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For this child I prayed…

When I was pregnant with Sophia, I prayed for her. I prayed so many things for her, but I always came back to my two greatest desires for her. That she would know and love Jesus, and that she would draw others to Him. It is amazing to me to think about how deeply she knows Jesus in this moment, and I can’t wait for the day when we will worship Him together. She has already drawn me so close to Jesus and Jeremy has said the same along with so many friends who have told us how impacted they have been by her short life. And, I truly believe that her life will continue to draw others to Him.

I think we are so often obsessed with our purpose in this life and rightly so. We want to fulfill what we were put here to do. Then I realize…Sophia’s life purpose was fulfilled in her short life.

It is tempting for me to feel that my prayers were not answered, but they were. I prayed for her, and God gave her to me. She was taken far sooner than I wanted, but her life was real and full of so much purpose. I will probably never know the reach that her short life had, but I know this…she has drawn her Mama to Jesus arms. The same arms that hold my baby girl, hold her Mama too.

For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him. I Samuel 1:27


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Donna Carr

such a perfect perspective… blessed be the name of Jesus.

Cami Perez

Very well thought and expressed Kristin. I completely agree.

Jennifer Brown

Hugs sweet friend. I’ve been praying and sharing Sophia’s story with so many. Love you!

Even Still…God is Good

This life is full of so much joy and so much sorrow, and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it makes sense. Sometimes we don’t understand…and honestly…we probably never will. I have been reading in Philippians and have been so amazed at Paul’s attitude through suffering. No matter what he faced he pointed other to the gospel and told others of the fact that we know that our God is good. In the good times and in the hard times, I have to run back to the truth of who I know God is…HE IS GOOD

When I see Sophia’s beautiful picture and smile…God is Good

When I lay in bed at night and the tears won’t stop…God is Good

When I play with Stella and laugh uncontrollably…God is Good

When I long to laugh with both of my little girls…God is Good

When I cuddle up with Stella on our bed…God is Good

When I see the empty spot in my room for the bassinet…God is Good


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God is still good. Such a beautiful simple reminder. I had to keep telling myself this after we lost our son last year. In these times of confusion and tears the only thing I know is that God, my God, is still the same God I believed in and loved before Joshua was taken from this world far too soon. If I believed in Him then, I will believe in Him now. Much love and many prayers from one brokenhearted momma to another.

Caitie Sheppard

Such a blessing…praying for you!


I so admire your faith and courage. I know I don’t know you personally, but I can tell just from reading and following along with your blog, you are one brave mamma. I can’t imagine the pain you and your family have gone through. I can say, your words and faith staying fixed on God is a testimony speaking to so many, including myself. It’s so hard to not have answers for all of our questions. May God’s peace and strength keep pouring out on you and your family and you be filled with his love. Prayers going out to your sweet self and family. xx

Chelsey Dane Arnal

Thank you for sharing. God is good :)

Shaunda Worden

Hey, Kristin!! I just wanted to say that I am still praying for you!! Lots of hugs! :)

Shannon Walker

Your heart is beautiful, Kristin. Continuing to pray for yall.

Ashley Harcum Peterson

“All of my life, in every season, you are still God and I have a reason to sing… I have a reason to worship”

Kristin Sexton

I have an almost identical blog post shortly after Luke died. It’s crazy how real God’s goodness becomes in the darkest of days. I remember in the days following that those three words ‘YOU ARE GOOD’ were sometimes the only words I could say. You are right. He is SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD.

Echoing what Hannah said. Dear Internet friend, you are so BRAVE. God’s glory shines bright in your brokenness. May His strength strengthen you. May His peace comfort you. May your heart be filled with His love. Praying for you as I see you online.

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Family Trip to San Antonio

I guess most people love family vacations, but I think that we really love our little trips. There is just something magical about watching Stella experience things for the first time. Her little eyes light up over the littlest things, and it is such a reminder to see beauty in the little things in life. Since Jeremy had a week off of Seminary classes for Spring Break, we decided to head a few hours south to San Antonio to get away for a bit. Our trip included a trip to Sea World, a day at the River Walk, and some time just relaxing in our hotel. Stella had a ton of fun waving to Shamu, and meeting Elmo at Sea World, and waving to all the ducks on our boat ride on the river. Here are a few pictures from the week.

 San Antonio-1

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She is such a doll baby! So glad you all were able to get away for a bit for some family time. You guys like great!

Tammy Damore

I want them all!!!

Heather Radler

Such great memories! I love seeing all your pictures.. Beautiful!

Dawn Noreen Caracio

Very beautiful

Caitie Sheppard

Beautiful…loved all of them! :) Miss y’all…

Michal Senora Naugle

Oh my word . . . Stella is the most adorable little girl ever! I love her dark hair! And as always you look gorgeous, Kristin! It looks like you had a wonderful time <3 Love you guys.

