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Brownstone Wedding Chapel Weatherford Wedding | Julie + Marc

Julie and Marc met at a time when Julie thought she had given up on finding love, when a friend wanted to introduce them she reluctantly agreed. She is so glad now that she did. It was clear from the beginning that they were meant to be together and the ones that they had been searching so long for. Julie and Marc’s wedding day was a day filled with pure joy. Everyone from the guests to the bridal party and bride and groom were smiling all day and just so happy to be celebrating the love of these two. Marc and Julie married at The Brownstone Wedding Chapel in Weatherford, which is a historic chapel that has seen so many weddings throughout the years. It was the perfect setting for their vintage elegant theme.

Julie + Marc, Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your wedding day. We are so incredibly happy to know the two of you and to be a small part of this part of your life. We love you guys!

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Jamie AndBecky Easley


Tammy Damore

WOW, GORGEOUS! Wish I could have gone to this one!

Julie Pinkerton Sharlow

Ah! I love them! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud with joy! You guys did an AMAZING job capturing our special day! Thank you so much!

Janie Johnston Morgan

How Gorgeous Julie Pinkerton Sharlow.

Our Grey’s Anatomy Obsession

Any other Grey’s fans out there? We decided to watch the entire show for a second time this summer thanks to Netflix. We kind of love Grey’s Anatomy…like love it so much we are watching it again. The first time we watched it there were definitely some 2 or 3am late nights up watching “just one more episode”. I don’t think we have been up quite that late, but we have definitely been just as addicted the second time through. We haven’t seen the season that just finished on TV yet, so we are waiting for it to come on Netflix.

We love shows that have great character development, and this is definitely one of them. Great character development is definitely the advantage of longer running shows, since you really get to know the characters. I think we have watched all the good shows on Netflix…so we are watching this over again. Do you love the show too? Who is your favorite character?

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I would always watch it with my parents’ (sometimes it was awkward ;) Andy and I watch Breaking Bad right now. Talk about a show that develops it’s characters.

Austin in Instagrams

Things have been a little quiet here as we were enjoying a little family vacation to Austin. We had such a great time being able to relax a bit and spend time together as a family. I thought I would give a little snapshot of our little trip with a few instagram highlights from the trip.


We had such a great time on our little trip, we really tried to focus on just relaxing and having fun together instead of rushing around from activity to activity. That being said a lot of our time was spent watching Food Network in our hotel room.

We put a shout out on Facebook asking for some restaurant recommendations and we were blown away with how many places were recommended to us. We wish we would have had time to try all of the places recommend to us. Some of our favorites that we did try were: P Terry’s, Kerbey Lane Cafe (We went twice for breakfast!), Amy’s Ice cream, and Gourdoughs (yes that is a picture of a donut…we have never had anything like it!)

We spent some time in the hotel pool, but one of our favorite things was going to Barton Springs to swim. Barton Springs is a three acre pool fed by natural underground springs. It was chilly since the average temperature year round is 68 degrees! It took us a few minutes to get in, but we had such a great time with Stella. She loved it, and was much braver about the chilly water!

It was our first time in Austin and we hope to go back again soon!


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Showit LIVE Chat for Photographers at Noon Today

Today, we are headed to our studio to sit down with the studs of SHOWIT! If you aren’t familiar with SHOWIT, it is the company we use to design and host our website. SHOWIT enables us to have the website we want with the freedom and ease to change it as we will. The Studs at SHOWIT have asked us (us, can you believe it!) to join them for a LIVE chat and talk about our business!

At 12:00 noon (central) we will be talking about (1) How to add Associate photographers to your brand, and (2) How to become a full-time photographer, debt free, and live on a cash budget! We gladly welcome any and all questions!

To watch this CLICK HERE!!!!

Texas wedding photographers

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Bethany McDonnell

So excited for you guys!

Rachel McCloud

I’m watching the rewatch right now. My husband works and I’m working my way out of my day job. You guys made this seem so attainable I got tears in my eyes. Thank you so much. :)