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What you need to know for your engagement session

I love engagement sessions! They are fun and relaxing and often it is the first time I really get to know the bride and groom. They are also great because they help me to understand you as a couple and they help you to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. I get lots of questions about engagement sessions so I thought I would compile the answers to some frequently asked questions, of course if you have any questions always feel free to contact me!

What time of day is best?

Is there a certain time of day that is best for our engagement photos? Yes! Though I have done engagement photos at just about every time of day, there are times that are best. Early morning and late afternoon/early evening are the best times for photos. The exact time of day will vary based on the time of year that your photos are being taken, but morning and evening are best since the light is softer and more romantic. It is also a great way to escape the heat!

Location, Location, Location

I love when the couple chooses the location. It is always a representation of who they are and their personal style. The couple is always more comfortable and the photos are a better showcase of who they are. I love shooting at all types of locations, everything from urban cityscapes to romantic open fields. You can choose more than one location for your session if you want to have two different feels for your photos.

What to wear?

This is a popular question, everyone want to know what to wear to the engagement session. Here are a few tips to make sure you look your best for your engagement photos!

  • Be Yourself…choose outfits that represent who you are as a couple. Wear something you will be comfortable in.
  • Coordinate…but DON”T MATCH! Lots of people think that for the pictures to match you have to wear the exact same thing, but actually it is not true. It is much better to wear outfits that work together, but don’e match. Instead of wearing the exact same color, wear a different shade of the same color, or colors that coordinate.
  • Consider having your hair and makeup professionally done, it can be a great trial for the wedding and will make you feel extra confident and gorgeous!
  • Accessorize! Textures and layers look great in photos…and scarves and chunky jewelry are always fun!
  • Above all, be confident and feel beautiful. This will make a bigger difference in your photos than a cute outfit ever could!
Here are a few favorite stores that might give you some inspiration for your engagement session outfits…warning…these websites are addicting!
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The time of day is certainly determined by where you are and what time of year but generally it is close to sunrise and sunset that you will get the best pictures.

I love seeing tidbits of info you share with clients!


Mary Marantz

Awesome post Kristin!

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks @[307649:2048:Mary]!

Jeremy Schmucker

e-sessions are so much fun :)

MOCA Photographers

Amazing, this is exactly what I was asked yesterday. Awesome post. Thanks for the helpful and encouraging post. I was on target.

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Thank you blog readers!

Yesterday was an awesome day for Kristin Nicole Photography! We had our most blog visits ever! Thank you so much to all those who have visited the blog over the past several months. When I started this blog about a year ago, I was just hoping that someone would come by and read what I had written and look through the photos that are so dear to me.  Thank you to those who have left sweet and encouraging comments. I promise that I read every single comment and I am always so encouraged by them. So leave me a comment or let me know if you have a question that I could address in a future post!

You may have noticed that a few days ago we added a new feature to the blog that allows you to leave comments on the blog via your Facebook account. You can still leave comments the “old fashioned” way, but I am excited to see how this new feature will allow even more people to learn about this little blog of mine.

I am working on lots of great blog posts for next week, so come back soon!


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Margaret Dorsett Ransonette

I love your photos

Margaret Dorsett


Jeremy Schmucker

love you!

My Random life #6

What a week…Jeremy and I got to spend a few days with his mom here and then my mom came in and we got to spend a few days with her. It was a crazy fun whirlwind week.

This past week I experienced The Cheesecake Factory for the first time. I must say WOW, and where have you been all my life. The food was amazing, and the cheesecake…well, there is a reason that is their name…lol I highly recommend it!

It is no secret that I love Ikea, and this week I went twice. Jeremy and I took both of our moms to Ikea while they were here since we talk about it so much. I am pretty sure my mom left inspired and I have a feeling it won’t be too terribly long before an Ikea closet shows up in her room…ahh the organization.

This week has been the week of shopping for baby things…we got everything from a stroller and a swing to Stella’s bedding and these adorable little dresses. These little dresses that my mom bought  just make my heart skip a beat, and I am sure it was a sight to see Jeremy and my mom and me grabbing little dresses in the store and squealing with delight over how adorable everything was.

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I simply cannot believe that you’ve never been to the Cheesecake Factory!!!! Well, I’m glad you’ve now had the extreme pleasure. ;) And enlightened little Stella, too.

Jeremy Schmucker

and Stella got some more clothes that say “i love daddy!” yes!

