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Next Lamp & Light Studies Announced!

We love Bible Study and we love community…put the two together and you have one of our favorite things! Will you study with us? Tomorrow is your last chance to use the GRACE code to get 20% off all devotionals and sets! It’s the perfect time to commit to getting in the Word.

We are in the middle of a rich study on Hebrews, and are so excited to enter the Easter season with these parallels of the Old and New Testament in mind! After we wrap up Hebrews, we will be studying a FREE reading plan that will be mailed out to our newsletter subscribers (so don’t delay…subscribe here!). Each day preceding Easter, you will get a Scripture passage and devotional sent to your inbox. Following Easter, we will begin a study on Psalm 119, followed by our Freedom and Grace Study! This new edition of our Freedom and Grace study on Galatians is available now. It is gorgeous and packed with truth about the grace that has been poured out on us, and the freedom in Christ that we have been given.

Join an online community of ladies for accountability, prayer, encouragement, and extra insight into the Word! Head on over to our Facebook Lamp & Light page to get plugged in! We hope you’ll order your copy of the studies and join us! There is nothing like studying God’s Word with other women. Even for those of us who desire to be in the Word, sometimes life happens. Accountability is a check and balance that keeps us on track!

God’s Word never changes, but it changes us. It is true, trustworthy, and timeless. So if we were sitting over coffee, I would tell you to pour into His Word because that time will never be wasted. Now more than ever I believe that women who get into His Word can change the World!

It is the perfect time to refocus and commit to spending time in God’s Word. I promise that it is a commitment that you will never regret. Use the code GRACE to get 20% off all devotionals and sets, even our most popular Bible Study collection!

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