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Victor and Megan – Engagement

Let me start off by saying that I love these two, they are so much fun to be around and they had Jeremy and I laughing throughout the entire session. I told Victor that I will soon do a blog post of just the crazy faces that he made during the session, and trust me I just may. Victor and Megan met in college and they knew each other for a while before their casual friendship turned into something more. I am so excited for their wedding in June, Megan is going to be a stunning bride and I know that they will have a lovely wedding.


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So cute!!! Congrats, Victor & Megan! :D The pictures are lovely! Great job, everyone! ;) My faves are the 3rd, 6th, and last one. *hehe* Love you guys! <3


So cute. Congrats, Victor & Megan! (My faves are the 3rd, 6th, and the last one.) *hehe* Love you guys! <3


Yay! Keep up the good work, Kristin! && best of luck to the happy couple :)


Cute as can be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love these! Great job, Kristin!


Love these. Great job, Kristen!


Meg & Victor your pictures look great but it would be hard for you guys not to look great. I am so happy you have found each other!
Kristin, I loved reading your comments! I can see why you are counted as such a good friend.

Caitie T

Oh my goodness! These are beautiful…one of my favorite couples in the whole wide world! Congrats Megan and Victor…can’t wait for your wedding! xoxo to you both

[…] our junior year of college and a mutual friend introduced us. In all actuality, my best friend, Victor, called me the summer before our meeting and he told me that Kristin was joining our […]

Third one is my favorite :-)

Vacation…and a sneak peak

I am so excited because as of tomorrow Jeremy and I are off on vacation. Woo hoo!!! I am excited, can you tell??? I will hopefully be blogging while I am away but I wanted to give a sneak peak of Victor and Megan’s engagement session. These too are so much fun and happen to be good friends of Jeremy and me. I am so excited for their June wedding..more photos to come.

There is still time to enter the giveaway here.

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Sharon Andzulis

Kristin…these definitely made me smile :) Last one is my favorite so far! Epic job!

Roxanne Myers

Great job Kristin! I LOVE the pictures, and I LOVE these kids <3

Roxanne Myers

Kristin, these are great! I LOVE the photos. What a cute couple ;)

My favorite shoes…sort of

I saw them a few months ago and fell in love, but then I decided that they were a little too snug so we left the store without them. I thought about those shoes for a week and the next week, they were just perfect, the subtle zebra pattern, and the black patent leather heal and platform, and they weren’t that tight. When we found ourselves back in the same store I just had to buy them. Yes, I wear a 6 1/2 and they were a 6, but they would stretch…right?…wrong. So, there they sit in my closet, they make me smile whenever I see them, but if I try to wear them I feel like I am about to pass out. I figure that I should let my pretty shoes make an apperance on the blog, because they probably won’t be making an apperance on my feet any time soon. How sad

 On a happier note, there is still time to enter the giveaway for some yummy free coffee and an adorable mug…and don’t worry, one size fits all!

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They are SUPER cute! I happen to love zebra print AND wear a size 6…so if you’re willing to sell…just let me know. ;) They will make me and my feet happy, too. That is…if you can part with their beauty. :-D


The shoes are super cute!!!
Too bad they didn’t stretch to fit :-(


Oh my word! I love them! If I were a size 6 I’d buy them from you or go get some…that stinks that they don’t fit.

Those are sooo cute!!! Love them!

Giveaway – Coffee and mug

What goes perfectly with surfing the internet, reading a good book or reading blogs (hopefully mine is one of them)? The perfect cup of coffee, and not just any coffee because Starbucks does it best. I love reading blogs that have giveaways, and everyone likes getting something for free so I thought I would give it a try…I have a few more planned for the upcoming weeks so check back often to see what is next.

I would never want to give away something that I wouldn’t want (so to answer the question in your mind, no this is not a fancy form of re-gifting.) So today’s giveaway happens to be something that I have been wanting for quite awhile. I am pretty sure I actually whine to Jeremy everytime I see one, because I think they are just so cute.  It is an adorable mug, and a bag of Starbucks House Blend coffee. (Bowl of fruit not included)

So here are the rules:

Who can enter? Anyone can enter, past clients, future clients, other photographers, friends, random blog readers, etc. If you are reading this post you can enter the giveaway!

How do I enter? All you have to do to enter is become a fan of Kristin Nicole Photography on Facebook and leave a comment here  on the blog saying that you did. Get a bonus entry if you follow me on twitter. If you are already a fan on Facebook or following me on Twitter just leave a comment on this blog post letting me know and you will be entered to win. The winner will be announced next week!

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Anne Marie

Here I am! One of your first ever fans! :) Enter me please!!!


I am already a fan on FB!


I’m a fan and I already follow you on twitter! Enter me in to win please!! :) :) :)


I’m a fan on facebook.

