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{First Look}

Many brides have questions about having a  “first look”. For those of you that are unsure what a first look is, it is when the bride and groom decide to see each other before the wedding ceremony. What used to be a taboo is now a very common practice with many benefits.

Seeing each other before the wedding ceremony has so many benefits. It gives the bride and groom a special moment or several moments to see each other by themselves and actually enjoy each others company, and also allows the couple to be able to take the majority of their photos before the ceremony which allows them to relax more and enjoy the day. Many brides see beautiful pictures in wedding magazines and top wedding blogs and want that kind of photo, but only give the photographer 20 minutes to take pictures. I will work with whatever time is given to me, but the more time that I am given the more pictures that I can take. If your pictures are something that is very important to you get with me to discuss how much time we should set aside for your pictures. I would be thrilled to help you plan out a wedding day timeline to ensure that you get the photos that you want.  The first look is a great way to solve the problem of a busy wedding day schedule. It is really a win win situation, it gives the bride and groom some extra time together and plenty of time to get stunning photos.

Some brides (or grooms) worry that a first look will make walking down the aisle not as special, but it actually tends to put the bride and groom both at ease and helps them really enjoy the moment.  By the time the ceremony comes couples that have had a first look have had a chance to relax, talk and enjoy the most important thing which is each other.  

I know how important my wedding photos were to me…the most important part of my day, in fact I found the photographer that I wanted and then changed our wedding date to a date that she was available because it was just that important to me. But, I am going to keep it real and say that I have had so many compliments on my wedding photos and so many people that have told me that they wish that they could go back and do it all over again because they were not happy with their wedding pictures. Make sure that there is time for you to get the pictures that you want, because you only get married once…well, hopefully.

Don’t worry, there are not any rules for weddings, ultimatly it is your wedding and you can choose to do whatever you would like. Yes, I admit that I would prefer for a bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony, but most of all I want my couples to be happy with their day and their pictures whether that means taking them before or after the ceremony.

and just because I can’t talk about weddings without showing pictures, here is one from Jenny and Preston’s gorgeous wedding.

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I definitely agree!! I was so thankful that Dale and I saw each other and did pictures before the ceremony. It really calmed my nerves and allowed me to enjoy every minute of our ceremony. We cleared the sanctuary, and then I walked down the aisle to him. Our photogrpaher (Kaila Regina) got the picture of his first look at me then she slipped out so we could have ten minutes to ourselves to pray and chat. It really set the pace for the whole day and I absolutely loved it! It also gave us the extra time to allow our photographer to work her creativity. Highly recommend it!

I wanted to return the blog love :) I couldn’t agree more with this. It’s reminded me I need to do a post about first looks (as well as other posts like this on our blog) to help educate couples.

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The Day I Almost Died

Sorry for the recent lack of updates on here, but the last two weeks have been kind of, well, crazy.

Two Sundays ago, my husband and I were in Mobile, AL looking for a nursing home where we were supposed to be holding a short little church service for all the old people, when out of nowhere a car jumps in front of our car and we had a head on collision.  The airbags went off, seat belts locked up, and we panicked.  Jeremy was okay within a matter of seconds, but I could barely breath and I didn’t know why.

Jeremy kept asking, “are you okay, are you okay,” but I could barely respond. It all came as a shock since I wasn’t looking at the road, but rather reading a magazine. The only thing I could say in response was “I love you!” I didn’t know if those would be my last words, but it was the only thing I had enough breath to say.

Fortunately, Jeremy quickly jumped out of the car, came over to my side of the car, called 911, took off my belt (which was metal and got bent in half from something!), and then unbuckled my seat belt. He prayed for me and asked God to help me relax and breathe, and within another minute or so I was finally “okay.”

The last 10 days have been the ten busiest days of my life. Between searching for a new car, talking with insurance, studying for two tests, taking two quizzes, and writing a five page paper, time seems like it has flown by. And did I mention the extreme pain from the wreck?

I still have bruising and lots of pain, but when all is said and done I am so grateful that I am alive and glad to spend every moment possible with those I love most. It reminded me how much we must cherrish those around us, because we literally don’t know when our world will be turned upside down.

Although I could barely breathe, I always have enough energy to pull out a camera (even if it’s just on my phone) and snap a picture.


Pictures coming soon of our new car :)

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[…] To read my wife’s account of our accident, CLICK HERE […]


Kristin, I am so glad y’all are both ok!

