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Sneak Peek | Michael and Christi

Here is a sneak peek of what I am working on right now…Jeremy and I had so much fun with Christi and Michael this past weekend. These two have such a laid back approach to life and love and I tried to capture that in their photos. Their wedding is coming up in less than a month and I just know it will be a ton of fun!

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Deborah Z. Parker

girl, you’ve been SO busy! congrats! I hope you can rest soon!

I just wanted to let you know that I really love your work and I think You are very talented. looking forward to seeing more.

The very first photo is my favorite. Great session, Ace.

Lanny Wirjanto Rachman

when did you move to Texas? Wow! That’s awesome!

Kristin Schmucker

We moved to TX at the beginning of June. We are loving it here.

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks Deborah! I have been very busy, it is hectic but I am so grateful. I will rest soon though!

Lanny Wirjanto Rachman

@[637421499:2048:Kristin Damore Schmucker] That’s awesome! We have to get together sometimes! Even though I’m on the other side of the city :)

Kristin Schmucker

@[881205022:2048:Lanny Wirjanto Rachman] For sure!


Michael and I had a lot of fun with you guys! Can’t wait to see the rest!

My Random Life #12

I know these posts are supposed to be on Thursday’s and it is Monday, but let me just tell you it has been one of those weeks.

Last monday after coming down with a virus, I had to spend a few hours in the hospital and then it took a few days of recovery that involved lots of chicken noodle soup and some long naps on the couch. In the midst of all of the craziness I still managed to post Victoria’s lovely bridal session and Kwenje and Cele’s gorgeous engagement session. If you haven’t checked those out, you should!

With just a bit more than 2 months left till our baby arrives things are a bit crazy around here. Trying to finish up the nursery and collect the baby items that we still need, taking lamaze classes, editing photos, and scheduling lots of last minute sessions the next few weeks are going to be a little insane. It is a good busy though.

What do we do to get through it…well in need of a little relaxation on the way to one of many engagement sessions in recent days we popped in some Christmas music on the drive…I mean how can you not be happy when listening to Christmas Music? You might think we are crazy and you would probably be right…but that is just how we roll.

I posted a sneak peek of Alicia and Brent’s engagement session yesterday…aren’t they adorable? More to come very soon.

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Lovely “cool” tones


Your work is lovely Kristin! I’m so glad you are full time in the industry! Miss A.

Jeremy Schmucker

I love christmas music!

Mary Marantz

Love this post! Take care of yourself friend!

Sneak Peek…Alicia and Brent

Jeremy and I had so much fun shooting this fabulous engagement session this morning. It was a gorgeous morning and these two are just too much fun, we laughed so hard and managed to get TONS of great photos too. Here are just two of my favorites from the morning.

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beautiful :) can’t wait to see more!


Love the sneak peek, and we are so excited to see the rest. Thanks so much for the great session!

John D. Palmer

The blues and greens work wonderfully in these photos. Great work!

Kwenje and Celeste | Dallas Fort Worth Engagement Session

I can’t say enough good things about this couple. I met Kwenje while we were both in college, and we were also both camp counselors at the same summer camp during college. He is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met, so when he contacted me a few months ago telling me he was engaged and wanted us to photograph him and his fiance, I couldn’t wait for the oppurtunity. These two drove all the way from San Antonio and Houston for this engagment session all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex! I met Cele the day of the session and knew right away that the two of them were perfect for each other. These two have an amazing ability to make each other smile and when these two smile the people around them can’t help but smile.

Kwenje and Cele, Thank you so much for allowing Jeremy and me to capture your love, we had so much fun with the two of you. We are always on the lookout for genuine and fun people in this world and the two of you are it. You are individually amazing people and together you are even better. We couldn’t be more happy that God has brought the two of you together.

To see more of Kwenje and Cele’s Dallas and Fort Worth Engagement session click here to view a slideshow of their session.

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Looks like it was a fun shoot!


What an amazing couple, they look so happy!

Jeremy Schmucker

I woke up early just so I could be the first to comment on Kwenje Beda Banda and Cele Gonzales’s engagement session! Jk – I actually had homework to finish, but I love these two and their session was so much fun! Congrats on the upcoming wedding :)

Jeremy Schmucker

Oh, and I must give a shout out to Deidre Carlson for the idea of using the “net” during the session. (but I found the amazing locations in case you were wondering, lol).


What a beautiful couple! I love all the creative shots! Great pictures!


Awesome! Wonderful pics guys! I LOVE them! :)


LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!

Sarah Moe McClain

Amazing photos! You guys are so cute!


Amazing photos! God Bless you!

