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Getting Ready to Go Expectantly

Things are starting to come together as we get ready to move in just three short weeks. This past week Jeremy was ordained. I am so proud of him for all that he has done to get to this place, and so thankful for all of the people that have poured into us along the journey.

Our remaining weeks here are going to be filled with lots of boxes, and lots of goodbyes. Jeremy has had an intense summer of lots of summer classes, and we have been in the middle of starting our online shop, so things have been hectic. On top of that we are getting ready to leave the comfort of the known, to enter into the land of the unknown. It is incredibly exciting, and just a tad scary.

A photo snapped by my sweet instagram friend Amber as her family drove through the town we are planting in.

I think, though, that it is also a time of expectancy. We are looking forward to the future, knowing that the road ahead will be hard, that there might be days of discouragement, but that we will work for His name and for His glory, and wait expectantly for what He has.

We have so many dreams for the church that will soon take form, but those dreams don’t really have anything to do with pretty buildings, perfect music, or an abundance of programs. Instead, we are dreaming about people that will encounter Christ, and encounter grace. We are dreaming about our living room being full of new friends.  We are dreaming about a community of people captured by grace, that live out the gospel each day in a community of believers, and in their own communities. So, we are going into the unknown, realizing that there will be bumps along the way, but that we have a God who is sovereign over all, who knows exactly what lies ahead, and is already preparing the hearts of those that we will meet.

Will you pray with us?

Will you pray for hearts to be softened, and open to the gospel?

Will you pray for people that that will go with us?

Will you pray, and ask if it could be you?


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Ashley Paschke

Praying for you. Church planting is not an easy road but it is so so sweet! Looking forward to having you in NEPA!

Robin Crump

My daughter is in a church plant right now. Not always easy but very much a blessing.

Resa Michelle Workman

Praying for you and your sweet family!

A New Shop and a Huge Giveaway!

We launched a brand new shop today so we decided that we needed to celebrate! So we are giving away one of everything in the shop…yep…you heard it right…one lucky winner will get one of everything that we carry. You can enter through Friday at 11:59 pm EST.  You can enter below, and make sure to share the image below for extra entries to the giveaway and to help get the word out about our new shop!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Samantha Updegraff

I would love this!!!!

Melissa McMurchy

Would love to see a shirt or maybe some jewelry!!

Josh-Danielle Venable

So excited for you and your new shop!! I LOVE everything! It’s all so beautiful!

Ashley Danielle Flores

I think a tshirt and maybe another mug would be nice

Congratulations on the new shop! Can’t wait to see what new items you’ll be sharing.

I would love to see coasters with some of your prints on them!


The bag is lovely and I think would be fabulous in a few more designs as well.

Awesome contest! I love your prints and would love to see more!

What a fun giveaway! I am absolutely in love with everything in the shop! Great job!!!!


Super excited!

Barbara Fenn

Love the mug!

I want to win omgoodness I LOVE that bag!!!

This is wonderful and your work is lovely!

Michael-Anna Frahm

I would love the joy in Christ journal & mug – what a perfect combination to start a new day!


Beautiful. Fun. Inspirational. Real. You. Thank you.

Taylor Harmon

My husband and I used the bombshell pro font for our wedding invites, programs etc. so I am totally obsessed with all your products, Kristin! Thanks so much for sharing your time, heart, and the gifts God has given you with everyone!

I was just looking at the shop yesterday, and I love everything in it! To win it all would be so wonderful! :)

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center


Maranda Brewster

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mug!! Excited for your new shop!

Janice Keefer

Love all the items…would make incredible gifts for people I love and want to share with.

I am in love with this mug! Adding it to my wish list :)


Love everything but I think the mug is my favorite! Would go perfect with my morning coffee :)

Stephanie Shepherd

Would love some goodies and love the blue of the mug!

Ellen Walker

Love the mug! Your blog is beautiful and encouraging!

