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My Random Life #2

Yesterday was Thursday and I had planned on blogging the second part in this series about everything and everything but I was sick and had to take the day off, so better late than never…right?

Speaking of being sick…it is really not fun! I am having trouble breathing and have had a sore throat for two days now…it is over a hundred degrees out and ┬áthis cold makes me feel like it is the middle of winter.

We are still getting our money’s worth from Netflix, now on season 3 of Law and Order: SVU, but we have also noticed that there are a lot of stupid movies out there that we have not made it all the way through.

It’s a GIRL…if you haven’t been around the blog in a few days you might not have heard that we found out that ┬áStella Grace in due to arrive in November. This means that our house has been slowly filling up with adorable pink things, it also means that I have been spending even more time than usual on Pinterest trying to plan out the Nursery…it is quite the addiction.

The blog got a bit of a facelift this week, and I think I really like it…I liked the way it used to be, but I was just wanting a slight update.

I can’t believe that it is already July, June has flown by as we have gotten settled into our new house and have started getting adjusted to the area. That also means that a Goal’s blog post is coming soon…hopefully I will be able to spend the holiday weekend thinking about what I want to accomplish personally and in my business this month.

My goal for the holiday weekend??? Eat lots of this…

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