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Our Random Life #30

Another week has passed and we are currently on a roadtrip. With Jeremy’s last final finished we headed out for a few days to shoot fabulous session, have our own family pictures taken and enjoy time spent with both of our families. But for now…here is what happened this past week.

I shared with the instagram world how I put my iPad or iPhone inside a bowl to amplify (Jeremy said that I incorrectly used the word magnify) the sound. To answer all the questions that I got, YES!!! it really does work!

I am so happy that it is spring, because that means that we get to grill. Jeremy grills a lot in the summer…we love the fresh summery taste and I love that I don’t have to cook…because grilling is totally a man job in my book.

Stella was introduced to mozerella sticks this past week, and she was so enthralled with how stringy and delicious the cheese was…but really, aren’t we all?

After almost two years of trying to convince me, Jeremy finally convinced me to join our church choir with him. I have been in choir forever…so it has been fun to get back into it and sing together again…especially since when we met in college we sat next to each other in choir.

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