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Our Beginning…

Since there are two sides to every love story, I thought I would let you hear it from Jeremy’s perspective today!  Enjoy…

From Jeremy:

It was our junior year of college and a mutual friend introduced us. In all actuality, my best friend, Victor, called me the summer before our meeting and he told me that Kristin was joining our “group” of friends. He was confident that she would be a perfect fit. Little did he know, she was a perfect fit. For me! Although we both separately had our eyes on other people, only a few short weeks into the fall semester, our eyes shifted, and we saw each other for the first time early one Saturday morning.

Ironically, the very first thing we did “together” was a photo-shoot! Not intentional, but nevertheless, we took pictures. This was prior to the days of Kristin Nicole Photography and another friend took our pictures for her photography course.

Well one thing turned to the next…Our first lunch was with a friend…Our first date was Sunday night church…Phone numbers were exchanged…text messages flew off our phones…love was in the air.

To make our relationship official, I went the old school route. I called her dad. Weird, right? Well little did I know that he works for the government, specializing in hostage negotiation!!! No joke! After two two hour conversations (yes, two phone calls, two hours each), including him extracting information from me that I didn’t even know that I knew, her father gave his blessing on our relationship.

The rest is history! We got engaged 9 months later, graduated from college, got married, entered graduate school, started Kristin’s photography business, and the love has never stopped. Sure there have been bumps, but the bumps only make us fly higher in the end.

I love you babe,


This picture is from our first semester together

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“extracting information” lol, I think you watched to many seasons of 24….

Aw! This is really cute. I remember when all of this happened. lol. I’m glad to see you used on of my photos!

Oh my goodness. This is the sweetest story. I just love it very much. May you always have love!

Very sweet love story. And I think it’s so nice that you walk together in the evenings. God bless you both!

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