Abby Schweitzer

I would love to see adult and kid (toddler) t shirts!


Congratulations on the new shop! That’s exciting! And I LOVE the mug. :):):)

Melissa Hyder

I love all the current items in the shop!

Jennifer Lynn Deitz

I’d like to see more mugs with different scripture on them

Tina G

I love the Be Still tote! Everything is so lovely!

Tina G

I would love to see a Be Still keychain. :)

Yasmin Shardow

Absolutely love the mug!

I would love to see a wall calendar in your shop. Maybe alternating the type of prints you already have with some of your amazing photography.

Jenny Kornegay Still

I love this!!!! Speaking truth into the lives of so many people! God is so good to us! How can we not share it?!

Lindsay Tanner

I love the mug! I would love to see more tote bags!

Ashley Watson

Everything is so beautiful! As a newlywed, I’d love to have a devotional journal so my husband and I could use it to share our thoughts and prayers in our daily devotions.

Amy Parrish

The mug is a beautiful color!

Alisa Ward

What an exciting Giveaway! I can’t wait to see the new journal & hoping for some more mug designs :)

Also, a wall calendar would be perfect!

Boy Reziell

The mug. Love it so much.

Nitasha Charmaine Friesen

I would love to see a prayer journal as well! You are such a blessing!

Lisa M. Stahl

You have such a lovely shop and I love all of the items you are offering. I would love to wake up to that beautiful mug every morning and be reminded of my Creator.

Kailynd Ann Biggar

Love this entire site!

Ashlee Faison Wallace

I thought my favorite was my mug (that I use every morning) however, my bag is giving it a run for the money :)

I’m a mug junky – so I’d love to see more mugs – I also have a bag problem , so more bags would be awesome.
Ooooo, & tops (t-shirts, HOODIES, sweaters, etc)

Courtney Patten

Excited about this! I love the mug and journal. T shirts and a long term journal would be great additions as well :)

Marissa KymberleeJoy Pruett

I would sooooo love to see more bags!


what a great idea and some great products!

Vickibeth O'Brien

Everything is so pretty, Kristin! :)

Vickibeth O'Brien

Everything is so pretty, Kristin!

Sarah Elizabeth Hirsch

So excited about this giveaway!! Would love to win!!

Chandler Blalock

Love this shop!

Kimberly Ellis Snow

Absolutely love the mug! Also I’m looking forward to ordering the journal. My brother-in-law passed away suddenly at a young age so I’m considering getting a journal for her. :-)

Amy Hohl

These would be the perfect gift for my mom’s birthday in August!

Luiselle A Bautista

Love love love and want the mug!!! And God bless You!!

Jennifer Ohlmann

Love the mug!

I love all the pretties in your shop!! Would love to see more mugs and prints.

Love it all! Especially the Be Still bag!

Sarah Apedaile

Would love more of your prints on mugs!

Kelly Gerkhardt

That mug is so great! I’d love to see more like it in the shop!

Kathryn Smith

What a generous giveaway Kristin! I love your shop and would love to get anything, let alone one item of each thing!

Charity Carlson

So exciting, still have my eye on one of those mugs!!!

Beautiful shop. What an awesome contest. If I won I’d share it with the beautiful ladies that I study with at our local pregnancy center/shelter.
Melissa W.

Anna Csoros

I am a mug person myself, so adding more of those to the shop would always be welcome!

Sonya Tavangaran

I remember when we met pre-PCC days, Kristin! Now, it’s awesome to see how much the Lord has worked in your life and how much He has been using you since then. You’re a great encouragement! :)

Amanda Hodgson- Dufour

Love this mug!!

deb huffman

more printed mugs

Stephanie Rogers

Love this, and love that you have this shop/inspiration

Angela Rector

I love the mug , my favorite color and perfect way to start the day!

Congrats on your new shop!
Perhaps some scripture kitchen towels! I love kitchen towels just as much as I love mugs! Ha!