Megan Andzulis

Haha! She is going to be the best dressed little girl ever! An I still haven’t experienced ikea OR the cheesecake factory so apparently I’m really missing out!

Kristin Schmucker

Your favorite babe!

Kristin Schmucker

I guess you and Victor will have to come visit us and you can experience both!

Sarah Betancourt

Kristin, those dresses are precious! plus I crack up every time you mention Ikea, because they just opened one in Denver last week and lets just say I totally agree its worth mentioning! And from the Cheesecake Factory you should try the Mango key lime! I miss you lots, because you always did have Great taste!

Kristin Schmucker

aww…miss you too! Trust me it is dangerous having an Ikea close by…beware…lol

Anna McDonnell

I love buying clothes for little girls!

Margaret Dorsett

so pretty!

That little navy dress is adorable! Can’t wait to see a little body in it :)

Conversations with my Mom…

I am not sure that I should be writing this post right now, because I have been fighting back tears all day…and I can’t say that it was very successful. I just finished spending several days with my Mom since she was able to fly in to Dallas after going to her Silpada conference in Kansas City. (If you want some amazing jewelry, you should check out their website and email her at !)

The first few days were all fun, we eat, laughed, watched Netflix, did lots of shopping, bought cute things for the baby and just had a good time. We had fun with Jeremy all day and then had some girl time in the evening when he would go to work. Last night was our last night and we just sat on the couch and talked, laughed and cried. We talked about the hard times we have come through and the ways that they have shaped our lives and made us the people we are today. Reflecting back on our fun times, and the conversations that we had I realize that the situations in my life have shaped me, but she has shaped me more. I could have never dealt with everything I have faced in my life if it were not for her.

Tears run down my cheeks as I write this post, and I realize now why it was so hard to say goodbye this time. I want to be for my little girl what she is for me: the one who I have laughed with and cried with, the one who has taught me in school and in life, the one who led me to Christ, a best friend and a shoulder to cry on, the best mom she could possible be…

I am so thankful for who she is and pray that I can be to my little girl what she is for me.

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Jeremy Schmucker

I love all three girls in that picture!

Jeremy Schmucker

just notice I think you both have the same Silpada necklace on! lol – like mother like daughter…

Margaret Dorsett

Wow what a beautiful testimony of gratitude. This revelation will bless all 3 in this picture and the one taking the pic, assuming it’s Jeremy. :) Life changing week and inspiring.

Cindy Jones

Moms are so special. It is good that you have realized these things while you are still young. Thanks for sharing.


Loving you and watching you become such a wonderful woman, has been one of the most enjoyable and blessed times in my life. I have seen God do his work in your life, as I have tried to love and guide you on a path with eyes set on Him. When I look at you I see that I have accomplished great things, “but by the grace of God”. I do believe you will continue on this path and do great things not only for your family, but also for God. Kristin, I am very proud of the girl you were, and the woman you have become. I love you.

Megan Andzulis

I started tearing up just reading this! Haha makes me want to spend a day with my mom.

Caitie T

This post almost made ME cry! I feel the same way about my mom! You’d think that saying “bye” would be easier the older you get, but I think it gets harder every time. Thanks for sharing your heart! I love you, Kristin!

Karen Stott

Teared up… amazing post… you are so blessed.

When life hands you lemons…

Well, I guess life didn’t really hand us lemons, but Jeremy and I did make some amazing homemade lemonade today…and it was amazing! We were out this morning with my Mom buying produce when Jeremy saw a big basket of lemons at the fruit market. I suggested we make some homemade lemonade for lunch and Jeremy was all for it. We would need a bunch of lemons, but they were only $0.69 a pound so it wouldn’t be much…right? Well when we got to the cash register, Jeremy realized they were $0.69 each…still a good deal, but it might be some expensive lemonade…oops. :)

Jeremy did an amazing job of squeezing all of the lemons, and we had a ton of fun making it together. I am not sure what was more fun making it or drinking it…

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That lemonade looks amazing!!!

Margaret Dorsett

YOu all know how to enjoy the simple things and that is refreshing:)

Elaine Joy McDonnell

What else did you put into the water besides lemons, if I may ask?

Pretty!! And now I’m totally craving lemonade!

Jeremy Schmucker

@ Elain McDonnell. 8 cups water, 4 squeezed lemons, 1 sliced lemon (pretty for the picture, lol), a squirt of lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar. Yum!

Rebekah Slaughter

I miss you 2…

Damaris Mia

Looks SO yummy!

I love making homemade lemonade…well, limeade. Such a summertime necessity!