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I am starting a new blog series about the random happenings in my everyday life, I haven’t decided yet what day of the week these posts will usually occur, but they will basically be filled with all the adventures of my life that are usually only reserved for my Facebook Status and Tweets…so here goes…

Jeremy and I recently signed up for Netflix and have been enjoying all of the random movies and TV shows. Top on the list have been:

          Glee: I can’t believe it has taken us this long to jump on board, but we love it!

          Law and Order SVU: This has always been a fav of ours, but Netflix happens to have 248 episodes…this could take a while.

Our new house is getting cuter by the day, but there are definitely still things to do. My office is becoming my favorite room of the house, and I am so excited to post pictures very soon. It still needs a few more finishing touches, but I am so happy with the way things are coming together.

“Ikea is better than Disney World” that is what I told my husband last week, I am pretty sure that he thinks that a trip there costs about as much as one to Disney World, but it was worth it….and fun…right Jeremy???

Pandora…up until last week I had only ever listened to Pandora on my iPhone, and while that is great, I have just been introduced to the wonder of Pandora while I work in the pretty new office mentioned above. If you have a favorite station please leave a comment and let me know!

And because I wanted to add a few pictures…I am totally obsessed with all of the detail shots we got a few weeks ago at the piano…loving them!


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I love Glee, too! And I totally love the picture of the hair pin on the piano. Such vivid color and a fantastic way to incorporate their mutual love of music. Keep us posted on the little one! ;)

I just got netflix too! I’ve been watching a movie every night almost, it’s awesome. I can’t wait to see your cute office :)

I loved Glee’s first season. I still love the singing and dancing but I feel like (at least for the first half the season) that the writing has dropped off… not much character development, not much story… but still fun.

I like your randomness… such fun


More amazing pictures, Kristin!! I’d love these even if they didn’t look familiar <3

IKEA IS amazing :) We’re netflix and pandora dorks, too. Can you imagine that not even all that long ago we didn’t have service like that??? It’s hard to imagine not having streaming :)

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