My two loves: My Hubby and my Shootsac

It was not secret to my husband or to any of my photography buddies that for the past few months I have been coveting a shootsac. A shootsac is basically a photographers best friend. It is not a camera bag, but a lens bag. It allows you to carry all of your lenses while you are shooting. It is completly different then a camera bag. It is made of commercial grade, light weight  neoprene which is the material that scuba divers wetsuits are made of. It is light, it conforms to your body, so that it is not bumping into things, and did I mention fabulous! One of my favorite things about the shootsac is that the bag itself is black, but you can buy interchangeable covers to make it more fashionable.  I know I sound like a commercial, but stick with me. If you want to learn more, check out

So one day a few weeks ago I went to check the mail, and to my surprise picked up a rather large package. Yes, it had Jeremy’s name on it, but I am a firm believer that the day we said “I Do” I was given permission to open his mail. Plus, if it was something that I was not supposed to see surely he would have told me not to pick up the mail. I ripped open the large box, and got a glimpse of the beginning of the invoice….all I saw was “shootsac” and I quickly closed the box back up, as if Jeremy wouldn’t realize that I knew what was inside. Oh no! I thought, this is probably a surprise that I am not supposed to see. I came home with the big box in hand and exclaimed to him that maybe I wasn’t supposed to open the box. He just smiled and let me know that I was supposed to open it, and that it was a gift. I am so proud of Jeremy for two reasons: #1 – He is not very good at keeping things from me so I am impressed that he pulled the surprise off and #2 – He is the best husband I could ever ask for, he puts up with all of my little quirks and still bought me a shootsac.

Not only is Jeremy amazing enough to buy me a shootsac, but all those times I thought he was watching TV while I went on about how amazing they are and exactly what cover I thought would be perfect, he was actually listening and bought me my favorite of all the covers.

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You two are so cute! I love your shootsac (jealous, i might add) :) and i’m glad jeremy was able to keep the secret!

Christy Ortiz

Kristin this is the sweetest! Thanks for being such a great friend to Shootsac! I’d love to see a picture of you wearing your new Shootsac. Great job Jeremy!


Thanks so much Rebekah and Christy…pictures with me wearing my shootsac soon!


Awww!!!! It’s so cute! Great choice, Kristin; and great job, Jeremy! A double reward!!!! *hehe* I know it’s already been put to good use ;) Keep those pics comin’! :D

You look so cute with your Schootsac on babe!

{ Rebekah – Portraits}

This session was so much fun…I absolutly love this girl to death, and we laughed through the entire session. Rebekah is a fellow photographerwho is absolutly amazing.  Make sure to check out her website. The two of us chat about photography all the time, and when she needed some headshots for her website we knew that we were in for some fun. Jeremy and I love when she comes over to our place, so we knew we would have fun getting her in front of our cameras.  Rebekah was so easy to photograph because she is absolutly gorgeous. I am not sure how it happens, but I have been so lucky to photograph some of the most beautiful people, and Rebekah is definatly one of them. 

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ggoorrggee! love love love

Thanks Kristin & Jeremy!!! You two are the best! I love them :)

Laura Howell

YAY! I’m so glad I can still look at your beautiful pictures, Kristin. :) I probably would have gone into withdrawls without them. lol But seriously, each session gets better and better. Keep it up! <3

Bethany Phillips

Love the vibrant color!

Kristin-I just found you blog… I love these last two pics on this post they are Beautiful :)

{Moses and Haylie – Engagement}

“How can I not smile when he looks at me”…Haylie said this at one point during our session when we were trying for a more serious pose, and I think it just about sums up the relationship between this amazing couple. Jeremy said that it was one of his favorite couples to shoot because they are just so in love, and it shows. It is so true, and I must add the fact that Haylie is absolutly gorgeous, she is going to be a stunning bride in the wedding dress that she bought TODAY! (Moses is dying to know what it looks like, but we are sworn to secrecy) Jeremy and I also remember before these two were dating when Moses was absolutly head over heals for Haylie, yet he never felt he had the courage to talk to her. We are so glad he found the courage!  Literally, he could not stop talking about how she was the most amazing and beautiful girl he had ever met, which was also obvious from the way he looked at her during this amazing session.  This session was also special to us because Haylie was one of the team members on the missions trip that Jeremy and I took earlier this summer to Mexico, so she has spent 2 weeks non-stop with us.

We absolutly had a blast shooting this couple, it was a little hard to concentrate on shooting with all the laughter, but we made it work. Moses even commented that the session was worth it even if they did not get the pictures because we all had so much fun.  Jeremy and I wish this amazing couple all the best, thank you for making our job so much fun.

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love love love!!! Every engaged couple should take lessons from these two on how to show you’re in love! It was amazing!!!

Tammy (MOM)

I love the way he looks at her!!!! They are an amazing couple and amazing pictures, again.

Rachel Myers

These are great! You can tell in some of the pictures where they are looking at each other and saying “Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh!” Kristen these are great shots! I think #11 is my fave!

Haylie Warnock

WOW!!! You make us look so amazing! I have to say that I never expected to have so much fun, but I should have known with you guys. :) Thanks so much for the stunning pictures!

Megan Drew

Beautiful! Haylie wore the dress she bought in Ixlan!!!! love it!

I known Moses since freshman speech class and I’m so happy for him! They look amazing and so happy! Wow!