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My Random Life #14

Can it be Fall yet??? Yesterday here in Dallas/Fort Worth the temperature was 101 degrees! Yes, 101 at the end of September! Today the high is 83 and I am hoping that the 100s and the 90s are finally gone. I just want to wear a sweater and not feel like I am suffocating when I leave the house.

There are so many new fall tv shows that I just don’t know what to watch. We have been amused watching the great and not so great auditions on The X Factor and Jeremy has been forced to watch America’s Next Top Model with me again this year. My poor husband knows how to smile with his eyes and booty tooch. The poor guy.

Only 8 weeks until the expected arrival of our little girl and our house is in full swing getting ready for our little girl. There is just so much to do. Last weekend we had 12 hours of lamaze class, we were a bit skeptical but we learned so much. On the itinerary for this coming week is to put the finishing touches on the nursery…it is almost there!!!

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Do they make those outfits in adult sizes?! So cute, and I love that owl decoration!

Gina Long

Wow, Kristin! I thought FL was bad. Hoping you can get some cooler weather soon.

Krista Morgan

The heat is bad but pregnancy makes it more unbearable. hopefully you soon get cooler weather.


Can’t wait to see all the pics of Baby Stella’s Room!!!!!

Jillian Tree

cute, love the dresses! :)

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