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Netflix and Revenge

So, we are pretty obsessed with Netflix, and we are always looking for a great new series to watch. We have watch all the classics, like 24, SVU, and Lost and now we need something new. It usually seems that we have to see it pop up in our feed (is it called a feed on Netflix?) a few times before we decide to see if it is any good. Revenge was one of those shows. We weren’t really sure what it was all about, and finally one night a few weeks ago in boredom we decided to watch the first episode to see what it was all about. We were hooked! We watched the whole season 1 in just a few days and now we are anxious to see when season 2 will appear so that we can see what happens next.

I told my mom how awesome it was and I don’t think she really believed me at first, until she watched the whole season in 4 days while she was working full time. I think she will listen to my show recommendations more now.

What are you watching on Netflix that you think is just awesome, we want to check it out!


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Christy Stier

Have you guys checked out Project Free TV yet? It has current and old tv shows too. It is awesome. It also has Season 2 of Revenge. (

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