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{Why I have a second shooter}

I always have a second shooter shooting with me on a session or wedding, and he is the best I should add. Some people are not sure about the idea of having a second photographer, but I would never do a wedding without one. In fact, all of my wedding packages include 2 photographers. My amazing husband Jeremy is my second shooter and he does an amazing job of getting photos that are completly different then what I am getting. Jeremy is not an insurace policy in case I do something wrong, but he is my second half. While the couple is focusing on me he gets moments that I can’t capture, because I can’t be everywhere at once, and get every angle of what is happening. This also works out wonderfully on a wedding day, because while I am shooting the bride getting ready, Jeremy is with the groom and getting shots of guests as they arrive. I really have no idea what I would do without him. I hope this helps you to see why it is so important to have a second photographer who can capture another angle of your wedding.  Jeremy is more than just the guy that carries my bags at a session/wedding, he is my right hand, the other half of me and my best friend.

Here are a few shots from recent sessions from Jeremy’s point of view…I am so glad that he was there to catch these moments.

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Caitie Trundy

Nice job, Jeremy! Good eye…I love!

{Jennifer and Anton – Love story contest winner}

I love this couple!  This is the second couple that won the love story contest, and these two are just absolutly adorable. They have been married for a little more than a year and it is very obvious to see that they are very much in love. The way Anton looks at Jennifer would produce ohh’s and ahh’s from any person who is the least bit romantic, it is so easy to see that the two of them adore each other.  Of course, I guess one can’t blame Anton, because Jennifer is absolutly stunning.  Here is the love story that Jennifer submitted to the contest.

On May 9, 2009, my life changed forever when God blessed me with the honor of looking into the eyes of my groom to say “I Do”.
Rewind a few years back to 2004, I had no idea that I was going to meet my best friend & future husband when I went to dinner with a group of my friends one summer evening at College. At a table that seats six, Anton was the only guy there. My first impression of him: he likes girls – lots of girls! I wasn’t interested in finding a boyfriend or a husband at the time; I was quite the nerd ;-) Anton, on the other hand, simply wants to meet lots of people & make new friends. I excused myself early from that dinner and didn’t give another thought about Anton.
So, Summer 2004 has ended, and Fall 2004 came rolling around. I studied diligently, and enjoyed meeting new roommates & classmates for the semester. One Sunday evening after church, I was standing in line at the College cafeteria, just wanting to grab a quick bite to eat so I can head back to my dorm room to study (told ya I was the nerd ^.^) I looked over and Anton was right there – standing with a 3×5 card – memorizing something. We said hi and exchanged a few words. He told me how it is very difficult to memorize materials for tests. I then went on and offered my “expertise” on the effective & proper approach to memorization! LOL :-) Well – that “grabbing a quick bit to eat” intention actually turned out to be a “3-hr long” dinner conversation.
And now, seven years after our first encounter, I am married to a hard-working man with a generous and loving heart, full of compassion and a strong desire to please the our Lord. I am so blessed to have my best friend as my husband!!!


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We absolutely love all the pictures!!!
Words cannot contain our excitement :-)

Thank you so very much ~

2nd to last, gorgeous!

Jennifer, Kristin even put some of the pictures on her main webiste: under “featured.” It was so nice meating you two, and Olive Garden was fabulous last night, btw…


We are very honored to be selected for the session!!!
Glad to know that you guys had a good time at Olive Garden ;-)


As always, you two look purrrfect together! The third to the last photo can be a magazine cover!

{Rebecca and Derek – Pensacola Engagement}

Rebecca and Derek are one of the two winners of the love story contest…these two are just so much fun. Derek was such a tropper, even though he does not really like to get pictures done…my sources tell me that at the end of the night he said that he had fun…and that is the goal…I want sessions to be fun! Rebecca is a ball of energy and she had Jeremy and I laughing through the whole shoot…even when we were hiding under a tree due to the rain. Love these two!

Here is the love story that they submitted…it makes me smile even more now that I know them:

While I was a nail shop girl we had a customer come in, he was a husky man, goat-tee, wearing a black cut off t-shirt with tattoos on his arm like he just got off his bike from a hell’s angel meeting, he said he knew the perfect guy for me, his nephew… Derek came in that day to record his uncle getting a pedicure with barbwired designs on his toes, he thought pedicures were so overrated but a few days later here he comes strutting back ready for us to scrub his toes. He asked me out but I was busy with work every day 9-7, working out, going back to school so I didn’t know when I could set up an actual date. I couldn’t even take an hour lunch with him just in case it was my turn in the rotation. So Derek came up to my shop one day brought a picnic basket and laid a blanket on the cement outside the shop. I wouldn’t tell him what I wanted to eat so he made a “family secret” recipe. It was cream of corn, beans, and skittles all mixed up!!! He told me to trust him and try a bite so I did. Jokes on ME!! It’s been love ever since. He calls me Ridiculous and he’s my Schweety.


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I love these! They seem like a sweet couple. The last one is my favorite.

Can’t decide between #6 or #7, they’re both amazing! Love them all.

{Jennifer and Preston – Wedding Day}

Jennifer and Preston’s wedding was absolutly beautiful. Though it did rain during their outdoor ceremony, and the Pastor had to cut the ceremony short and get to the important part…which is the kiss according to Preston, these two kept smiles on their faces all day. After the reception and after the rain had stopped we were able to sneak away to a gorgeous location to get some gorgeous shots of this couple. These two are so much fun, and have smiles that are contagious.


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Jennie T.

You did a great job Kristin!! The pictures are beautiful!

Kaila Weeks

Love the rings on the daisy. Just precious.


Kristin the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love them all!

Jennifer and Preston

We love all of the pics so far! I’m so excited to see the rest! They are amazing! we had sooooo much fun with you guys! Thank you! Btw…Preston’s favorite is 8th from the bottom….he thinks you made him look like a stud…i think he might take up modeling lol well maybe not :) but he really likes the pics alot!

Sally Wamsley

LOVE the sneak peek! Beautiful bride….pretty painted toes!

Mother Young

Beautiful job!!! I love them!!

Tammy (MOM)

Looks like you hit a homerun………… again!!!!!!

I love them all, and yes Jenny, the 8th from the bottom is my favorite as well! Congrats to you both :)

Nikki Gentry

Oh my goodness – Jenny was beautiful! And the pictures take my breath away. I am a HUGE fan = )

Patty Thompson

I have been in photography for a long time. These are some of the most creative, amazing photo’s I’ve seen yet. Thanks so much for being part of Jennifer and Preston’s Day.
Jennifer’s Mom…Patty

Patty Thompson

Okay Kristin, I am addicted to you website. You are so….talented. When can we see more of Jennifer and Preston’s wedding.