I am a happy new fan of Kristin Nicole Photography on Facebook!

I am happily following your tweets on Twitter!

I am following on Twitter and Facebook. Once again, great pictures of Bethany and Rick, I enjoyed meeting you briefly at the wedding.


I’m already a fan on FB..I would follow on Twitter but we decided last year not to do the Twitter thing or I would :)

Nichole Nesbitt

I have always been a fan, Ma’am! :)

Is this cheating if I enter? Well if I win, you can re-gift it and run another contest! haha…jk

Sarah Woolf

I already follow on both:) what a good friend I am:) hehe


I would love an opportunity to re-gift these items! LOL! I’m already a fan. In fact, I think I was the 300th fan or something like that…

Dan Troutman

I already like you, but I will like you more if there’s free coffee involved!


I follow you on Twitter and am a fan on FB!

Rebecca Lemons

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Maegan Lewis

I’m definitely a fan of you and your work (as well as free coffee).

I’m already a fan of you on FB. :D I love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful photography! The free coffee’s a bonus! :D

amanda stebbins

hey i want some coffee. Free coffee is better then food stamp coffee. Lol.

Hey Kristin! You’ve really excelled at your photography work. Keep it up!

I also definitely agree with you that Starbucks is the best coffee out there :D I love to go to Starbucks and study and read :D

BTW – Did you ever get to see the video I made with a Canon T2i ? Here’s the link

Keep Snapping!



I’m a fan on FB and follow you on Twitter. :) I love your photography!

I already like your page on fb!!!
I don’t really like coffee, but the mug is cute!
If i win, maybe i’ll fill it with fruit punch. or juice.

…and i follow you on twitter!!!
Bonus entry? yes, please!

Linda Troutman

I already like you and I REALLY like coffee! Enter please.


I follow you on facebook all the time!!! :) love your photos and LOVE starbucks :)


yay! i just entered your giveaway:)


Yay! I just entered your giveaway! :)


I became a fan on FB! Plus I have been looking for the perfect coffee mug to take my morning cup of coffee in to work!!! :)

i am already a fb fan!


I’m a fan of your FB page ^_^

Thanks for the giveaway ~ You’re awesome :D


Ooh!! I love winning stuff! (and I am a fan already!)


I am a fan on fb as Dee G. Thanks! :)

[…] is still time to enter the giveaway here. Posted in Personal, engagement Tags: dallas engagement photographers, Dallas Wedding […]

Love your photography! You did a fabulous job on the Rick and Bethany’s wedding…looking forward to seeing all of the photos!

Caitie T

Been a fan since day one, right? ;o) Love you TONS!!!!

Addie Greenacre

can’t miss a coffee offer!! still so impressed with your work! :)


I follow your Facebook page (FB name: Maddie Brubaker). Thanks so much for the giveaway!


I follow you on Twitter (@shala_darkstone).


I am one of your FB fans!!!

I’m a fan on facebook! :)

Richard and Bethany – Wedding

I can’t think of enough words to describe how beautiful this wedding was. From the moment we arrived at Bethany’s daddy’s church and heard the musicians practicing I knew it was going to be an amazing day. Every person involved in this wedding was the epitome of southern charm from the family of the couple to the bridal party and guests, from Bethany’s father preforming the ceremony to Bethany’s mother who handmade Bethany’s dress as well as all the bridesmaids dresses (yes, she is superwoman) everyone was a delight to be around.  Everyone was there to celebrate one thing…Rick and Bethany.

Rick and Bethany began dating in college and it was so evident how in love the two of them are. The whole day was a reflection of their faith and the love that they share. The ceremony was stunning, it was both formal and relaxed which made it a perfect reflection of Rick and Bethany. We were able to photograph Rick and Bethany at the Pebble Hill Plantation which was absolutly stunning. I LOVE being able to spend some time with the bride and groom and capture photos that show the essence of their love for each other, and I think that these photos show the love that they share. Bethany could not look at Rick without a smile spreading across her face, and Rick could not take his eyes of his stunning bride. I feel honored to have been a part of this breathtaking wedding.

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Perfect!!!!!! I Love everyone!


Perfect!!!!!!! I love everyone!


Nichole Nesbitt

Rick and Bethany-congrats! You guys look amazing. I’m praying you guys have an awesome life together; I know God will bless you both.

Kristin-excellent job. :)


Kristin they are beautiful! I love them!!!

Kaity Gellos

Loveliness! You did a beautiful job on these.


LOVE THEM! What a special day! Thank you for capturing our memories…can’t wait to see them all!


The pictures are gorgeous Kristin as always :) Keep up the great work!


WOW! I can’t decide which is my favorite b/c they are all AMAZING!

Southern wedding steal my heart. Great job, Kristin! What a beautiful day <3

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I love these wedding pictures! They are so clean, perfect, and creative :)