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{Luke and Amber – Pensacola Wedding Photographer}

Trying to put some more pictures back up on the website…here is Luke and Amber’s day after session. Such a great couple.

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{Cindy | Pensacola Portrait Photography}

Cindy is so cute and adorable. She and I worked together for nearly a year, went to class together, and I now I get to take pictures of her. She recently has started her own business and is excelling very well. I am so proud of her and honored to be able to take these pictures for her.


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This are cute! I knew Cindy (sorta) thru a mutual acquaintence.
I was just wondering what kind of business she started. That’s pretty cool!


Thanks, Cindy started a Mary Kay business.

{Anne Marie | Pensacola Portrait Photography}

Isn’t college great how it can change a person? I guess usually people change in a bad way, but often in a good way too.  Jeremy has known Anne Marie since nearly day one of college and would often tell me how Anne Marie was so nice, but growing up in the country of Ohio she needed more confidence in who she was. Well, trust me, as you can see in these pictures, Anne Marie is confident, bold, and might I say absolutely beautiful.

  Oh yeah, there’s always time to stop for ice cream when you’re a model! 


Ok, the honest truth, the wind is 100% natural


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{Michal | Pensacola Portrait Photography}

Michal is one of my absolute best friends, and quite gorgeous if I do say so myself. Her and I have been in graduate school together as well as working together in the same office for over a year now. I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures of Michal in the beautiful downtown Pensacola, FL.


Pretty sure this picture is my favoite! I just love all the contrasts

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New Website, sort of

If you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you know by now that everything, and I mean everything, I have worked on this website for the last six months was completely lost. Don’t ask how, it just did. 

My husband put on facebook the other day “what do you do when back to the drawing board doesn’t work? You get a new drawing board!”  Well that is exactly what I have done. If you notice the web address for my blog is now It is no longer My old address will not take you to a “landing page” where you have to option to be directed to my blog, or to my new gallery website, which I absolutely love!

I hope you enjoy looking through all my old pictures as I will be re-posting everything. Feel free to comment on anything and everything, I love hearing from my readers.

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