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Simplified Life | Lara Casey Power Sheets

I am always on the lookout for something that is going to simplify my life, help me set and accomplish my goals, keep me focused on what matters, and keep me organized. I recently purchased Lara Casey’s Power Sheet Set and I have been loving them. I am still doing the prep work, so I will definitely write about these again once I have a chance to start on the monthly tending lists, but I have been so excited about the progress I have already made with them.

I will warn you though, the Power Sheets are hard work, so if you aren’t really committed to moving forward and making progress in business and/or life don’t bother. But here is the thing…if you want to accomplish something big you need to do the hard work. Stop thinking about it, and go do it.

I have worked through the prep work and I have made my goals, and now I am ready to start the practical day to day work, by accomplishing my goals through small daily steps. I am so excited to see the progress I will make, and share it with you!

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Refreshing The Brand

Building a business and a brand is hard work. It is one of those things that you work and work at and just when you finish something, it isn’t long until it needs to be updated. The past few days we have been working on a brand refresh. We aren’t rebranding as in changing our logo or our colors, just giving the website and blog a little update so that they more closely align with our vision and style. We have been thinking long and hard about what we do, what words describe our brand, and how we want our clients to feel when they visit our site…and I am in love with what we have come up with.  Though a brand is so much more than colors and fonts, each one of those things is just a small part of your brand.

As you can see the blog has already gotten an update and we are hard at work on the website that will hopefully be launching soon! Here you can see a little bit of my vision for the blog in a stack of my notes for the blog and website… Jeremy kind of hate when I get in these moods, because I think and think and think about exactly what I want and then once I have decided I want it done right away…so a big thank you to Jeremy for working so hard with me on this!  I would love to hear what words you think describe your brand, and how you want others to feel when they come to your site!

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Kristin, I’m so proud of you! It seems like yesterday when we first “met” AND you were talking about moving and working more with Jeremy…and here you are now!! Everything is lovely and your images are stunning! Keep it up guys!

Seaside Creative

Yay! Looks so great!

I love the new look!

Tips For Brides | Floral Delivery

There are so many decisions and things to think about when you are planning a wedding. So many venues will ask you questions and you won’t know what the answer should be because you have never done this before! One of those questions that will be asked is what time you want your flowers delivered. I totally recommend getting your flowers delivered before your photographers arrive because they are some of the first things we will be looking for when we arrive and begin photographing details and prep time. This is something to think about especially if you are getting ready at a different location than the ceremony, you may want to get your florals delivered to the prep location as opposed to the ceremony location if this is where we will start photographing. This way we will make sure that we have your bouquet to get shots of it before the ceremony along with your details as well as have them on hand if you are doing a first look.

Pink Wedding bouquet photo

Bows and Arrows Wildflower bouquet photo

White Rose bridal bouquet photo

Sunflower wildflower bouquet photo

Purple and Gold Wedding bouquet photo

Rustic Earth Tone Wedding Bouquet Photo

Pink wedding bouquets with poppy pods photo


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Stepping Into The River

Have you ever felt like you were afraid to take the first step into what you knew you were supposed to do? Fearful of the what ifs and the possibilities that run through your head? I just started reading the book of Joshua a few days ago, and I have already been challenged so much. I have been challenged to let my faith have action. It is so easy for me to say that I believe something or say that I am trusting God for a certain thing, and yet when I have to take action and step out in faith it all of a sudden feels so much scarier.

I will admit that worry is a problem for me, and I wish it wasn’t. I am not sure when I became such a worrier, but I feel like my worry got upgraded when I became a Momma. It probably drives Jeremy crazy how many times I tell him the worst case scenarios that I have concocted in my head. He is quick to remind me that everything will work out…it always does.

I read yesterday about the Priests and the people as they were crossing the Jordan River with the ark, and how the waters parted. It is so easy to rush through reading and studying Scripture and miss the point. I try so hard to do this and journalling while I read has helped me a ton. I was amazed at how good God is as I read the passage, and how He always makes a way for His people. But, then a phrase caught my attention, “And the feet of the priests that bare the ark were dipped in the brim of the water”. It caught me off guard as a realized that they had to act on what God had told them before they saw the waters parted. I am sure they felt a little silly, a little unsure, a little fearful, and had so much anticipation of what God would do. And of course, God did what He said He would do…he parted the waters and the people passed through the middle of the Jordan River on dry land.

I am so thankful for the stories in Scripture that remind me that other people have walked this road of life before, and God has been faithful. He is so Good and He is always Faithful.

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Amen! I’m so thankful that we have testimony after testimony in the Scriptures that detail His faithfulness. Last week Psalm 77 “happened” to pop up three times in my life… and through it the Lord reminded me that He wants us to remember His wonders. Because in the remembering of His past faithfulness- in our lives and in friends’ lives and in Biblical accounts- our faith is grown to trust in present circumstances. So thankful for that!

Jocelyn Simmermaker

Thank you for this, girl. Just what I needed to hear today.

Thanks for sharing this! I totally hear you. I think it’s human nature to worry, and sometimes we just can’t help it because we l want things to turn out okay and the unknown of the future can be so scary without having some sense of security. Becoming a mom has added a lot of worries to my day too, especially having a daughter who had health problems! I found Philippians 4: 6-7 to be so comforting during the toughest times. “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” Our lives are in God’s hands, and that’s ultimately what gives me comfort- knowing that the most powerful and amazing God is watching over us in everything that we do :)


PS- thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Glad I found yours :)