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I just can’t think of a title…

I have been thinking about doing a series like this for awhile, but I just can’t think of the perfect title for it. I would love to post now and then about things that I am loving and things that are sort of irritating to me.  I have seen other blogs have titles such as kisses and disses, but I need something unique….any great ideas out there?

Things I am really loving this week…

Fruit Roll ups…I have decided that you never outgrow them, they are delicious and I am trying to convince Jeremy that they count as a serving of fruit.

All of my mom’s recipes…I have made a few of them this week, and as we speak one is cooking on the stove. There is just something comforting about the meals you grew up with.

My husband…I can’t tell you how many times I have come home this week alone to a cleaned house, and he never complains about it. Plus he helps me with my raw meat issue, as discussed below.

Things I am not too fond of this week…

Leaving the house and forgetting to put earrings on….it makes me feel naked and comes close to ruining my day.

Raw meat…I love to cook, but I would almost consider becoming a vegetarian just so that I didn’t have to touch it.

The fact that I allowed my husband to download Angry Birds on my phone…I knew I shouldn’t have done it…it has become quite the time waster for the two of us. For example…I am pretty sure he had no idea I took this photo of him.


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I knew you took that pic! I was just pre-occupied…

Ahh Angry Birds! Some days I feel like I should attend RU because of it. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about Farm Towers… :-)

There’s just something about the memories that come along with mom’s recipes…I totally feel ya on that one! :)


How about “Faves and Fakes?” lol (It’s even alliterated.) haha :)

I am in love with…Ann Taylor Loft

I am not sure if it is normal that about 80% of my wardrobe comes from this store, or that about 40% of my wardrobe is cardigans from this store, but it is the truth. I really just love The Loft. I shop their a little too frequently as evidenced by the fact that they sent me a $40 rewards card a few days ago…stores don’t just do that unless you spend a lot of money there. I got it all on a really good sale…or at least that is what I told my husband. Here are a few of my favorite looks from their website made up of things I have already purchsed, am going to purchase in the near future, or would just really like to purchase.


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Oooh, I love the last one! So cute! Is the 2nd girl pregnant? ;) *hehe*


Who DOESN’T love Ann Taylor?!?! :) What fantastic taste you have Kristin! lol


All you need is some SILPADA to go with all those outfits. lol!

The third outfit is adorbs! I’m planning an outlet shopping spree in the next few weeks and this post has inspired me to have some fun at Ann Taylor!

I am loving that lovely dress at the top! So summery and cute. And I have to agree the loft always has cute stuff. If I could have an entire wardrobe of them, jcrew, and anthropologie my life would be complete! ;)

The one thing I wish I knew….part 4

I am so sorry that we took a break from this series last week. It was just one of those crazy exhausting weeks, but I have lots more tips from some amazing photographers this week. If this is your first time reading, I asked several photographers what the one thing they wish they had known when they started their business was and they emailed me their answers…and they had some great ones. If you missed part 1, part 2, and part 3,  be sure to check them out. Stay tuned for more next week…


Justin and Mary Marantz

“The biggest thing I wish we would’ve known when we first got started was that we just needed to run our own race. We spent SO much time in the beginning looking left & right at what everyone else was doing, that we didn’t spend any real time moving ourselves forward. We were so paralyzed by the “what are we supposed to do, what’s everyone else doing” questions, that we weren’t trusting our own voices. Once we made the decision to change all that, that’s when we really started seeing things take off. Because at the end of the day, no one knows (or can sell) you better than YOU.”


Nancy Ray

“Read read read.  Read “Tribes” by Seth Godin.  Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Read “The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.”  Read “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber.  Read “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk.  When I first started my business, I wish I knew everything these books have taught me.  Also, two things I have lived by from day 1 of Nancy Ray Photography are 1. NEVER go into debt, an 2. ALWAYS buy used equipment.  These 2 things have helped me grow faster than I could have imagined.  Don’t worry about getting the brand new camera off the shelf at Best Buy or B&H.  Don’t worry about getting everything right away either. Take your time searching Craigslist and Amazon, and buy used when you have the cash to pay for it.  It will save you thousands of dollars in the long run!”


