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My Random Life #4

It’s Thursday…and it has been an awesome week! Here is a recap!

I am so happy that we have been getting into a routine which defintely helps me to be more reproductive, which in turn helps me to blog more, though I miss Jeremy a ton when he is gone, the return to a routine has been welcome.

Monday was our two year anniversary, and it was such an amazing day. Jeremy got the day off work so we were able to just spend time together and think back over the past two years and all of the wonderful things that have taken place. We went out to dinner and then went to see The Green Lantern in 3D. It was a ton of fun just to hang out together. Jeremy wrote the sweetest blog post ever, complete with lots of pictures of our two years being married and you can read it here. I am so lucky! Jeremy brought me home gorgeous yellow flowers becasue recently we have been celebrating the fact that we aren’t just husband and wife, but best friends.

Crazy people that we are we also celebrated our anniversary by making homemade papaya and egg white facials…such an adventure. We were laughing so hard, especially when the door bell rang…luckily the Fed Ex man left the package on the porch, because there was no way were coming out to the door. I regret to inform you that no photos were taken to document this event, but I am pleased to inform you that we now have incredibly silky skin.

Cooking more was one of my July goals, and it has been going great. I am currently working on meal planning a month in advance to stay organized and help with grocery shopping. If you have any amazing recipes…send them my way. I also made a new recipe this week for Churros. Churros were something that we had while we were in Mexico for a missions trip last year and we became a bit addicted during our two weeks. The churros that I made were shapped like little balls and rolled in cinnamon suger and were almost as delicious as the ones we had from street vendors in Mexico!

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