Katy Boozer Dortenzo

awesome! gladly sharing :)! such awesome things with awesome reminders :)

Danielle Anderson

Love the shop! I’d love to see inspirational jewelry on here too.

Penny Mellen Morrison

I am new to your blog but love it! I love the mug, that is one of my FAVORITE songs!!

As a pastors wife i make cards and would love to see bible vers to use on cards

Natalie Jean

I love all your products! You’re so creative :) I’d love to see some more fun mug designs!

Maegan Lewis

I LOVE the mug! I’d say a mug with another saying or verse

Heather McDaniel

Omgoodness. I would absolutely love to win this. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Michele Lynne

Congrats on the brand new shop! It’s exciting to see how you are branching out! I love the journal devotional and scripture memory cards-an I’m looking forward to your next devotional journal!!
I think it’d be fun to see more mugs and bags and ways to bring scripture into our lives and our homes :)

Leticia Aguilar

I love the mug! We all need Jesus :) Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and prosper you and your family in all that you do and may He open up the flood gates of Heaven and pour out His blessings upon you until they overflow. God bless.

Lissa Holguin

Love your products..would love to see more bags…I am a bag girl :)

Kim Wallar

I NEED this mug!! I’m new to your site. SO glad I found you!

Ashley Tintinger

I’d love to see some more mugs, maybe in other color options as well.

Dani Teeple

So excited for you to have YOUR OWN shop. Congratulations and many many blessings for success!

Lauren Wolfe

Just stumbled upon your instagram and blog and I think I am in love, haha. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in sharing Scripture and encouragement. It is such a wonderful blessing!

Jennifer Davis

Love to see how God is using you both! I’ll be praying for you!

Corinne Satterfield Ford

Love your work and would love to go through one of your devos!!


I love the mug!

I LOVE that mug! I can’t wait to explore the site and see what you’re about!


Love all of your products and your new shop!

Stephanie BArnes

Love the mug and everything else!

I love everything in your shop, maybe some more pretty mug designs would be fun!! :D


I recently found you through Instagram, and I love your posts, and now your blog. I will be ordering one of your prayer journals. I use a monthly planner and would love to have one with your touch, with daily or weekly verses and room to journal! Thank you so much!

Tracy Ohlmann

Love the mug!

Angela B.

I love the Jeremiah 29:13 print, and I love the mug! Would love to see more prints and mugs. :)


I love everything in your shop! I think it would be neat to see some more mugs and bags! I also think soem new devotional journals ;) and maybe some journals to write in with a scripture or inspiring quote on front.


This is such a fun giveaway! I don’t know what I would add I your shop…maybe some cute women’s Tees. Your items and your blog are ao beautiful!!!! Thank you for being a vessel for Christ!!!!


What a fun giveaway!! Your shop and blog are both ao beautiful! I think maybe you could add some cute women’s Tees. But I already love what you have!!!!

Susan pruitt

Love the mug and store!,


Shelley Moore

Ooohhh my favourite thing (outside of the wonderful journals!) is definitely the tote bag! I’m big on bags, and this could be my new favourite!!

i love the mug, and your bag is soooo cute. i would love to see some book markers :)
thanks for the give away (fingers crossed)
<3 laura


JohnandMaegan Raeside

All of your items are beautiful and meaningful! You are a daily encouragement. Thank you. ~M


Everything looks so cute! I love the colors. :)


Love, love, love the mug! So cute!

Gorgeous stuff! Excited to be following you!


My heart is so full and so at peace reading that mug. I love it!! :)

Tracy Ohlmann

Love the mug!

Dawn Owens

I have been following you for awhile now and you have encouraged me and inspired me. Thanks so much for your courage and your faithfulness to The Lord. And THANK YOU for making pretty things with scripture that I can fill my life with to encourage me throughout my day.

