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Olympic Favorites

Not sure about you, but we just love watching the Olympics. We can’t even explain why! There’s something captivating watching the best of the best compete against each other. With that said, here are some of our favorites, and also some of our not-so-favorites.

Opening Ceremony – Please tell us we aren’t the only ones bored out of our minds! Beijing definitely won this race.

Gabby Douglas – Her smile and personality are captivating. After she won gold she told the reporter (not an exact quote) “It’s a win win. God gives me blessings and rewards and I give Him all the glory” – So Funny!!!

Michael Phelps – enough said.

Ryan Lochte – He’s obviously amazing, but something inside us made us not like him since he thought he could beat Phelps, haha!

Usain Bolt – This guy is just fast. REAL fast.

Water Polo – Ok, it’s “cool” but when that’s the only thing on during the day we get kinda sleepy :/

Speed Track (bike racing) – in the 3 lap race, they go VERY slow for the first lap….it’s just weird…

Misty May & Kerry Walsh – We love how well they work as a team. Their communication and trust of each other is amazing!

In honor of the best Olympic athlete EVER…here is an image we found that is said to be the first picture every taken of Michael Phelps…

China – Yes, the country…not the sport. Every day we check the official Olympic Medal Count to ensure we are beating China. GO USA!!!!!

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Nicole Davis

I believe your instinct to dislike Lochte came from the fact that he is a University of FL grad…FSU had over 13 olympians competing…just sayin’.

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