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My Random Life #21

Some Random thoughts for this Monday…

Please tell me that I am not the only one that leaves laundry in the washer and forgets about until the next day at which point I have to wash it all over again? I get so distracted by other projects that the next thing I know I have forgotten a load in the washer. Any tips for fixing this problem.

Valentines Day was this past week and we had an awesome day that was totally us. Jeremy brought me roses in the morning, then lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, a pedicure for me, cupcakes, antique shopping, Panera, and Jamba Juice. It was perfect. We took the day off and just had fun together.

You know those people who take there kids to the grocery store in their sleeper??? Last night that was us…Jeremy had a craving for punch that we normally only make at Christmas time, so on a whim we just hopped in the car, sleeper and all and went to the store to get all the ingredients.

I know the season finale of Downton Abbey was last night….but I haven’t seen it yet. I have to keep one eye closed as I scroll through Facebook because people keep posting spoilers. All I know is it doesn’t sound good…and now we will all have to wait until next January for some sort of closure. Why do I love this show so much!?!?

And here is a little randomness I stumbled across on Pinterest…made me laugh…hopefully it can cheer up your Monday. :)

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Laura Howell

You could set a timer for 30 minutes, since that’s how long a load of laundry usually takes. Then, limit your other tasks to 30 minutes. 1 washing load of laundry = 1 task; 1 drying load of laundry = 2 30-minute tasks. Then, you’re still accomplishing everything, but the shorter time helps you stay motivated. :)

Kristyn Burnette

I am so bad about not switching the laundry! Aaah! I try to set a timer so I will remember because our washer doesn’t ding. But I have to remember to actually set the timer so… I think this may be something I should outsource! haha

Tammy Damore

The stove or phone timer work for me sometimes, as for the rest of the times, I have come to except the fact that some loads simply need to go through twice! Remember, GRACE, not perfection!

Bethany McDonnell

I forget the laundry ALL THE TIME! Hey, but maybe the clothes get extra clean :) (or either get saturated with mildew LOL) Timers sound great…maybe I can remember to set one next time I do laundry :)

Mary Marantz

LOL to that picture! So true! And I TOTALLY end up leaving stuff in the washer til it gets all gross & has to be washed again. If you figure that one out….let me know!

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