Dawn Owens

To answer what should be added to the shop, how about a pencil case to carry in the beautiful bag you made. I would love to have something that matches the pattern

Hannah Grimley

Products I would like to see in the shop… Maybe more mug options? They make for great gifts.

Robin Crump

Thank you for doing this giveaway – I love all of your stuff!

Kim Vander Helm

I love the stuff in your store!!! Thanks for the give away!!

Traci Beeson

I’m honestly not sure – I’m just obsessed with everything that you already have!!!! I’ve been eyeing that mug especially – maybe more mug designs? :)

Chelsea Ciccotelli Tademy

I love the mug and the bag – I’d love to see some stuff to encourage relationships (with your spouse, kiddos, family, etc.)

Melissa Siena

I love it alllll

Emma Landis


Jessica Kratzer


love the mug! I think jewelry, fun inspiration prints or t-shirts would be awesome!

Bethany C.

this is so special!! thank you!

Deanna Martin

Beautiful website!


Thanks so much for this fun giveaway, so excited for you and all the new products and journals you have been making. What a faithful child of God you are in everything you do. It’s helped me trust and grow in my faith so much.
Thanks so much for this chance to win, would love to have my tea and Jesus time with your new mug!

Jessica Barron

I love your blog and shop! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of your heart and passion.

Shannon Phelps

Love the mug and the beautiful way you let your light shine for Jesus!

I would love to see a latte sized mug with the same words! “In the Morning When I Rise” is one of my favorite songs!


Everything is just lovely!

Love you items and congratulations with your shop! I personally always love bookmarks… To place in the various places in reading at in the Word. Xoxo

Enthusiastically, Dawn

I love the mug, and found you on Instagram. I would love to see a plain journal…with some of your pretty style. NOw I am on my way to look! But a matching journal, bookmark, coffee mug….BUNDLE. yeah, that would be sweet. With a scented candle thrown in for good measure. ;)

Jan A.

I found you on Instagram and love all your goods! Glad I found you even if I don’t win your sweet giveaway!!

Love your site, your heart, your faith. I’d love to see bookmarks, keychains and shirts in your store! Live Inspired, Kristin

Jennifer Peach

A very generous giveaway, thank you!

Tina Hendricks

Love all of your products!

Lisa Suit

I love everything in the shop, I don’t know what I would add!!

Jessica Bishop

Beautiful mug!!!! I love your shop! Such pretty things! :)

Jessa Reed

I absolutely adore your work! Coffee mugs are my favorite!

Makenzie Neely

I’d love to see a shirts and more devotionals.

Lindsey Gustafson

Not sure what other items I’d like to see but I LOVE the mug! perfect color

Emily Cole

Love your blog and your shop!! So excited to see what else you’ve got up your sleeves!!
Blessings!! Emily Cole

Rachel Swinburne

i love love love love the journals and the bag and the mug!!!!!! i love everything about the shop!

Julianna Foster

i love that mug! and all your prints!

Jessica Jenkins

I love the simplicity and creativity in all of your work. I greatly admire it all. God Bless

Taylor-Lynn Louis

Love this shop! Hope I win the giveaway!

Crystal Williams Rosecrance

Love!! Absolutely love!!

Bianca Roman

i would love to see a devotional planner perhaps!

Anna Ervin

I love the mug and I came across your blog on insta! I love it already!

Kristin Williams Honeycutt

Love the blog!

Sara Coppola

Hopefully all these shares are gaining you lots of new followers so that you can spread joy and hope and the Good News to many more people! :)

Amy McNary

Love reading your blog and I love looking at everything in your shop.

Chiantia Crews

I love every single thing in your shop!! What a blessed site! Many blessings to you. I wou

Jill Snelson

Your stuff is just gorgeous!!!!!

Danielle Nicole Gately

The mug and journal are my fave! :) Thank you for all the inspiration to come to Jesus.

