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New beginnings…

There have been so many changes in our house in the past few months and I am so excited for all that the future holds. To say that the past several weeks have been life changing is probably one of the biggest understatements ever!

 At the end of March Jeremy and I found out that we are expecting our first baby and we are thrilled, but it was hard to keep it from everyone until just a few weeks ago. Needless to say our apartment has been overrun with baby books and guesses as to whether the little one is a boy or girl…any guesses?

Three weeks ago, Jeremy and I graduated with our Master’s degrees and it was great to have our families here to celebrate our accomplishment and to let them in on the little secret that we had.

On Friday, I finished my job and officially became a full time wedding photographer. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finally be able to focus my time on what I love. I am so excited to be able to dedicate my time to helping my brides, taking pictures of fabulous people and blogging every day again.

This week is all about packing! We are moving out of our 1 bedroom apartment into our three bedroom house to make room for my office and the baby! Stay on the lookout for lots of pictures as we decorate our new home!

We are excited about all that is ahead in the next weeks and months!

In the midst of all of the busyness of the past few weeks, we shot a few weddings…Sarah and Charles wedding last week was stunning, and you should totally scroll down and see more photos of this wedding. I just had to give a quick shout out to Sarah for laying down in her dress…I love when Brides are willing to do this, and I think it totally paid off! Isn’t she stunning!

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That location is great!

Sarah Boediarto

AWE I cant wait to see all the picts from Kristin (you) & Jeremy and cant wait to hear you all are safe in Dallas!!!God bless u and the new horizons He has made for you two :)

Sarah Boediarto

awe we cant wait to see all the picts from you Kristin and Jeremy and to hear that you are safe in Dallas! God bless you two and the new horizons He has made for you :)

aahhh congratulations to all above:)!! so exciting for you!!

Oh wow!! Congratulations on all of these new beginnings!!! So happy for you :)

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