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New Spring 2015 Products!

I am so excited that we have our new Spring 2015 products in the shop! There are two new mugs, ten new prints, and a gorgeous new necklace that have been added to the shop.

I am in love with our “Be Still” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness” mugs! The “Be Still” mug is the third product in the Be Still Collection, the tote and print released last year are favorites and we are excited to have the much requested mug here! The “Great is Thy Faithfulness” mug also has a matching print! Love these daily reminders!

Mugs and Necklace-4Mugs and Necklace-79

Our Hymn collection of chalkboard prints are some of my favorite prints ever!

1 - Amazing Grace

And, I have been enjoying wearing my “Grace” necklace, and being reminded of God’s ever present grace in my life.

Mugs and Necklace-99

To celebrate we are offering 20% off your entire purchase from 2/16-2/17! Use code LOVE at checkout! You can check out all the new products here.


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LOVE these mugs! Need them for the spring and for forever and always!

Victoria Wilson

Love love love these mugs :) Will have to talk to the husband about getting one during your sale! Thank you!

A Conversation with Amanda Jameson

I first met Amanda at a styled shoot when I was pregnant with Stella. We connected instantly as believers and became friends. Through the years we were in Texas we talked about business and even hosted a little Bible Study group together. Her heart for the Lord is beautiful. She is real and is always pointing back to the gospel. She is one of the things I miss most about the state of Texas. I just know that you will love her too.
Tell us a little about yourself?
My current favorite title is “Wife”. I absolutely adore being married to my husband, Matt. I’m also a daughter, sister and soon to be mom (I’m sure I’m going to love this title too)! I’m passionate about building and fostering community, our church (The Village Church in Flower Mound) and my marriage. We live in a cozy little house with our big orange tabby, Oliver.
As a wedding photographer, what inspires you?
Marriage. The Lord put this deep love in my heart for marriage and how it reflects the gospel. I didn’t start out to become a wedding photographer. In fact, I worked in Public Relations and was a Corporate Event Planner for three years before I started my own company. The Lord continued to press and challenge me to the ministry of marriage. Matt and I dated long distance for 5 years (including our engagement) and were also apart for 8-9 months of the year during the first two years of our marriage. During this time, I really learned what I was made of. The Lord exposed so much yuck in my heart and so many preconceived expectations I had about marriage that simply weren’t true. As a wedding photographer, getting to capture the gospel covenant on a weekly basis is so refreshing and a constant reminder to myself. The Lord sees and knows the deepest darkest depths of our hearts and loves us the same. He says, even though I know all that is there, I forgive you and I’m not going anywhere. All your sin has been nailed to the cross. We have the opportunity to practice this with our spouses each day. The wedding day is only the beginning.
What does a typical day look like for you?
It’s always different! Which I love! Usually, I start the day outside with my breakfast and my Bible. I then go through emails and make a to-do list for the day. Depending on the day, I’m going to potential client meetings, networking events, designing wedding albums, editing images, or blogging.
What helps you stay organized?
Systems and processes! At the beginning of the year I attended Sage Wedding Pro’s
“The Simple Plan” workshop. This was a turning point for my business! I was able to create a step-by-step process that is the same for every single client every single time. Before, I did things differently every time and was so stressed about missing a step! Another huge stress reliever is keeping an organized inbox. I organize everything by folders. If there’s still an email in my inbox then it needs attention. If it’s been taken care of, it gets filed. The last thing, I hired a part-time assistant and album designer. Her name is Laura and
she is an absolute answer to prayer. Just kidding, the real last thing, scheduling a day off
each week and getting serious about making Sunday our Sabbath. If you are a small business owner, make this a priority!! My day off each week usually changes but at the beginning of each month, I look at the calendar and write “Amanda’s Day Off” and block off the entire day. I learned
the hard way that if I didn’t fight for this time, it would get taken up by something else. I found I was so much more productive and organized when I felt rested and “filled up”.
You are expecting a baby this Spring! How are you preparing your life and business for this precious addition?
 Whoohoo!! We can’t wait to meet our sweet baby girl this April! When I first found out I was pregnant, I called each of my brides and let them know. I had already photographed 5 weddings while being pregnant and didn’t even know it! Clear communication is key. Thankfully, I didn’t have to cancel any weddings but I did have to get creative on some portrait sessions. I also had to sit down with my husband and come up with a reasonable maternity leave and be strict about not taking anything on during that time. Part of why I wanted to start this business was to be able to have a more flexible schedule when we were able to start a family so I want to first be “mom” then be “wedding photographer”. Although.. I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis. I have to consult my “voice of reason” aka my husband and run inquires by him.
What is the biggest thing God has been teaching you this year?
“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Surrendering to His will and plans which are so much sweeter. I haven’t experienced anything more humbling than pregnancy. Literally, NOTHING is in my control. I’ve had to take a lot of thoughts captive and be thankful for one day at a time of getting to be this girl’s momma. Not to mention the humility of all the changes going on physically, having to ask for help and having to cut back on sessions/weddings.
What are your must have daily products?
I’m a hippie at heart. :) My must haves are my big green Nalgene water bottle, my
essential oils, green tea, an occasional almond milk latte & Lush bath bombs. I would
also have a hard time having to do without my husband and I’s synced Google Calendar.