Gladys Jem

Something I wish I knew when I was getting started? Dont get caught up on what others are doing.
When I was starting, I doubted myself so much because I spent a lot of time looking at other blogs. It’s so easy to get caught up, and compare yourself to others who clearly have been doing it longer than you have. It’s important as a new photographer to remember and focus on creating images that reflect who you are. Spend less time looking at others, and allow yourself to shine. If you do this, you’ll be more confident which is huge when you’re shooting. Clients will hire you because they love your work, people will respect you, and you’ll be so happy with yourself and work :)



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Love these.. what a great idea seriously.. so wonderful of you to do this!! Also, I am getting an error message when submitting my comments.. my blog did this for awhile too and then randomly stopped.. weird. Hope you get my comments :)

Love this helpful information Kristin! Thank you for sharing!!

They nailed it! I just hit that point last week, realizing how laterally I was looking at everyone else’s work to the point where I almost lost my own style! Thanks a ton Kristin, this really encourages.

Very much appreciate Nancy’s advice! I’m trying my hardest to run my business debt free and it’s difficult (not to be jealous) when “the other person” has a bigger and better camera, more lenses, etc. Thanks for sharing the advice, Kristin!

April Goals

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, I feel like I am not even sure where it went! I think I have that same feeling about the entire month of March, I feel like just a few days ago I was writing out some goals for  March and now it is gone, it is such a good reminder to make each day count because they fly by so quickly.

It has been several months now since I started blogging my goals, and I really like being able to look back and see what I have accomplished and what I need to work on. I also feel like it is an easy way to update my readers on my life outside of photography….though I am not always sure that I actually have a life outside of photography.

Here are April’s goals…

1. Finish a Wedding sample album, and a sample engagement guest sign in book!

2. Finish all course projects for grad school! It is hard to believe that by the end of this month I will only have 1 class period and a final standing between me and my Master’s Degree….that just means I have lots of work to do this month.

3. Photograph my adorable niece. We are planning a short trip to see family this month and getting to have a little photo session with my niece is going to be a ton of fun….Her mommy will appreciate it and our fridge could use some new pictures of our adorable little Londyn.

4. Use food in the pantry before the big move. There are those amazing women who can look at a pantry full of randomness and somehow make amazing meals from it, I am not usually that person, but I really want to start emptying out the pantry so that I do not have to fill tons of boxes of canned goods to move.

5. Compile ideas for decorating our new home. I have so many ideas and bits of inspiration for decorating when we move, but I would LOVE to get some of those ideas together so that I have a game plan when we move.

6. Read the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. I made great progress last month and I am hoping that I might be able to surpass my goal again this month.

7. Spend a little extra time with my wonderful husband. Life is so crazy, but I am really the happiest when I can set aside some time to just talk and just be with Jeremy…I want to do it a little extra this month.

Do you have any goals this month? Let me know what they are!

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Aww…adorable pic! I hope you accomplish all these goals and more! :) Keep in touch once you move on to bigger and better things! <3

I always think those girls that can look at pantry supplies like twizzlers, sardines, a package of old noodles and some cans of beets and come up with a four star dinner are AMAZING : )

I love the name of your niece. Londyn. That is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see her picture.

I have to order business cards. It is the only thing on my photography goal list this month : ) I really should add order new camera, but I just don’t know if I can get it this month. I need to before weddings start in May. We will see. : )

Happy Saturday Kristen.Thanks for leaving Melinda a comment on Thursday.

How about I help you make number seven a reality? Love you…

March goals recap…

It is hard to believe that today is the last day of March…it was definitely a busy, but awesome month. Time to see how I did with all of those March goals…


So with that…here are my goals for March. Goals marked with an * are carried over from last month

submit a wedding for publication……..working on submitting sessions to several blogs

Get a sample album……..Almost ready to get printed

Finish client wedding albums……….due to some unexpected client illness, this was a little delayed, but hoping to wrap things up this weekend.

Take my last midterm ever (only 2 1/2 months from my Master’s degree)……..So excited that this is

over….April will be the last full month of grad school for me!

Get an album swatch kit……….I LOVE my swatch kit, and I am so excited to show this off to clients!

Get rid of clothes and stuff that we don’t need in preperation for moving in May………..I got rid of SO much stuff….making room for the new…right?

Keep my desk neat so that I can be more productive………I had to take a look at my desk before I answered this one, but it is much improved!

Have dinner with friends……..Did it at least twice this month, maybe 3 times…

Try P90x, it scares me a little but I will try it………..I tried it…..not my style

Try a new recipe*……….So I didn’t actually make a new recipe, but I tried one that my husband made and it was delicious!

Finish reading II Kings and I Chronicles………..Done, and I am only a few chapters away from finishing II Chronicles!

Make time with God a bigger priority……….This is an ongoing thing, but I have been making great progress here and loving every minute. So amazing what happens when you get your priorities straight.


And a recap of some great sessions this month:


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