Traci Anne Thurow

Excited to find a new Christian blogger. I would love to see more kitchen/home accessories such as towels and candle holders. Also maybe some t shirts with your beautiful vibrant prints!

Acceptable in Thy Sight

I have been thinking about the fear of man, and how easily it creeps into so many areas of our lives. We worry about what people will think, or if people will be upset, or think little of us. Often our issue with insecurity are rooted in our pride. God has put within us a desire for acceptance, but so often we misplace who we seek approval from. Psalm 19:14 says; “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” We are already accepted by Christ as believers, and now we should constantly be lining up our thoughts and actions with His Word, seeking our approval only in Him. 

I posted these thoughts on instagram this morning, and had lots of people say that they have struggled with the same thing, so in order for us to keep our hearts and minds on Him alone, and be reminded that He is the only one we need to seek approval from I made this lock screen. Feel free to click the image for the full image and then save it to your phone. I hope that it will encourage you to keep your hearts on Him this week.



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Tasha Heath

Love this!

Ashley Frazer

I love this! And your blog! Thank you for sharing!

Lissa Holguin

I love your products..would love to see more bags…I am a bag lady :)

Lauren Sandifer Weir

Love this passage of Scripture – have it up in a window in my home! So thankful for this reminder to be so aware of the fear of man creeping in around every little corner. Battling today fulling believing that His perfect love casts out fear and creates freedom!

Stephanie Amparo

Omg I love this shop it’s to cute

Kayla Rene Gant

I LOVE this giveaway!!!!!

5 Years

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since we said “I do.” In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday, but in so many ways it seems like the past five years have been full of so much living. We met 7 years ago, and we were just kids…19 and 20. In so many ways it feels as if over the last 7 years we have grown up together. We have faced joy more than we could have imagined, and we have faced loss that we never thought we would.

5 years ago we moved to Florida with our suitcases and some wedding gifts packed into a little Mitsubishi, and some Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards we used to stock our apartment. We were totally broke, but we didn’t really care. We learned how to have cheap dates, and how to love each other through anything. Somewhere along the way we grew up…it happened slowly and then all at once.

We have lived in two states, and are about to move to a third. We have finished a Seminary degree together, and Jeremy is about to finish his second. We have started a business. We have formed convictions together. We have laughed. We have cried. We have watched a lot of Netflix (including Grey’s Anatomy, West Wing, and all the seasons of 24, 3 times). We have traveled. We have taken turns being the strong one.  We have had two beautiful daughters, and we have had to say goodbye to one. We have loved and we have lost…but we have done it all together.

Marriage is meant to point back to the gospel, to remind us of Christ’s love for us. To show to the world how Jesus loves His Church. To picture God’s covenant love for His people. I pray that our marriage will do just that.

Jeremy, Thank you for being the man that you are. For being there for me through our greatest joys, and through long nights of tears that won’t stop. Thank you for loving me, and for loving our family. Thank you for putting us first and working hard for us. I love you more than I can say.



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What an accomplishment, proud of you guys!! Excited where the next 5, 15, and 20 years will take you!!:)

Laura Yang

Happy anniversary, Kristin. Love you, girl.

Shayla Miller Johnston

Beautifully written! Love you guys and y’all’s heart.

So well said, as always Kristin :) Happy Anniversary!

Rachel McCloud

So sweet and wonderful. Happy Anniversary and thank you both for being such a great example of what marriage should be :)

Wynnette Taylor

Happy anniversary!

Jessica Kratzer

Such a beautiful couple, doing wonderful things for God. I am so glad I found your blog!

Devora Transou

I do know not you nor your husband, but somehow for the last few months I have drawn close to you on Instagram and began to follow you. You have helped through my darkest hours in my life. You have helped me to love and live again. Your love and faith in God is powerful and being shared in such a wonderful and useful way. I know God is pleased with you, your spirit and your works. I am forever changed. May He continue to bless you, your husband and daughter.

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Janice Keefer

looking forward to the newsletters