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Our Grey’s Anatomy Obsession

Any other Grey’s fans out there? We decided to watch the entire show for a second time this summer thanks to Netflix. We kind of love Grey’s Anatomy…like love it so much we are watching it again. The first time we watched it there were definitely some 2 or 3am late nights up watching “just one more episode”. I don’t think we have been up quite that late, but we have definitely been just as addicted the second time through. We haven’t seen the season that just finished on TV yet, so we are waiting for it to come on Netflix.

We love shows that have great character development, and this is definitely one of them. Great character development is definitely the advantage of longer running shows, since you really get to know the characters. I think we have watched all the good shows on Netflix…so we are watching this over again. Do you love the show too? Who is your favorite character?

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