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Our Random Life #26

So I started off getting this post ready by picking some instagram images and I realized that this week lots of them have to do with Stella. I hope you don’t mind. I can’t help it because this girl is the cutest thing you will ever see and she is just growing up so much right before our eyes.

I blogged a few days ago about our Easter this year on a more serious note . I didn’t mention in that post though, the joy of having a little girl for Easter. I had two dresses that I was dying for her to wear for Easter which was one more reason I was super excited for our Good Friday service because she got to wear one to each.¬†When we picked her up from the nursery on Friday night she came with her very first craft project which is hanging on our fridge now. A cross, John 3:16 and her little handprints. I most certainly did not tear up when I saw it though, don’t worry.

Stella loves being outside! With her grandparents here for the weekend she got some new toys including a water table which she has been having way too much fun with. She could play there for hours, so I get to sit out in the sun and read a bit. She also has decided that she loves lemons and she begs them off of everyone at the table when we are at¬†restaurants. Speaking of restaurants…does anyone else forget how to spell this word? I am usually pretty good with spelling, but I always mess this one up on the first time. Tell me I am not alone.

We bought a new jogging stroller this weekend, and with the gorgeous weather we have been putting it to good use. Stella loves going for a ride everyday, and we have been enjoying going on walks as a family and me jogging in the morning while Jeremy is in class.

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Lanie 'Reinhart' Coulter

I love ‘Grace Based Parenting’. GREAT BOOK!

Tammy Damore

Sounds like a pretty special week! I just love that little ( big) girl!

Marilyn Schmucker

It was a very blessed Easter and so grateful for our time together. God is so good to our family.

Victor Andzulis

I hate spelling that word that means a place to eat…lol

Bethany McDonnell

She is adorable! I love reading updates on little Stella!

Caitie Sheppard

My favorite picture? The ride on the tricycle! Soooo cute! I can almost hear her squealing in delight as Jer pushes her around the yard!

P.S. You are NOT alone! ;)

Faith Ann Ward Curran

Stella is such a retty little girl.

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