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My Random Life #5

It’s Thursday….Jeremy and I were just talking about how much this week has flown by. I know that if this week flew by, the next will for sure. Tonight Jeremy’s mom will be coming into town and staying at our place until Saturday and then on Sunday, my Mom will be coming in until Thursday…it will be a ton of fun…and I will probably ┬áneed a big nap next week.

Speaking of big naps…I have learned that pregnancy makes you more tired. Today while doing some cleaning around the house in preparation for the houseguests and decided to lay down for “just a few minutes”, over an hour later, Jeremy had to come wake me up. I guess I should enjoy my sleep before little miss Stella Grace gets here…lol

I am working on the most fabulous bridal session right now…such a stunning bride. Can’t wait to share all of these gorgeous photos with you in a few weeks when she is a married woman!

Jeremy and I will be taking my mom to Ikea this week…and if you have read my blog recently you know that I think Ikea is better than Disney World. It is going to be a ton of fun, and I can’t wait to see what treasures we will bring home.

Jeremy has been such a trooper with all of the baby shopping that we have been doing. I must admit, I have learned the secret to him being a happy shopper…find anything that references how much our little girl loves her daddy and it is going in the cart. He just can’t resist all the “I love my Daddy” and “Daddy’s little princess” outfits out there…good to know for those long shopping days.

Was that random enough??? Putting up the gorgeous ring shot from the above mentioned bridal session…more to come soon. :)


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Ikea is like Disney World! I could stay there all day. Hope you find lots of goodies :)

Very beautiful ring picture!

There is nothing like a nap! Enjoy it!

I can see Jeremy being that way :) This makes me smile :) Ikea is a wonderful place to go shopping! Worse comes to worse feed him some of their wonderful meatballs! :D

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