Cele Banda

Thanks again Kristin & Jeremy! I love, love the pictures!

Jenny Faz

Such a beautiful couple! Cele, I’m so happy for you and I know you and Kwenje are going to experience a new beginning together with God’s love!

Chris-Erin Stewart

Great photos!


These are beautiful pictures! They really capture the sweetness of you both! I wish we had these kind of pictures when Mark and I were engaged. God Bless!

Javier-Gabriela Rodriguez

Cele…i love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooo beautiful!!!

Jenny Halimah


Rebekah Slaughter

love all of them! you did an amazing job! hold on… I’m trying to pick a fave ;).


I miss this girl!!! Celeste, you are beautiful! You both look so happy :) Congrats and cant wait to see more!

Mary Marantz

LOVE that second one! xoxo

Danae Ashley Hudlow

Aw, so happy Kwenje is getting married! Love the pictures — the black and whites look especially romantic to me. (Btw Kristin I have been following your blog but don’t comment much — but I love your photography!)

Victoria’s Bridal Session | Granbury, TX

This session was just so much fun. Victoria is so sweet and we had a great time and her precious mother in law who came along for the session. Victoria and James (Spud) got married yesterday at a destination wedding in Las Vegas, and I am so happy for them! We shot this session in the beginning of July and I have been dying to show off what a gorgeous bride Victoria is, she is truly stunning! Her Watters gown looks like it was designed just for her, and I was tempted to steal her gorgeous purple shoes! To view even more pictures of Victoria CLICK HERE for a Slideshow.

Contact Kristin.

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The bride is lovely!

Rebekah Slaughter


Judy Morehouse

I likes it.

Vanessa Jean Biddinger

Love your work!

Jeremy Schmucker

last one is my fav! just so cool and love the purple…


Wow, Kristin! I think this is my favorite shoot ever! (even though it’s hard to pick just one…) I love how the eye is drawn to her face is almost every picture, and her face is gorgeous! Lovely dress, too! ;) Great job, Kristin! :)

Linda Fowler Johnson

Great job on granddaughter, Victoria, makes the shoot breathtaking…:-)

She’s beautiful! Love!!

Kristin Schmucker

Thank you so much! I couldn’t have asked for a more stunning and sweet model!

Love her birdcage veil and that shot of her lying on the grown? Awesome! Best wishes, Victoria!

Ron Ermel

Beautiful Linda!


These are amazing photos! Great job and Victoria looks so beautiful!!!!

Katelynn Wynn



Fabulous portraits, These need to be in a magazine. Kristin, you have an incredible eye for capturing the perfect “look” and Victoria has such elegance and grace :-)

Congradulations Kristin !! You have taken this CHILD and turned her into a beautiful WOMAN. Impressive

Shelda Winton

Every picture is perfect! Beautiful bride, great photography!

Linda Fowler Johnson

Thanks, Shelda Kim…<3

Linda Fowler Johnson

Thanks so much Ronnie…

Weiwen Lan

I really like her purple shoes! :)

Linda Fowler Johnson

@[524781118:2048:Weiwen Lan] ..purple has always been our favorite color..thoughr it gave a little “kick” to the dress :-)

Shelda Winton

I think my favorite is the one with brick wall… love the pose!


Ok can I just say I LOVE her braid!!! SO creative yet classy :) Beautiful pics Kristin

Linda Sue Johnson

Every time I look at these pictures, I can see a new angle of Victoria. You have truly captured her in all her “GLORY’..She reminds me of a “cameo”..So full of Grace and Beauty..Thank you,again…

I just wanted to say the image are beautiful of Victoria…glad we could come together to capture beautiful images for her.


You make a beautiful bride, and these pics could be on America’s Next Top Model!!! Great angles, great light, great scenery!


Beautiful Bride. Beautiful Portraits. I love them.. Love the shoes too..

Meredith Slaughter

Love these pictures.

Shari Bassham

wow! I have known Victoria since she was years old. She has always been beautiful. These photos show the world just how beautiful she is!

Linda Fowler Johnson

I really LIKE the first picture..great pose….:-)


Absolutely beautiful pictures and a beautiful bride. Also to the photographer-a job very well done!!!

Bill Macknight

Great pictures! These turned out to be stunning photos. Congrats!

Ron Ermel

Linda-she needs to be on the front of Vogue magazine.

Linda Fowler Johnson

@[100002090057058:2048:Ron Ermel] :-)


Thanks everyone! All is due to Kristin…all I did was smile!


Absolutely stunning bride and pictures!! Love the shoes!

Love the veil !! Great images!!