Follow along with Amanda

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yWedding images by Amanda Jameson Weddings // Headshots by Michelle Boyd Photography
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Great interview! I love Amanda and her heart for the Gospel!

Edie Curtis

In the rush to live our lives we forget to live our lives. This is a beautiful piece.

Kristin’s Book Club | Women of The Word

I have been asked several times about hosting a book club, and I thought we would give it a try. I love to read and I love to share my favorite books with others, so it seemed like a great idea to choose a book to read together.

I decided that the book for this month will actually be something that I have already read, but I love this book so much that I want to re-read it and I want others to read this book too. I have chosen for us to read Women of the Word for the month of February.

I chose this book because it is all about spending time in God’s Word, and seeking to know Him more. The book is small and a quick read if you aren’t usually a big reader. It is also applicable whether you have been reading your Bible for your whole life, or if you are just starting out. This book is a must read!

The book club will be super easy, we will use the hashtag #kristinsbookclub on instagram which will help us find each other and see what others are thinking about what they are reading. I will also do a recap and review post at the end of the month about the book.

You can purchase Women of the Wordhere, and then we will dive in. I will try to post on instagram throughout the month, and look forward to the conversations we will have about this book.

I am so excited for this month’s book, but I would love some input on books that are on your reading list to read this year. What books would you like to read in the book club. I will be choosing mostly Christian non-fiction books. Leave a comment below or connect on instagram or Facebook and let me know!

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I love this! I think this is a great book to start with and one I’m currently reading. Looking forward to seeing what all is said as we read together.
– Katie Fleming

Sandra Howell Zack

Just ordered my copy. Looking forward to reading this!

I’ll have to get my hands on a copy of this book. It sounds like a great book during morning quiet time hours!

Vanessa Baumann

Boundaries by Henry Cloud or Unglued by Lysa Terkurst

Kristi Thomas

I would love to know which bible you have, I love that you have space to make notes!

#lampandlight turns 2!!!

It is hard for me to believe that today marks 2 years since I started the #lampandlight hashtag. This started as just a way for me to keep myself accountable to be in Scripture each day, and I thought maybe a few friends might join me. Now, there are over 20,000 posts tagged with #lampandlight on instagram and more are added each day. This has become such an incredible community of women that seek to build each other up, and encourage each other to love the Lord. Being in God’s Word has encouraged me in life’s greatest joys, and brought me through life’s darkest moments, and the community of #lampandlight has been an immense encouragement to me through the past two years.


I wanted to share a few testimonials from women who use the hashtag, and have also been encouraged.

