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Fall Fashion Inspiration…

Well, since being pregnant my shopping has slowed down a bit because let me tell you really cute maternity clothing is really hard to find. When it comes to clothing shopping, Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons to shop for. I think it comes from back to school shopping for years, and a love for cardigans, scarves, boots and fall colors. I made a little inspiration board of some of my favorite looks for this fall, as always you can see lots more of my favorite fashion finds on my Pinterest. Hopefully, I will be able to pull some of this off this Fall, even with a growing belly!

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I love fall fashion, I can’t wait!

I am so excited for fall too! I love that leather bag at the bottom!!! Soo cute.

Sarah Boediarto

love it all!

Mary Marantz

Gah, I LOVE everything! You & I would most definitely be shopping buddies!

Kristin Schmucker

Well, next time you are in TX or I am in CT we will have to plan a major shopping trip…start saving now!

And the winner is…

Sarah Bodierto!  

Congrats Sarah! Check your email so I can get your mailing address and send you all of your goodies!

Thank you everyone for entering the Giveaway! I was overwhelmed by the well over 1oo entries that came in! Can’t wait to have another giveaway soon!


And a super Happy Sweet 16 to my little sister Kendra! Hope it is the best!



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She is beautiful!

kinda hoping that I would win…lol…but glad Sarah won :)

Congrats you lucky girl, Sarah and Happy Birthday, Kendra!

Sarah Boediarto

what wow that’s crazy! SOO excited;)

Sarah Boediarto

I didn’t get an email did I delete it already?! lol

Resources for Photographers…AKA stuff I love!

I often get questions from other photographers asking questions about the companies that I use for my business, so I thought I would put a little list together with links to some of the some companies that I love! Feel free to check them out!


Showit – Best Website Company EVER!

ProPhoto Blogs – Custom blogs that are super user friendly! You can read what I wrote about them here.

WordPress – Only the best blog format ever

Canon – I am a Canon girl for sure…I have shot Canon and Nikon and I still love Canon! That being said, it is more about the photographer than the equipment…but good equipment helps a TON!

Shootsac – I can’t imagine shooting a wedding without this ahhmazing bag…seriously you need one of these!

Apple – I still use both Apple and PC….but trust me I am making the switch. Love my Macbook Pro, and my iphone is a business essential.

MPix Pro – Great pro lab for prints and press material. They also do great business cards.

Millers – Another great lab, I love their custom printed DVDs for clients.

Forbeyon – Amazing album company. They have some of the most gorgeous albums I have seen…I want one in every color.

Photoshop – Though I think a photographer should strive to get the shoot right Straight out of Camera, Photoshop helps give every photo a professional polish that no other program can rival.

Shooting in Manual – Ok, this isn’t a product, but I still believe it is one of the most important parts to being an amazing photographer!


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Wedding Inspiration Board…Vintage Elegance

I have decided to start putting together some inspiration boards for brides and for anyone that reads my blog…basically these are wedding ideas that I think are fabulous. I tell Jeremy all the time that being a wedding photographer makes me want to get married again…to him of course, but just for the opportunity to bring to reality all of the wedding inspiration that floats through my head at all times of day. Plus, creating these boards means that I can actually say that I am working while I am on Pinterest…seriously if you are not on Pinterest you NEED to be! If you want to see more inspiration in this theme, I have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest with lots more pretty things.

Here is the first of many inspiration boards to come…Peachy pinks, grays and whites all combine to be what I call Vintage Elegance. I am a bit obsessed with these colors, and I just think the whole look is so romantic. So, if you happen to choose this color palette for your wedding you just might make my dreams come true.

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Jeremy Schmucker

Love the colors!

You and your all things pink and gray obsession make me smile :)

My Random Life #8

I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks since I started posting about the random life that Jeremy and I live…and trust me it is random…

Watching: Ugly Betty, Numbers, Law and Order SVU and Say Yes to the Dress…all on Netflix

Listening to: Mighty to Save by Laura Story, and everything Chris Tomlin

Reading: The Bible, What to Expect When Expecting and A Call to Die by David Nasser

Blogs I am reading: Jasmine Star, Southern Weddings, Justin and Mary

Looking forward to: meeting my little girl, and spending tomorrow with my husband

Inspired by: Pinterest and Etsy

Brainstorming: Ideas for my maternity session (found lots on Pinterest!)

Shopping for: Cute maternity clothes, baby clothes and finishing touches for my office

Craving: Birthday Cake Ice cream from Marble Slab and Smarties


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Only 4 more days to enter! You can enter here!






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