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Our Random Life #29

It has been a fabulous and busy week. It is so easy for us to forget how lucky we are to live the life that we live. We have so much and I am not just referring to material things. Family, friends, a great church, and an amazing Savior. Here are some of this weeks randomness.

Our friend Rebekah was in town for a wedding so we got to spend a day together which was amazing. We shopped, ate great food, shot a mini session of her, and even introduced the girl to Jamba Juice…and for the record I am not the only one that is addicted to the stuff…I saw her post another picture of it the very next day…made me feel better about myself.

I have written before about how I study the Bible and that a big part of that for me is journaling. So, when I finished up a journal last week I needed a new journal to take its place. I had seen these lovely Rifle Paper Co. journals at Target a few weeks ago, and passed them up. When I realized a new journal and went back they were gone, luckily, one of the perks of living in a big city is that there are lots of Targets so I was able to find them at another. They are so pretty and I love starting my day with one of them.

Stella’s new favorite movie is Enchanted…and I have to admit…Jeremy and I laugh every time it is on. The music is catchy and there are so many funny one liners…I am glad our 18 month old has good taste in movies.

I recently became the small group leader for the DFW branch of Pursuit 31 which is an online group for Christian women photographers. We had our first meetup this week and it was such an amazing time. So great to meet all these girls that have so much in common. We are working on planning more meetups soon, so if you would like more information let me know!

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Tammy Damore

You are so busy, and do it all so effortlessly!

Ashlee Crowden

Oh look! There’s us P31-ers!

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