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Wedding Inspiration Board…Vintage Elegance

I have decided to start putting together some inspiration boards for brides and for anyone that reads my blog…basically these are wedding ideas that I think are fabulous. I tell Jeremy all the time that being a wedding photographer makes me want to get married again…to him of course, but just for the opportunity to bring to reality all of the wedding inspiration that floats through my head at all times of day. Plus, creating these boards means that I can actually say that I am working while I am on Pinterest…seriously if you are not on Pinterest you NEED to be! If you want to see more inspiration in this theme, I have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest with lots more pretty things.

Here is the first of many inspiration boards to come…Peachy pinks, grays and whites all combine to be what I call Vintage Elegance. I am a bit obsessed with these colors, and I just think the whole look is so romantic. So, if you happen to choose this color palette for your wedding you just might make my dreams come true.

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Jeremy Schmucker

Love the colors!

You and your all things pink and gray obsession make me smile :)

My Random Life #8

I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks since I started posting about the random life that Jeremy and I live…and trust me it is random…

Watching: Ugly Betty, Numbers, Law and Order SVU and Say Yes to the Dress…all on Netflix

Listening to: Mighty to Save by Laura Story, and everything Chris Tomlin

Reading: The Bible, What to Expect When Expecting and A Call to Die by David Nasser

Blogs I am reading: Jasmine Star, Southern Weddings, Justin and Mary

Looking forward to: meeting my little girl, and spending tomorrow with my husband

Inspired by: Pinterest and Etsy

Brainstorming: Ideas for my maternity session (found lots on Pinterest!)

Shopping for: Cute maternity clothes, baby clothes and finishing touches for my office

Craving: Birthday Cake Ice cream from Marble Slab and Smarties


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A letter to my little one…

Little one,

You have been so active this past week, and I just love feeling you roll around in my tummy, it is such a wonderful reminder to me that you are always with me. Last week your Daddy felt you move for the first time. I wish you could have seen the smile on his face, he loves you so much. We both do. I wish you could know just how excited we are to meet you, we talk about you all the time and love you so, so much.

This morning I sat in your room for a little while and just thought about you, and how much I can’t wait to hold you, hear you laugh and see you grow. I have been thinking about Christmas the past few days, Daddy and I both love Christmas and this year will be the first Christmas we get to spend our favorite holiday with you. We have to decorate early this year because you are coming just a few weeks before Christmas, and we can’t wait.

I don’t have as much energy as I used too, growing you is hard work, but it is so worth it. I get sleepy a lot, but Daddy has been such a big help to make sure that I get the rest that I need to keep you growing strong. You are a lucky little one to have such a wonderful daddy who loves you and mommy so much.

Just about 15 weeks until I get to meet you and I am just so excited to finally see your precious little face, and hold you in my arms.

I love you


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Stella is truly blessed to have such wonderful, loving, Godly parents as you. I know God has some exceedingly great things planned for you. And I know that you and Jeremy will take good care of this sweet, precious one. Can’t wait to meet you, little Stella! :)

Jeremy Schmucker

a note from the world’s best mommy :)

Absolutely precious, Kristin! Stella will surely be one blessed little chica with you and Jeremy as her Mommy and Daddy :)

Courtney Damore

Just made me cry….too cute!

Jeremy Schmucker

lol you’re too funny court!

August Goals

This past month has been so busy, but it was a great month getting settled into our new home which we love and getting into a schedule and of course preparing for our little bundle of joy!

I am happy to say that all of July’s goals were accomplished! We celebrated our anniversary, I updated the website, had an awesome visit with my Mom, cooked more, spent time in God’s Word and put a huge dent in cleaning our Stella’s room!

So here are the August goals…

Keep blogging on a consistent basis…it has been going well and I love the feedback I get from all of my amazing readers!

Stick with meal planning! I just started this past month and it helped a ton with keeping me cooking, I really enjoy cooking, but I just hate that moment in the day when I have no idea what to make. Meal planning has solved that dilemma!

Read more! After 20 years of being in school this is the first August that I am not headed back to school…I think that means I should read something I want to, instead of the usual fall list of required reading…any suggestions?

Find more treasures to decorate Stella’s room! We have started picking things out to decorate the nursery, and I can’t wait to put it all together and show it off on here soon!

Continue to make time in God’s Word a priority, I have been amazed at the things that God has taught me when I choose to put Him first.


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Meal planning is a no-fail must for this Type-A personality. I find that if it’s written down on a schedule, then I just HAVE to stick to the plan so I get to cross it off the list :)

Mary Marantz

Love that shot Kristin!

Jeremy Schmucker

I love your cooking! lol…makin me fatter and happier :)

Laura Howell

so you’re a normal size now, Jeremy? lol

Jeremy Schmucker

just saying I’ve gained 40 pounds since high school…that ratio per year CANNOT continue! lol…

Laura Howell

lol maybe it’s sympathy weight. or your wife is too good a cook. ;) but that can’t be it!

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks Mary!

My Random life #7

This past week has flown by…here are a few random things from the week.

Jeremy and I always set aside a day every week for a date night, we have done this since we were dating and it always the highlight of our week. It isn’t always something fancy, but it is time that we set aside for just the two of us. Last week Jeremy cooked dinner and I have to say I was pretty impressed, it was delicious and just reminded me of just how lucky I am to be married to such an awesome guy. I highly recommend date nights for all couples, it is such an important thing to set aside time for each other.

After weeks of anxiously waiting, Jeremy finally felt Stella kick this morning. He was so excited! I am guessing that it has something to with the fact that beginning this week our little girl is gaining about a half a pound a week! No wonder I have been so hungry!

Today Jeremy and I went on one of our first shopping trips for Nursery Decor…so much fun! We came home with bags full of pink things, and I can’t wait to will really start to put the room together! I have been getting lots of great ideas from Pinterest and I am so excited for it to all come together!

There is a fabulous giveaway going on right now full of lots of my favorite things, and it is so easy to win! Make sure to take a look here for all of the details and to enter, here is a peek at all of the goodies!

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I can’t wait to see what you pick for the nursery!!I am sure it will be adorable :D


LOVE date nights!!!! Such a precious time to share between just the two of you (or three, in this case). ;)

Mary Marantz

Oooh love Burt’s Bees!