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Our favorite wedding momento

This past weekend while Jeremy and I were enjoying out weekend away, we started talking about our wedding almost 2 years ago. Granted, since my life revolves around weddings we do think a lot about our wedding. We started talking though about what we treasure the most from our wedding, and we both decided that it is without a doubt our wedding album. For both Jeremy and me this is probably different than what we would have said 3 years ago when deciding what photographer and package to get for our wedding. Back then having the digital files was the most important thing to us, and don’t get me wrong I love the files and include them in all wedding packages. However, a beautiful wedding album is just something different.

Our album sits on an end table in our living room, and gets looked through at least once a week, whether it is by us, or by a friend who has stopped over. It is a collection of our favorite wedding images and I know that it will be an heirloom passed down to our children and grandchildren.

Brides, if you are not sure if you want to get an album I encourage you to think about it ¬†little bit more. I promise you that it is not something you will regret purchasing, and I don’t want you to regret it if you don’t. If you have already booked a package that does not include an album and think you would like to add it, it is not too late! Send me an email and I can discuss adding the album to your package or bumping you up to the next package.

Here are a few photos of our album.


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Wedding albums are wonderful. :-)


Beautiful pictures :-)

Your dress was stunning! I don’t have a wedding album because we went to the Justice of the Peace. Can you believe we didn’t even take ONE picture that day? I have panic attacks when I have to be photographed. Seriously! : )

I am getting to be a regular over here, aren’t I? : ) I am so glad to have a new blog friend like you!

Look at that! We were totally on the same wave length today! Your album looks great, and I agree about thinking the CD was so important at the time. Not so much anymore…

Wedding albums are essential! Love your album cover. Very rustic, but elegant.

[…] think an album is one of the best things you can have as a keepsake from your wedding, and I talked here about how important our album¬†is to us. With all of these different cover options, as well as the […]

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