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Our Why

This past week we had the privilege to go to What’s Next with Justin & Mary. It was an amazing experience, and definitely one of the best investments we ever made in our business. There were so many things that were talked about, but there was one thing that stood out for us. Mary spoke for a bit about why they do what they do, and it sparked a long conversation for us on the way home. We had to really dig deep and ask each other why we are wedding photographers.

One of our top reasons for running our own business is so that we as a family can spend more time together. Our faith and our family are our biggest priorities, and the fact that we work together, running our own business means that we are able to spend more time together, and more time with Stella.

Our light bulb moment came though when we realized why we do what we do. We could have another business, I suppose, that would allow us to stay home with Stella and work together…so why this? Why Wedding Photography?

It comes down to this. We want to photograph weddings for people that aren’t even alive yet. For the children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren of the bride and groom. We want to tell their story, we want to document their love and the beginning of their family, and we want to preserve it in an heirloom wedding album that will be passed down from generation to generation. We know this is important because we have a little girl, and pretty soon she will start looking at our wedding album. She will look at it every year, and then one year she will pull it out with a ring on her finger as she starts to prepare for her own wedding. And someday, when we are gone, I hope that she will show it to her grandchildren, and tell them about where their family began, and how love never fails.

I was a history major in college and used to dream of working in a museum, teaching others about what the past means to us today, and about the people that shaped our history. I traded in that dream for another when I became a wedding photographer. I didn’t realize at first just how similar these two dreams were. But, the fact is, I am still a historian. I document the history of the people that God brings across my path. I tell their story, so that future generations will look back and know that they were real people who lived, and most of all who loved.

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