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Jared and Jennifer – Engagement

 Jeremy and I had so much fun with these two this past weekend.  Jared said something during their engagement session that totally wrapped up what I love about their relationship when he said “She looks to me and I look up”.  To me their engagement session was the perfect mixture of sweet moments and tons of laughter. As a side note, I don’t usually put this many black and white photos on the blog, but I think that it just fits Jennifer, she is such a classic beauty.

Jared and Jennifer, Thank you so much for spending the morning with us, even though we are crazy. I am so happy for you both, and can’t wait for your wedding!


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Great ring shot! Looking through their photos I kept thinking, “She looks really familiar!” Now I remember that she taught my Freshman College Survey class. What a small world :-)


Love Love LOVE.. the one of them laughing!

Rachel LaMontagne

I LOVE these photos! So happy for J and J! :)

Thank you so much for posting these! I loved having her as a teacher at PCC, and I always wondered when she was going to get married!! :)

[…] might remember Jared and Jennifer from their engagement session, and if you know that there are always a ton of smiles with these two. When I blogged their […]

Forbeyon Album swatch kit!

I was so excited to get my album swatch kit from Forbeyon yesterday! They sent the 42 swatches in the most adorable little box.  I think the swatches will be so helpful to clients as they choose a cover for their album, with so many choices seeing and feeling the options in person is the best way to narrow it down to the one that you want. I think an album is one of the best things you can have as a keepsake from your wedding, and I talked here about how important our album is to us. With all of these different cover options, as well as the fact that we can add a photo to the cover, add an accent color and  imprint names, date, or a special phrase, you can really make this an heirloom that fits you perfectly. If you have any questions about Album options, or adding an album to your package if it is not already included, don’t hesitate to ask! I am more than happy to help.

These are just a few of my swatches…

And here is what I am working on right now…Jared and Jennifer’s engagement photos. Isn’t she gorgeous!

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They look like they go together. Can’t wait to see the rest. Beautiful!!!!!

She is so absolutely beautiful! I loved your album post. : ) Those choices look awesome. I think it will be hard to decide : )

I’ve never heard of Forbeyon before, but their samples look great! So many choices to choose from…

Camille and Matheus

This engagement session was so much fun! Camille and Matheus are so great to be around, and I think we would all agree that they are such a gorgeous couple! I LOVE when clients choose locations for their engagement sessions, they always choose places that fit their style and personality’s so well, and that was definitely the case for this session. They choose some great locations that also happened to have amazing light which basically made me squeal while shooting. You might think I am joking, but I am really not.  Camille and Matheus are both musicians which is so cool, and they chose to incorporate his violin into the session. Camille also did an amazing job in the role of stylist for the session picking out such great outfits for the two of them that really complimented each other and showed their personal style.  I am so happy for this amazing couple and had a blast capturing these images.


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picking a favorite…I don’t think it’s possible…


Sooooooo cute!!!!


Very beautiful!

Beautiful pictures!!

I love the heart on the rock..that is nice. I have the 50mm1.2 and it is fantastic. I shoot most everything with it. I love reading through your blog!

What a fun session! I LOVE their outfits. I also love her hair. How pretty is she! Very cool shots Kristin! You rocked it out of the park!

LOVE the very last one. I do believe that is my favorite.

LOVE the very last shot. It is my favorite.

[…] of a stunning bride against a dirty alley to me was very striking. Just this past weekend I shot Matheus and Camille’s engagement session and one of our locations was under a graffiti covered bridge. Trust me there were some nasty things […]

Love the one of him playing and her touching his arm. So romantic! Great job as always, Kristin!

The one thing I wish I knew…Part 2 and a sneak peak

I am so excited to be able to share a few more answers that I recieved from some of the best photographers around when I asked them “What is the one thing that you wish you knew when you started your business”. If you missed part one you can see it here. Stay tuned for the next set of responses…there are so many great ones to come. And I have to add a HUGE thank you to all of the photographers that participated and sent in thier response. Enjoy…and check out the sneak peak of an awesome engagement session at the bottom of the post.


Zach and Jody Gray of Gray Photography

We would say that where you will be in five years is dependent on two things, the books you read and the people you meet. Even though we did learn that early on, that has been the one piece of advice that changed our business and that we would give to photographers starting out. So, be sure that you are reading business books! At least one every month. Then, spend time getting to know people that are doing what you want to be doing one day (those that are successful at what they do) and act like them. You will become like the people you surround yourself with, so surround yourself with success and you will become a success!

