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My Random Life #13

There are some great things about working from home, as we speak I am wearing yoga pants and a tank top with my hair in the messiest bun known to man…but that is in, right??? Don’t worry though, my toenails have a fresh coat of Essie nail polish in Watermelon…aka, hot pink.

You see, when I had to go to the hospital last week I was totally embarrassed, not by the fact that I looked sick and had to wear one of those wretched hospital gowns that doesn’t quite close in the back, but by the fact that my nail polish was chipped. With my growing belly my toes have seemed just so much farther away, but that is where Jeremy comes in. He didn’t volunteer, but he did agree to help me out and paint my nails for me…and I have to say he did a pretty good job. Thanks babe :)

I have a new current obsession with gas station icees. There are only two gas stations that have the kind I like, and we have been strategically stopping at those gas stations when we need to fill up, or when I just have to have one. My new love for icees has prompted me to tell Jeremy that there is a huge difference between smoothies, icees and slushies. Please tell me I am not the only one that knows the huge difference between them!

Here is one more sneak peek that Jeremy capturedĀ of Brent and Alicia’s engagement session that is coming to the blog tomorrow!


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You are not the only one… they are definitely different! :) Oh, and btw, I really enjoy reading your blog. :)

What a cute shot!

Mary Marantz

So what is the difference between an icee and a slushie? I’m dying to know! :)

Kristin Schmucker

Haha…an icee is very finely shaved ice and you can’t separate the flavoring from the ice, but a slushie is more like a snow cone with larger chunks of crushed ice, and just like a snow cone you could drink all of the flavoring and be left with chunks of ice. Hope that helps @[307649:2048:Mary Marantz]…it is hard to describe. I will have to buy you one of each sometime to show you the difference!


I miss you guys so much! I’m glad to hear everything is going well. Business is booming, I see, and little Stella is blooming! :) I love Icees, too. My fave-orite flave is White Cherry…and sometimes I even mix in some coke for cherry coke. ;) *hehe*

Keep up all the great work. Prayin’ for you guys! Pretty soon you’ll be taking pics of someone a little closer to home. Can’t wait to see her. I have a feeling she’ll be gorgeous AND talented, just like her parents. :D Miss you guys, and love you lots! <3

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