Amanda Anger – @mandynmaddy22

The Christian life isn’t a lone wandering or a solo mission. We’re designed to fellowship with each other; even Jesus chose 12 disciples. But I somehow thought for years that daily Bible reading was an area where I was left on my own. As a result, more often than not, I didn’t read at all. 
I’d followed the #lampandlight hashtag for a while through Kristin’s facebook page, but felt like a bit of an outsider, since I wasn’t on IG and wasn’t even faithfully reading! But the #MayScriptureChallengegave me a much-needed nudge, so I joined IG and nervously started sharing what God was teaching me. 
Words can’t really describe, but I’ll try:
encouraging, community, accountability, fellowship, caring, inspiring, Christ-focused, necessary, supportive, gracious, uplifting.

Bailey Jean Robert – @baileyjeanrobert

For five years I heard Acts 2:42-47 read at least once a week, and in those five years I learned how we were made for community and that community can change lives. The New Testament’s Christ-centered community is being lived out across the world TODAY. In the past year, I have also learned that the Church is not bound to a building or a city or even a country, but the Bride of Christ, His hands and feet, fill the earth. Through online communities like the one cultivated through#lampandlight I have been encouraged in my faith, covered in prayer, and connected with women I know will be life long friends. With Jesus at the center, deep heart ties are formed, and even through a hashtag on Instagram His glory is being made known. I am so thankful for the faithful heart of @kristinschmucker who has followed God willingly into the unknown and through hard times, using her passion, resources, and story to point us back to our Creator and Savior. Thank you, sweet friend, for being you. And thank you for lighting the match that set the #lampandlight community aflame.

Paulene Cruse – @leenmachinecalligraphy

I don’t even remember how my life was like before the May 2014 #lampandlight scripture challenge. I just know that since then my life is so much richer, more purposeful and I have seen God work in all aspects of my life. I have learned so much about Him, about me. If I had not started forming a close relationship with Him back in May during the challenge, I’m not sure where I would be or what I would have turned to as I experienced a miscarriage last year. I’m not sure I would have been strong enough or saw the many, many blessings or seen His perfect timing through it all.

Holly Holt – @hollyjoyholt

Last year I found myself at rock bottom. One extremely sick husband, little local community, no money, and lost hope did not add up to a whole lot of faith that His plans were “to prosper me and not to harm me” (Jeremiah 29:11). I knew the truth, but actually trusting and believing that His Word is true was so hard to do when everything felt like it was falling apart. During one of those dark days, I stumbled across #lampandlight and posted the words above for the first time praying for any support. The #lampandlight community welcomed me in; people I had never met sent words of encouragement and prayers up on our behalf. When I had nothing to give, this community lifted me up out of the darkness, and He brought me back to life. Even now, a whole year later, the community and posts behind #lampandlight encourage me daily to be still and stay in His Word no matter what life’s circumstances are.


I love Instagram! Like, really love it. You can find almost anyone there and you get to quickly peek into their world in a matter of seconds. What I love most though, is the community that I’ve found among women who love Jesus. As a self-admitted introvert I find it so refreshing to see others who are digging into the Word of God and hearing their stories about what God is doing in, through, and for them. Lamp and Light has been that window of me. It’s like a movement that has taken off like wild fire!

Allison – @iekelroaddesigns

I came across Kristin’s hashtag back in November. I quickly became a fan as I loved to see what other people around the word were studying in their bibles. At the end of December my husband and I lost our son at birth and #lampandlight quickly became so much more to me. I scroll through  new posts every morning and find God speaking to me. #lampandlight has encouraged me to be in the word daily.


What is #lampandlight, and can I join?

#lampandlight is simply a hashtag to use to seek to be more intentional to spend time in God’s Word. It isn’t a specific Bible study, but just a way to keep yourself accountable and to encourage others. The name comes from Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” I started it because I think we all need to remember that we aren’t in this alone. I would love if you would join our community by tagging your photos with #lampandlight on instagram.

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I just recently started joining in & I have LOVED clicking that hashtag to visit & see what God has spoken to others every day… such a beautiful way to share with others

I know I’ve been encouraged seeing this too as I want to get in God’s Word every day…thanks for the encouragement Kristin:)

Happy Birthday, Kristin! God is SO good and I am glad that He planned for you to create this source of spiritual inspiration for so many women – including myself! XO