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July Goals…

Well June came and went without an official goals post because the beginning of June was a bit crazy with moving across the country and getting settled into our new house.  We also found out that we are having a little girl this month which made it a great month. There may not have been a blog post, but there was a ton acomplished during the month that has me starting July with anticipation and a ton to accomplish. So here are the goals for the month of July…

Celebrate 2 years being married to my best friend and the greatest husband a girl could ask for.

Finish the redesign of my blog and website…it is getting there, but not done yet.

Update all galleries to reflect some of this summers gorgeous weddings.

Spend a few much needed days with my Mom when she comes to visit for a few days.

Make a big dent in cleaning out and decorating Stella’s room…I am not going to be unrealistic and say that I will finish it completely.

Be the best wife that I can to my amazing husband who always supports me.

Cook more…I usually cook 4-5 nights a week, but I really want to bust out some awesome recipes that I didn’t have time to make before I worked from home and only got home at 5pm. If you have any awesome recipes…bring them on.

Work on balancing working from home and taking care of the house, in preperation for throwing a baby in the mix in a few months.

Make time with God, in His Word and in prayer a priority in my day.

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Nice looking goals. Make sure not to get bogged down: enjoy the small things and relax too!

Sarah Boediarto

sounds good :) do you and Jeremy like lamb?! Charles LOVES it and I found a good really simple recipe if you want it…

A wonderful July 4th

Jeremy and I had an amazing July 4th yesterday doing what we love to do together. Our day started with me second shooting with my amazing husband for a Senior session that he had with Jenny. It was a blast, but a bit of an adjustment for me to get used to second shooting when I am so used to directing a shoot. Here are two of my favorite shots that I captured during the session, make sure to check out the Studio 11 blog to see more images of this gorgeous girl captured by my amazing husband.


After a relaxing afternoon, and a nice long nap Jeremy and I headed out to see fireworks by the lake, and to drink lemonade that was delicious, even if it was ridiculously overpriced. I hope that you all had an amazing 4th of July celebrating freedom with people you love.


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Considering we spent last year’s July 4 going to class and studying all night, yesterday was amazing! Love you babe.

Yummmm lemonade!

Best July 4th ever! Especially considering last year we had to go to grad classes and study all night :( Love you babe!

My Random Life #2

Yesterday was Thursday and I had planned on blogging the second part in this series about everything and everything but I was sick and had to take the day off, so better late than never…right?

Speaking of being sick…it is really not fun! I am having trouble breathing and have had a sore throat for two days now…it is over a hundred degrees out and  this cold makes me feel like it is the middle of winter.

We are still getting our money’s worth from Netflix, now on season 3 of Law and Order: SVU, but we have also noticed that there are a lot of stupid movies out there that we have not made it all the way through.

It’s a GIRL…if you haven’t been around the blog in a few days you might not have heard that we found out that  Stella Grace in due to arrive in November. This means that our house has been slowly filling up with adorable pink things, it also means that I have been spending even more time than usual on Pinterest trying to plan out the Nursery…it is quite the addiction.

The blog got a bit of a facelift this week, and I think I really like it…I liked the way it used to be, but I was just wanting a slight update.

I can’t believe that it is already July, June has flown by as we have gotten settled into our new house and have started getting adjusted to the area. That also means that a Goal’s blog post is coming soon…hopefully I will be able to spend the holiday weekend thinking about what I want to accomplish personally and in my business this month.

My goal for the holiday weekend??? Eat lots of this…

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Watermelon: Yum

That is such a great goal! : ) I hope it is working out as you planned! Congrats on the baby!

I was just visiting a photographer that lives in my town, Isabelle March, and I see a comment from you there. I was like No way that can be the Kristin Nicole I know : ) and sure enough, it is.

That watermelon looks SO good! That plus Law & Order SVU= my kinda day!!

Two Years Later….it’s still love

Several months ago, Jeremy surprised me with my two-year anniversary present. True our second anniversary is not until July, but he just couldn’t keep it in. He is really bad at secrets. My gift was a session with our wedding photographer, Deidre Lynn. Deidre is an amazing photographer and it was great to be able to get a few photos of just the two of us, since there will soon be three of us. Needless to say my first thought was “I need to go shopping!” Then we found out we were expecting, so shopping was postponed until just a few days before the session to make sure that my choices would still

I’ve been so busy taking pictures of people, that being on the other side of the lens was a big change!

Here are just a few pictures that Deidre took. You can view her full post on her blog, here.




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you’re the most beautiful woman ever! love you…


I agree with Jeremy, but as you know my love is platonic…it works best this way :)

They are too cute. You did a great job capturing their love.

It’s a GIRL…

We just got back from the Doctor, and we are excited to tell everyone that we are having a GIRL. We are so excited to no longer call our little one “the baby”, we can now call her by her name which is Stella Grace. Stella was a natural in front of the camera and was posing for the entire ultrasound. Jeremy and I are so excited to meet her and get her in front of our cameras. I can guarentee she will be a very photographed child.

Here is a picture of our little girl with her hand up by her precious face.


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Aww!! Congrats :)


Shelby J

AWWW!!! I knew it was a girl, because I thought it was a boy and I’m wrong about that 98% of the time! lol…Congrats! She’s already beautiful!

Rebekah Lyn

I SO called that!!! Congrats!!! :)))

Congratulations! I just came by to look at some photos. My wife and I are wedding photographers from Pittsburgh. Best of luck!