Karen Stott

Put away your credit card!  In the beginning it is easy to become overwhelmed with all that is available for photographers.  In an instant you can get sucked in to buying posing guides, templates, actions, custom framing samples, backdrops, filters, light meters and pretty camera straps when in reality you really don’t need any of those things to be successful.  They may be helpful at a later date, but not when you are first starting out.  Before you know it, you are working only to pay off all of the “necessities” that you purchased that are now collecting dust.  I encourage you to spend your money on actual investments.  My greatest investments have been education, a quality website and blog, a 5D Mark 2 and top notch lenses.  There is also so much to gain by giving your time to others in the industry.  This may not cost you anything financially but will bring you a lot in return.  Good luck in your adventure.  Hugs!

Corey and Jackie of Ada Photography

When we first started our business we were always comparing ourselves to those around us. If we weren’t as good, or if our business wasn’t growing as fast we would get discouraged. It’s great to look at other people’s work and to be inspired, but you really have to be careful not to allow yourself to get discouraged. Know that success takes time, and just because one person succeeded a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t if you do it differently.

Gail Werner

To work really hard at being a photographer before you tell people you’re a photographer. Starting out, I was reluctant to tell too many others I was a photographer. I wanted to PROVE I was a photographer who knew how to work her camera before I was telling people that was the case. I think hubris is a downfall for a lot of people in this industry. If you keep your head down and work hard, study the art of photography (both your manual and the masters whose names you should know), practice a lot (and by practice I mean, photograph as many friends as you can and second shoot at LEAST a handful of weddings before you shoot your own solo!), and stay humble, you can go far in this industry. Just by being yourself.

To add to that (because I’m long-winded-haha), I thought I might say that you really do need to LOVE doing this. Because if the love isn’t there, you won’t have the gumption to slog your way through the work of building a business for yourself. If the love is there, than that’s what that business becomes — a true labor of love.

And here is a sneak peak of one of this weekend amazing engagement sessions!


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This is so great Kristin! Thank you for including me — and it’s awesome to read what others have to share on the topic too! SO much good info to process! Kudos for pulling it all together!

Awesome. Thanks for this!

What a fabulous idea Kristin! I loved this.. I think I did everything they all said not to do when i started out, go figure :) These engagement shots are lovely!

I love this “series” so helpful! Thank you for doing this Kristin! Such a fabulous idea! :)

Oh my gosh. That advice is so invaluable! WOW!

Love all the great advice! I wonder what we’ll say 5+ years from now that “we wish we knew” today.

What’s in my bag? 50mm 1.4

A lot of people have been asking me about lenses and gear recently, so at the urging of my husband I decided to blog about what is inside my camera bag. I am going to write individual posts about the items so that you can get a better understanding of the pros and cons of each item.

I am a Canon girl all the way, so all of the gear that I show will be Canon. First off is my favorite lens to shoot with. My 50mm 1.4. This lens is simply amazing. The focal length is perfect and the bokeh is gorgeous, and it focuses fast. Every Time someone asks me what the first lens they should purchase is I tell the a 50mm, because they are so versatile. I prefer prime/fixed lenses over zooms because the clarity and quality is just outstanding, and I love shooting wide open so a lens like the 50mm 1.4 is an amazing lens that really defines my style. I would say that about 75-80% of the photos I take on a wedding day are with this lens. I have plenty of other lenses which I usually use for specific things, but I am really just in love with the 50mm. Don’t get me wrong I have been eyeing the 50mm 1.2, so if anyone feels the need to buy it for me, I would not mind a bit.

Here are a few shots of Rick and Bethany taken with my 50mm…

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Would love the 50mm 1.2 as well, but Nikon has not come out with an auto-focus 1.2 yet. Boo :-( One point for Canon, I guess!

I love my 50mm 1.4!! :) Such gorgeous images it produces!

Beautiful pictures! Love the 50mm 1.4!

Paige Sanchez

Is this Rick McDonald ????


Yes it is. If you look under weddings you will see Rick and Bethany’s wedding photos!

I love mine too.
Magic : )
Hey, love you forever if you could come over and leave a comment for the girl I interviewed today. She is pretty nervous. I don’t like when people are nervous!

[…] me and asking what equipment I use. Hands down the lens that I shoot with most often is the 50mm 1.4. However, a wedding photographer must own the 100mm 2.8 Macro lens. Must must […]

[…] and still have a fixed aperature at 2.8! My primary lens that I use about 90% of the time is my 50mm 1.4. And although I love this prime lens because of the wide open aperature, a 50mm just isn’t […]

[…] is no secret that I LOVE my 50mm 1.4, so I was a bit skeptical that another lens could be just as amazing. The 85mm 1.8 is my #2 lens […]