again on your site and I have to say… I am so thankful you edited the last image. Its one of our favorites and I love that it’s just the two of us! Love you guys so much!

Our Random Life #32

I have skipped a few weeks of Random Life posts…because life has been so busy…but so good at the same time. This week is also going to be a bit crazy, but we are trying to get organized for the summer so that we can stay sane through all of the summer craziness.

We love Ikea…we really do. But the past two weeks we have been tackling so home improvement projects…and lets just say that it resulted in 8 trips to Ikea in 1 week! I love all the new things we bought for the house, but for the first time ever, I think I can say that if we don’t go to Ikea for awhile, I will be fine with that!

I think it is safe to say that Summer is officially here….at least in Texas. We have had so much fun playing outside, and Jeremy has been working hard on building us a little patio for us to enjoy the sunsets and relax while Stella plays outside. I am so excited for it to be finished and show off the finished product.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I finally tried the Aquage Uplifting Foam in my hair…I LOVED it. IT gave me actually volume and lift at my roots without being to heavy or making my hair feel greasy. After 2 years of being in Texas I have learned that if you are going to live here…you just have to have some big hair…Aquage to the rescue.

You all know how much I LOVE my Simplified Planner…since I wrote about here! Well, the new planner is out and I was so excited to pre order mine last week…as well as Lara Casey’s Power Sheets which I have been wanting to get for awhile. One of the new colors has already sold out…so if you want one you better pre order it soon! I kinda feel like I am in a middle of the year slump and I think these are going to be just what it takes to get me back on track for an amazing year!

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Marilyn Schmucker

Wise wise woman!

Caitie Sheppard

Love the picture of Stella! You’ll have to post pictures of your new patio too… Where are you building it? Miss y’all! xoxo

Kristin Schmucker

It is almost finished and then we will post pictures! It is on the side that the grill is on.

For Photographers: Preparing the Prep Room

This is a blog post for photographers who are wanting to take their prep images to the next level. Some of our favorite images are of the bride getting ready for the wedding. It is such an awesome time with all her girls and her mom around as she prepares to see her soon to be husband for the first time on their wedding day. There are often lots of people, and there is always LOTS of stuff! As a former bride, I know that all of that stuff is important, but as a photographer I know that it can take away from the images. Brides have a lot to think about on a wedding day and they need you as their photographer to help them look out for things like this.

As you are taking prep shots you need to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that there is not something distracting in your background. This is especially important for the images while the bride is getting her dress on. As the bride is getting ready, I am looking around the room to find the best possible place for her to get into her dress. I am looking for a good background that has enough space and most importantly I am looking for good light. Once I have found the spot it is time to tidy up the room. I don’t want suitcases, bags, hair products and stray undergarments in the background at this iconic moment when the bride is slipping into her dress.

This may seem like a small detail and not worthy of its own blog post, but I promise if you take the time to really see your surroundings and clean things up a bit, you will see much cleaner and more gorgeous prep images.

Frisco Heritage Center Wedding Photography by Fort Worth Wedding Photographers Jeremy and Kristin

Dallas Wedding Photographers Magnolia Hotel Wedding Photographers Bridal Suite

Boone North Carolina Wedding Photographer photo

The Orchard Wedding Azle photo

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My Favorite Places To Shop

Like most girls…I love to shop…but I definitely have my list of favorite stores, and I am pretty loyal to them. Every now and then I will find a new store, but I always keep going back to my favorites ( which is probably why 80% of my wardrobe is from LOFT). One of my favorite bloggers recently posted a list if her favorite stores and I thought it would be a fun post. It made me laugh a bit that Target shows up in all three categories…which is just one more reason why Target is awesome…and has so much of my money. So here are my go to stores…I would love to hear what yours are!

Best places to shop Loft Ann Taylor Target The Limited TJMaxx Ikea Emily Ley Staples photo

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