Michal Senora Naugle

Plus . . . she has some pretty awesome facial expressions ;)

Her hair and those eyes! What a beautiful family you have!

Barb Thomas

Thank you for posting all these and many other pictures….I really enjoy seeing them…You truly have a beautiful family and these Sea World pic and Stella with the two of you the smiles are genuine…Love you all!!

Marilyn Schmucker

These are beautiful! Memories memories! I’m amazed how well she also did with the characters….so grateful you made the decision to get away and have fun time together as a family!


Such a beautiful family! What camera do you use because these pictures are flawless (:

Remember, Reflect, Refresh

We decided to take a last minute trip over Spring break this year to use it as a time of refreshing for our little family. It is hard to believe it has been a month since we met and said goodbye to our sweet Sophia. It has certainly been a time of grieving, but we have also had to be very intentional to not let our grieving overtake our lives because we have a sweet little two year old who doesn’t really understand what is going on, and still needs her Daddy and her Mama. Taking a little trip seemed like the perfect way to give ourselves some time away and make some fun memories with Stella.

The morning we left my Mom texted me and told me to take the time to Remember, Reflect, and Refresh. I have been thinking about that all week, and it has helped me so much.

Remember – It is so easy when something difficult happens in our lives to want to forget the pain, but we must remember. God uses the difficult seasons in our lives to mold us into what He wants us to be if we will let Him. It hurts, but we must remember the pain, so that we can see how God has brought us through.

Reflect – God has been so faithful to us, He has shown Himself in so many ways over the past weeks. Recently, I have found myself just sitting and thinking about all the little ways that God has shown that He is with us. From the generosity of complete strangers, to Scripture put on our hearts in the days before, to having my Dr. on call for Sophia’s birth. In a million little ways we heard gentle reminders that He was with us. It doesn’t take away the pain, but it reminds us that we are not alone .

Refresh – We needed some time to just be. Time when we didn’t have emails to write, and laundry to do. We had fun with Stella and made so many memories with her. There of course, was an undertone of sadness because we so wish that we were making these memories with both of our daughters, but we have learned so intimately that life is fragile, and that we only have today so we must make the most of it. We refresh our souls by doing the things that really matter.

We read Scripture, laughed, and had long talks about what is ahead. The truth is we don’t know why we had to lose Sophia, and we don’t know what the future holds. But, we know that there is one who holds the future, we know that He is good, and we know that He will be faithful to His children.


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Caitie Sheppard

I love you three! And we are still praying…

Kristin’s Book List | February 2014

Here are a few quick reviews of the books that I have been reading recently. I always love to hear your recommendations, so feel free to leave a comment and let me know what books you have been loving recently.

I Will Carry You| Angie Smith

This is the first book that I read after we lost our daughter and it was an incredibly moving. It chronicles Angie Smith’s own journey of losing a child. I cried a lot of tears while I read her story of the pain, but also of the joy that even a short life brings. Ultimately, I was so blessed to read Angie’s story and to see her faith lived out through one of the hardest things a person can face. I think this book is a reminder in any trial or valley that God is there for us, and that He teaches us so much about Himself even in our darkest hour.

Chasing God| Angie Smith

When I finished reading “I Will Carry You” I decided to get a few of Angie’s other books. This is her newest book, and it was so, so good. She discusses in this book her own journey of going from a woman chasing after God, and trying to follow a set of rules, or live up to what she thought she should be to being a woman that just wanted to know God more. She went from knowing about God, to knowing God. I found myself using my highlighter often because she just had so much good to say about who God is and how we should respond to Him because of who He is.

Restless| Jennie Allen

I was first introduced to Jennie Allen last year when I read her first book “Anything”. The book changed me in so many ways and was just so eye opening to me. So, when I was presented with the opportunity from the publisher to review her most recent book “Restless”,  I was so excited because I knew that it would be great. I was definitely not disappointed. Jennie discusses the life of Joseph to show how all of the situations of our lives work together to make us who we are and to equip us for what He has called us to do.  She talks about how God used every season of his life to make him a man who would save many lives, and how we should view our lives through the lens of the Gospel and how we can point others to Christ. She discusses the different “threads” of our lives such as our: gifts, passions, places, relationships, and sufferings work together to form us and shape us into a person that God can use to bring glory to Himself. I love how she has so much insight into why we hold back from what God has called us to do and how our passions point to what God has for us in this life. There is also a Bible study and DVD available to go along with this study, and Jennie is currently hosting an online book club to discuss the book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is wanting to do something big in their lives, or feels like they are stuck.

I-Will-Carry-You*some links may contain affiliate links
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Jenny Kim

Just finished reading “Restless” awhile ago and I absolutely fell in love. :)
Excited to try the two other ones you recommended — just purchased them for my Kindle on Amazon!
Thanks for the recs!

Jenny @ Coffee & Honeycomb