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My two loves: My Hubby and my Shootsac

It was not secret to my husband or to any of my photography buddies that for the past few months I have been coveting a shootsac. A shootsac is basically a photographers best friend. It is not a camera bag, but a lens bag. It allows you to carry all of your lenses while you are shooting. It is completly different then a camera bag. It is made of commercial grade, light weight  neoprene which is the material that scuba divers wetsuits are made of. It is light, it conforms to your body, so that it is not bumping into things, and did I mention fabulous! One of my favorite things about the shootsac is that the bag itself is black, but you can buy interchangeable covers to make it more fashionable.  I know I sound like a commercial, but stick with me. If you want to learn more, check out

So one day a few weeks ago I went to check the mail, and to my surprise picked up a rather large package. Yes, it had Jeremy’s name on it, but I am a firm believer that the day we said “I Do” I was given permission to open his mail. Plus, if it was something that I was not supposed to see surely he would have told me not to pick up the mail. I ripped open the large box, and got a glimpse of the beginning of the invoice….all I saw was “shootsac” and I quickly closed the box back up, as if Jeremy wouldn’t realize that I knew what was inside. Oh no! I thought, this is probably a surprise that I am not supposed to see. I came home with the big box in hand and exclaimed to him that maybe I wasn’t supposed to open the box. He just smiled and let me know that I was supposed to open it, and that it was a gift. I am so proud of Jeremy for two reasons: #1 – He is not very good at keeping things from me so I am impressed that he pulled the surprise off and #2 – He is the best husband I could ever ask for, he puts up with all of my little quirks and still bought me a shootsac.

Not only is Jeremy amazing enough to buy me a shootsac, but all those times I thought he was watching TV while I went on about how amazing they are and exactly what cover I thought would be perfect, he was actually listening and bought me my favorite of all the covers.

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You two are so cute! I love your shootsac (jealous, i might add) :) and i’m glad jeremy was able to keep the secret!

Christy Ortiz

Kristin this is the sweetest! Thanks for being such a great friend to Shootsac! I’d love to see a picture of you wearing your new Shootsac. Great job Jeremy!


Thanks so much Rebekah and Christy…pictures with me wearing my shootsac soon!


Awww!!!! It’s so cute! Great choice, Kristin; and great job, Jeremy! A double reward!!!! *hehe* I know it’s already been put to good use ;) Keep those pics comin’! :D

You look so cute with your Schootsac on babe!

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